{Party Trend} Beautiful Buntings

Above image from artist Janet Hill,  prints available in her Etsy shop.
Over the past year I’ve seen a beautiful trend in the party world…the increased use of buntings as party decor.  Buntings can be made of paper or fabric, and may include wording, like a banner, or used simply as decoration.  I made a paper bunting/banner for my daughter’s candy party earlier this year and I really loved the way it completed the candy buffet (shown below).  I’ve continued to see buntings of all colors, shapes and sizes adding beauty to birthdays, showers and weddings.  Below are a few of my favorites.  These may give you some ideas as to how you could include a bunting (or two or three) in your next celebration.

~ (above) Photo details ~
(top left)  Gorgeous paper banner designed by Pen N’ Paperflowers, as displayed by one of her customers, Heather Sullivan.
(top right)  Paper bunting/banner I made for my daughter’s candy party.
(bottom left)  Perfect bunting/banner for a boys party from Hello Naomi (party by scissors, paper, cake).
(bottom right) Beautiful fabric bunting available on Etsy from Blue Moon Studios.

Of course most anything that looks great full sized, looks even cuter when it’s tiny!  Check out these adorable mini buntings (below) use to dress up cakes and cupcakes. 

~ (above) Photo details ~
(top left)  Gorgeous cake bunting available from Etsy seller Kiki La Ru.
(far right) Adorable cake from Leanne at Mrs. A in the Cove, mini buntings made by Modern Frills.
(bottom left) Cupcakes with bunting from Meaghan of The decorated cookie (tutorial included on her site)
(bottom center) Another beauty from Kiki La Ru.

Above image from Rileigh of Blue Satin Sashes.

Isn’t the photo above is just magical?  It makes me want to drop everything and go set up a pretty tea party! 

But first, I need to go make some buntings!

*All images used with permission*


  1. I think it is absolutely beautiful. Wish I was as creative as you.

  2. I'm working on a cake bunting right now. I hope it's not overkill with big bunting, but it's just too cute!

  3. Oh how gorgeous! I really must get my hands on some

  4. Thanks for sharing the party banner I created for Heather! LOVED your post and I ADORE the use of bunting for parties!! And guess what!? It's crazy that you mentioned Janet Hill…I've got an interview with her that I'll be featuring on my blog…soon!!

  5. Magical 🙂 thanks for sharing.

  6. I have fallen in love with buntings!! I have a fun and easy tutorial on WhipperBerry.com.

    Kisses from the WhipperChicks

  7. lovely post glory! thanks for the sweet mention!

  8. Those buntings are lovely!

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