{Party Planning} Ladybug Party Ideas and Inspirations

About a week ago I showed you these cute polka-dot plates and ladybug magnifying glasses that I’ve bought as the beginnings of a ladybug themed party.  I’m planning on a ladybug theme for my youngest daughter’s next birthday (which isn’t until next January… yes, I know that’s a bit ridiculous!).
I thought I’d show you a few of the other ideas I’ve been gathering with the ladybug theme in mind.  I’m planning on using this theme for a birthday, but I’ve seen the ladybug theme also work beautifully for a baby shower (especially perfect if the baby’s gender is unknown).
1. Polka-dot plates and ladybug magnifying glasses (bought at Target)
2. Adorable ladybug invitations, from Little beane Boutique
3. Ladybug cake I made last year for a ladybug themed baby shower.
4. Stickers to match the invites, from Little beane Boutique 
5.  Red and black cupcake (by me).
6.  Ribbon (bought from Michaels).
1. Red lantern, from Luna bazaar 
2.  Cupcakes (by me)
3.  Ladybug cookie on a stick (by me)
4.  Black paper lantern, from Luna bazaar
5. Scrapbooking paper, stickers and ribbon (all bought at Michael’s)
6.  Ladybug cupcake (by me)
7.  Polka-dot napkin, from  Plates and Napkins

All photos by Glory Albin or used with permission.

When planning a party, I love to start with a strong color scheme (two or three main colors).  Then decisions on invitations, decorations and food can all be made with the color scheme in mind.   I considered using a bit more girly colors (pink, purple, yellow), but of course it would be more difficult to find ladybug items in those colors.  Also, there is something just so clean and classic about red and black. 

I have a really exciting post planned for next week that has something to do with the adorable invitations and stickers at the top of this post, so be sure to check back in on Monday!

Do you have any fun ladybug party ideas to share?  Share your ideas and links in the comment section and I’ll be adding my favorites to the list below.

~Ladybug party ideas~
HERE is an amazingly adorable and well thought out birthday party by Hissyfits Photography.
HERE is a cute ladybug themed engagement party from Jacki Fo


  1. very cute! I love those invitations!

    Kim @ http://frostmeblog.blogspot.com
    party inspiration

  2. Thanks for the link 🙂 Much appreciated!

  3. So so beautiful and wonderful.. I love this..

  4. These guys are super cute, and omens of luck!

  5. I love the ladybug cookie pop. Super cute!

  6. I like the black and red cupcake (#5 on top). I think I LOVE these party posts!

  7. ooh Glory this post just made me smile, such a gorgeous selection of lady bug inspired things. Love it.

  8. very cute! I've always loved your ladybug cookies

  9. I just love the Luna Bazaar lanterns you use! Can you share with all of us what sizes you typically use? I know they come in a variety of sizes but could use some help in figuring out which ones to order for a birthday party! Thanks!

  10. Thanks for the comment!
    Yes, the Luna Bazaar lanterns are really fun, and I love all the color choices they have!
    The lanterns I used to make a cluster above the tables, here- http://glorioustreats.blogspot.com/2010/03/candy-party-its-here.html and here http://glorioustreats.blogspot.com/2010/04/parties-shes-about-to-pop-baby-shower.html
    were in a variety of sizes- 6 inch (blue) 8 inch (blue), and 10 inch (pink and green).
    If your doing a cluster I like having a couple different sizes, but if you have somewhere (inside or out) that you can string a long line of them, then you could do them all the same size (probably the 10 inch). I don't have tall ceilings, so these sizes were great. If I was working with a larger space (or outside) I would probably order 12 or 14 inch.
    The only final tip is if your planning to make a cluster of them (above a table or something) think of getting at least 3 of each color. (Don't only get two of each, or it will be hard to make a pretty cluster).
    I'd love to see a photo of what you get and what you use them for!

  11. Love the website! Could you please tell me where you found the small ladybug & flower toppers,along with the cupcake liners featured in picture 5?

  12. To the comment above-

    Thanks! The little flowers and ladybugs (on the mini cupcakes) I made out of fondant.
    The red cupcake liners (which I love!!) are from Confectionery House, here's the link,



  14. Elise-
    Thanks for the comment. I'm not currently selling or shiping my cupcakes, but you may be able to show the photo to a local specialty bakery and have them make you some. I hope you have a wonderful shower!

  15. Hi. Love everything…Where did you find the green ladybug cupcake liners…I have been looking everywhere for them. Thanks

  16. Di- The mini cupcake liners with the lady bugs on them I bought at a specialty kitchen store in Santa Cruz, CA. I've searched for them on-line and have never been able to find them. Sorry!

  17. I planned a ladybug party for my daugther 3 birthday.
    I made the invitation (the ones with the frame to put your own Picture)With a picture of her with a little ladybug on her nose… so cute.I add a bow with a daisy and a ladybug.
    Instead of hats, I made the ladybug visors I found at OTC
    I also bought aprons for the kids and I decorated them with ladybug stickers
    For the crafts I have the bugs catchers to decorate, finger paints ad a Ladybug frame (OTC)I also bought some bug thongs and live ladybugs,( can be ordered online) for a ladybugs release. What a hit!!! The kids and the parents loved.I decorated baby food jars to keep the ladybugs.
    I also had ladybug cupcakes, and a ladybug cake, Red goody bags (I founded after Christmas for 0.20) decorated with a daisy ( to match the invitation)and the centerpieces was a real daisy plants with some wood ladybugs ( OTC )and I decorated the pots with polka dot ribbon and ladybugs.
    After Valentine's day I bought all the red candies you can imagine, for a great price and a beatiful chocolates in a heart box for the mothers who attend the party.
    Of course,all the decorations was black and red.

  18. I also included a CD with our favorite songs, and I decorated the case with a ladybug rime and ladybug stickers I founded at Big Lots.

  19. by the way…it's not ridiculous to star planning with plenty of time.
    You can take advance and buy a lot red items after the summer, July 4 and Christmas.

  20. You can find a beautiful ladybugs cutouts al Walmart and Michael's already painted.I love it.!!!

  21. I love all the ladybug ideas! My niece will be having a ladybug themed birthday party in July and your ideas have been fantastic! Looking forward to helping, sharing, and discussing ideas with my sister-in-law. I did not have a ladybug themed party for my son, however, when he was younger we did make ladybugs from rocks for the grandmothers for Mother’s Day. They loved them. Get a good sized round flat rock ( like one used for skipping over the water) and paint one of the flat sides red. (the other side you want to leave unpainted to write name and date with sharpie so you can remember who made it and when) Once paint is dry, cut a half circle (will have to measure size according to size of rock) out of black felt and glue to one end of painted rock. This will be the face. Glue googlie eyes to black felt. Take a black sharpie marker and draw on black dots and antennae on rest of the red painted side of rock and to dah – you have a ladybug made from a rock. Very easy and inexpensive.

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