Christmas Cookies and Cute Packaging

Christmas if certainly one of my favorite times of the year to make cookies!  Pretty cookies can make such special gifts, and are always welcome at holiday parties!  After making pretty pastel cookies for the Vintage Pastel Christmas party, I had fun making a set with more traditional colors.  For some reason I found myself making lots of Christmas trees.  I guess I wasn’t really paying attention when I was cutting the dough!  Oh well, it gave me a good reason to play with a few different designs.

Here are some cute mittens, snowflakes, peppermints and lots of trees!

I made most of these for a friend who wanted some special favors for a dinner table she was hosting at a church ladies event.  I made sets of three cookies to be packaged together and put some extra care into packaging them in a festive way.

I’ve posted some instructions on packing cookies in this way HERE and HERE.

Basically, you need some scrapbooking paper, cellophane cookie bags, and either double sided tape or a stapler.  Then some ribbon to finish it off.

For these favors I wanted to add a colored paper behind the cookies, but I was worried about the butter in the cookies making the paper look oily.  My solution was to put the background paper inside another small bag and then put that inside the cookie bag.  (I used bags just like THESE to put the paper in and used THESE as the outer bag).

I’ve posted the sugar cookie recipe I use HERE.

And a nice tutorial to get you started with cookie decorating is HERE.

Happy Cookie Making!


  1. Oh my heavens… that is so clever and adorable!! I love it.

  2. Where are you getting all this energy lately??? I need to know!

  3. You always come up with the cutest ideas!

  4. Thats genius about putting the paper in a smaller bag. Ive always had the butter spots so I quit packaging them lol.

  5. Gorgeous as usual Glory!

  6. Your cookies look amazing! Can you please tell me how long these cookies last? I think I am going to give it a whirl this weekend and make these with my kids. Do you think they will last until Christmas? Thanks

  7. Thanks ladies for the sweet comments!

    Jennifer- The cookies last a full week (even longer, but after a week they dry out a bit). So if you make them this weekend they'll still be good for Christmas. Happy Baking!

  8. clever! you make awesome cookies!

  9. Hi Glory,
    WOW!! These are beautiful…Such exquisite decorated cookies. I am just at awe with all your work. You must have lots of fun working alone and with your 2 adorable precious little Princesses. Their photos are sooooo cute! Can't help but smile and adore! 🙂
    Very pretty names, too!
    Merry Christmas!!

  10. Glory,

    These are beautiful…can you tell me how you get such a great RED color? My reds always look pink.

  11. You make the most beautiful cookies I have ever seen and I LOVE the way you packaged them up!!

  12. Beautiful cookies! I wish I had the time to learn to decorate cookies like you! I love the little peppermint candies! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Seriously beautiful! The tags just send it up another notch. Love them. Thank you for sharing.

  14. the packaging is adorable!! and the frosty peppermint candy is so cute, too! so festive, i love them!

  15. Wow I wish I had your skills!!!!!


  16. Thanks everyone for the sweet comments!

    Lerissa- I use Americolor brand "Super red". Also, the color developes over time, so if I want a real nice red, I make the icing, add some coloring, then let it sit (covered) in the fridger for a while (a few hours or overnight). This way you don't have to add quite as much food coloring (which can cause other problems).

  17. Your cookies are perfection! I love the snow hat!

  18. This is great! But i have a question…how do you avoid greasy stains to go on the craft paper? Or there are my cookies which are releasing this stains :P??

  19. Rosilet-
    I mentioned that in the post… I put the paper inside a seperate bag to protect it from the oil in the cookies.

  20. This is really cute and I love the packaging!

  21. Hi Glory,
    I've just found your blog and instantly it is a favourite. It is just wonderful.

  22. Oups, sorry Glory, these are such busy days i just took a look at the pics and forgot to read everything…promise next time I'll read first!
    Carry on the wonderfull work! and Happy Holidays!

  23. Just love your blog & you are my inspiration!

  24. gorgeous! love your blog so inspiring! do you have a twitter

  25. there's a little stamp for you on my blog!

  26. Rowaida- Sorry, I'm not on twitter. I am on Facebook, I'd love to have you there!

  27. Oh My Gosh These are ADORABLE sets!

  28. Absolutely stunning and very inspiring! You are very creative!

  29. Hi Glory

    I love your peppermint cookies… how did you decorate them? Did you just pipe the red to look kind of swirly and then flood or did you use a toothpick to drag the lines? I love them….and was just curious!!! Would love to make some for Christmas this year:)

  30. I'm your newest follower! And after looking at your blog I need some cookies!


  31. Love, love the 2nd bag idea! Thanks!

  32. Thank you for the packaging idea! I got up this morning on a mission to find a cute way to package my cookies and this is fabulous!

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  35. Where did you get your cookie cutters? These are so adorable!

  36. I’ve linked up to your post on my blog today as part of a “What cookie am I?” quiz! Love the directions on decorating! It’s super useful.

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  40. Glory – I’ve just discovered you blog/site – it’s fantastic. I’ve always thought how you present your gift/baked goods/etc. is just as important as the items themselves. I’m the mad wrapping elf at Christmas – lol. I really love that you offer all the info on where/how to purchase items needed to create your beautiful ideas. To me there’s nothing worse than a chef/baker who offers you the recipe and omits an ingredient or down-right refuses to share 🙁

    FYI – the ruffled cake stands you show and comment about being sold for a short time at Cosco – I’ve seen them at Marshalls, T.J. Maxx & Home Goods. Hope this helps others find them 🙂

    I’ve really enjoyed all your ideas, pictures, stories – thanks again and keep on baking/planning/and presenting.


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  44. hi, think these are so cute! i’m thinking of making some for a charity christmas fair, do you know how long these would last in the packaging? (to sell them as christmas gifts) thank you! 🙂

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