Christmas Cookies Galore!!


I imagine many of you will be enjoying a pre-Christmas baking marathon this weekend!  I’ve gathered photos of some of my favorite Christmas cookies, and I hope to offer some decorating inspiration for the week.  A few of these you’ve seen, several you haven’t.  I’d love to hear your favorite of the bunch!  I’ll add the links to my sugar cookie recipe and decorating how-to’s at the bottom of this post.

Happy cookie decorating!

My sugar cookie recipe is HERE.

My royal icing recipe and tons of decorating tips to get you started are HERE.

A cute packaging idea is HERE.

Happy Baking!


  1. Beautiful! I love the snowflakes and the pepermint candies. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. WOW! Love the snowgolobes and the pastel snowflakes.

  3. Very nice!!! Love all!!!Tomorrow I'll make cookies and yours wil be an inspiration. Thankssssssssss!!!

  4. stunning cookies. I need to look at your tutorials and learn how to ice !

  5. Great looking cookies. You should share them over at

  6. Your cookies are just wonderful!! I love them all, honestly! 🙂

  7. These are all beautiful!!! I love your work…it's flawless. I just tried my hand at some Tiara cookies for my nieces 9th b-day and they turned out ok for a beginner. I definitely want to keep doing more and seeing your cookies gives me inspiration.

  8. These are all absolutely amazing. I wish I could decorate cookies like that. What a show stopper they would be.

  9. omg the snow globes (how did you do those???) and the pastel snow flakes are my favorites!

  10. waw!! These little treats are really looking good!!! :)) I'm ready to make my own. oops, I forgot my oven is broken. I guess it'll have to wait another year or so.. Anyways..

    Greetings from BFC!!

  11. These ARE glorious treats! 🙂

  12. so gorgeous and perfect!! Love every one.

  13. i could stare at the cookies ALL day! i LOVE the christmas cupcake shaped cookie!

  14. I would never be able to pick a favorite. These are all amazing.

  15. These are truly works of art. Stunning!

  16. Gorgeous cookies! The all look so perfect 🙂

  17. Those are beautiful. I wish I would've found this before today! I'm bookmarking this for next Christmas for sure.

  18. Oh my goodness, are these ever gorgeous! I LOVE the snowglobes!! I'd have a hard time eating them. No, I take that back. I'd eat them all in a flash! Thanks for sharing your genius! Happy Holidays!!

  19. There are so beautiful ! How can you eat them ! Well done

  20. You are SO talented! If you are not making $$ at this, you should be!

  21. This post is SOOOOO inspiring. You're incredible! My kids and I have spent today decorating cookies and though ours are nowhere nearly as gorgeous as yours, it's been so wonderful and we have you to thank! 🙂

  22. I absolutely adore everything about snowflakes, so that is how I found you in the first place. Those are the most beautiful snowflake cookies I've ever seen! Now looking at all of your other cookies and ideas is incredible. I am definitely a follower of Glorious Treats now!!! Thank you so much for sharing with all of us!

  23. How did you make the peppermint style cookies and control the sugar on them? I’d LOVE to see a set by step on those, they’re charming!

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  25. Do you use Royal Icing to make these cookies look fabulous. I love them!!!!

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  28. How did you do the snow globes . . . . So cute.

    Cant seem to find the link! You are soooo talented – thanks for sharing.

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  34. Oh my there is no way I can pic one favorite they are all so pretty but I do loive the snow globe cookies

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  36. Your cookies are adorable. I’m loving all the snowflake ones and even though the holidays are over I’m getting inspired to try cookie decorating and will be using all of your very helpful advice 🙂

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  39. How did you decorate the snow flakes. Did you use a stencil or do it just sraight hand thank you

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