Got Milk?


This week I got a call from a friend at church asking if I could make 200 cookies to help feed the high school students spending this weekend at church camp.

So today I went through 14 cups of flour, 5 cups of butter, 11 cups of sugar and 18 eggs!

I’ll be back tomorrow with the recipes, but for now I’m just going to go sit down with a glass of milk and a few of the cookies that didn’t quite meet my quality standards.  =)

Updated with recipes…

Chocolate Crinkles

Cowboy Cookies



  1. they look pretty good to me!!!!

  2. Wow! Those cookies look awesome! yummm

  3. I love COOKIES… these look good!!

  4. Can't wait for the recipes ~ the cookies look so good. I LOVE cookies.

  5. those look yummy! can't wait for the recipes!

  6. Oh yum, these look delicious!

  7. They look amazing, can't wait for the recipes.

  8. my husband love my cookies that didn't quite meet my quality standards. hee hee

  9. yummo! Please post the recipe for the front chocolate ones. Been searching for years to find out the recipe.

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