{Fun Finds} Ladybug Magnifying Glasses and Polka-Dot Plates

I’ve been thinking of a ladybug themed party for my youngest daughter’s next birthday  (I wont tell you that her birthday isn’t until January, because then you’d know how truly party obsessed I am!) 
I’ve been gathering a few fun things as I find them, partly because I know that spring and summer are the prime time of year that stores will be carrying cute ladybug things.  I have some ideas on invites, food, etc. and have plans for a ladybug party planning post in the future.  But I recently bought a couple of extra cute things and I wanted to share them now, in case you like them too.
I found these little melamine polka-dot plates at Target several weeks ago, and at 99 cents each I grabbed them up.  I knew I could use them at Christmas, 4th of July, a strawberry or cherry themed party, or for a ladybug theme.  The plates are on the small side, about 5 inches across.  Just large enough for a few appetizers or a dessert. The same plates were also sold in blue, yellow or green.
(Found in the kitchen/dishes area, in an aisle of seasonal/summer plastic dishware)
Then, I was at Target again this week (I’m there about 3 times a week- it’s our “I just need to get out of the house” store) and I saw these adorable ladybug magnifying glasses.  They were in the dollar section at the front of the store  (I can rarely leave the store without grabbing a few things from those bins!).  At $1.00 each, I dug through the bin and bought 12, trying to estimate how many I’d need for a party.  In the same area there were also magnifying glasses in the shapes of frogs and butterflies. 
Happy Shopping!


  1. I had a ladybug theme party for my daughter's 2nd birthday. We were able to buy real ladybugs from a local nursery. we let them all go with the kids and they caught them in butterfly nets (also in dollar bin at Target). I made each guest their own bug collection jar (i used plastic Dole fruit containers – in the canned fruit aisle – they are tall and easy to decorate…just remember to poke holes in the top!) Our guests loved it and everyone let their ladybugs go at their homes and used magnify glasses to search for them. It was my favorite party I've done so far!

  2. Glory, I missed this post!
    You know I love ladybugs and this is such a cute idea. How cool are those glasses..maybe you can use them to examine real "bugs" lol
    Polka dot plates are so sweet. I might have to get some of those for myself..you know me and photo props.lol Thanks for the tip. I hope they still have them when I go to Target.


  3. Those are absolutely adorable plates! I did a ladybug dinner for a friend a few months ago. Here is the post: http://jackiefo.blogspot.com/2010/02/ladybug-dinner-not-just-for-kiddos.html

    We even found Ladybug wine! It's a really fun theme.

  4. Very cute. I love this idea.

  5. I'm glad there are more people out there, as obsessed as me. Qualatex also make the MOST ADORABLE 5'' red balloons with black spots, you might be able to grab a pack on ebay (as I'm not in the USA, but the brand is American). These little balloons look great in clusters.

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