Send some love… or some Grace and Joy

Last week we had family photos taken by friend and photographer Nathan Chilton. We haven’t had family photos taken for a couple years and I’m so happy with them!  Somehow we don’t look a lot like movie stars… but we do look like ourselves, and I think that’s pretty great! 
Above are our two cuties, Grace (blonde) and Joy (brunette). 
Tonight I’ll be pickout out photos for our Christmas cards and place an order with Tiny Prints for some pretty cards.  Tiny Prints is a great on-line shop for invitations and cards and they have an incredible selection of Christmas cards! 
If you’re a bit behind like I am this year and you haven’t ordered cards yet, head over to Tiny Prints and take a look!  Everyday they have a special “deal of the day” listed on the left sidebar of their site!  Hmm, I think I may order a  photo calendar for the Grandma’s this year too!
~ Note ~
Tiny Prints is a sponsor of this blog, but this post is fully my own opion.  I will never write anything on Glorious Treats that is anything other than my heart felt opinon.  I have (and will continue) to even turn down possible sponsors who offer products that I myself would not buy. 

Vintage Pastel Christmas

I’m so excited today to be sharing a special Christmas project I’ve been planning for several months!

This year I wanted to create an extra special dessert table for a home holiday party.  Something to kick off the Christmas season in style!  I took my inspiration from some vintage pink pottery I’ve been collecting and then added some color accents of light blue and aqua.  As a former florist, I had to include some beautiful flowers, and then some sparkle in the form of both new and vintage ornaments helped complete the design.

Please enjoy my Vintage Pastel Christmas…

Included on the table were…

Vanilla Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting (frosting recipe HERE)

and royal icing snowflakes (how-to HERE)

White Chocolate dipped Oreos (store bought) with custom royal icing transfers (by me)

Decorated Sugar Cookies (recipe HERE)

Coconut Date Bites (recipe soon)

Handcrafted Marshmallows (by Fusion Sweets)

Assorted candies

I thoroughly enjoyed exercising my rusty floral design skills and made flower arrangements that included pink roses, pink and white mini carnations, light pink alstroemeria, and seeded eucalyptus.  I also tucked in some pretty ornaments along with the flowers.


~ Details ~

Flower arrangements, cookies and cupcakes made by Glory Albin (Glorious Treats)

All set up and styling Glory Albin (Glorious Treats)

Photography by Gene Chutka and Glory Albin.

Sweet Treats for Baby Nina

Last month a good friend of mine had her first baby.  A sweet little girl named Nina.  Nina’s mommy and I have been friend since becoming pen-pals at age 11.  I live on the west coast, and she lives on the east coast, but we have met in person several times, attended each other’s weddings and continue to keep in touch through letters (hand written and e-mailed).  I wanted to send something special as a baby gift, so I made a little blanket, and some cookies to match.  The blanket is made of the softest possible material (my two girls kept trying to steal it from me!), and is made into just a tiny little blanket (18″ square) with lots of pretty ribbons around the edges.  I hope it will be a special blanket little Nina likes to carry around or snuggle with.  The cookies included a sweet little personalized Christmas stocking, a hat and lots of pink snowflakes.

My sugar cookie recipe is HERE.

And lots of tips for decorating cookies with royal icing is HERE.

Candy Cane Hearts

These are one of my favorite simple Christmas treats.  A perfect addition to a plate of Christmas cookies, and so simple they are a project the kids can help with too.

You’ll need…

A box of mini candy canes (see “note” below)

White Chocolate

Semi-sweet Chocolate


~Directions ~

1.  Place waxed paper or a Silpat type liner on a baking sheet.

2.  Lay two mini candy canes next to each other, creating a heart.  Continue filling the baking sheet with heart shapes.

3.  Melt the white and semi-sweet chocolates (in separate bowls), using short intervals in the microwave, or in a double boiler.

4.  When the chocolates are melted, spoon or pour into a piping bag or thicker ziplock type bag. Cut off a tiny tip from the bag, and begin filling in the heart shapes with chocolate.  I like to use both flavors of chocolate for each heart.  So if I do a layer of white chocolate first, then after it cools a bit, I add a layer of semi-sweet chocolate on top.

5.  After adding both layers of chocolate, top with sprinkles of your choice.

6.  Set the baking sheet (of chocolate filled hearts) in a cool place (or the fridge) while the chocolate cools. Once cool, remove hearts from baking sheet and store in an airtight container.

NOTE-  I have found that the candy canes that work best for this project are ones with a dull finish (not shiny).  It seems candy canes with a shiny surface tend to get sticky after a day or two.


{Sweet Parties} A Gingerbread Party

Yesterday my two girls and I enjoyed a day that included…

Six little girls in holiday dresses, a beautiful home, a warm fireplace, Christmas music, and the smell of gingerbread in the air.

We were guests at a sweet birthday party for a little friend of ours who just turned 5.  Last year, I helped plan a special Snowflake Ballerina Party for the birthday girl.  This year, the birthday girl’s mommy wanted to lean a bit toward the simple side.  And although this year’s party required only a little planning and preparation, it was a beautiful party with some festive details that created a special day for the birthday girl and her guests.

The dining table was decked out with a gingerbread house kit for each guest (the houses were from Costco and come pre-assembled!!), a beautiful cake, and some decorated gingerbread cookies (by me) hanging from the chandelier above.

Above- A close up of the cookies I made as decorations to hand above the table.

Below- The beautiful cake made by Sweet Cakes by Karla and Sarah.

Guests enjoyed a few light snacks including sherbet punch, fresh vegetables, cheese and crackers and cookies (made by me).

The guests all sat around the warm fire and listed to the host read a special holiday book, Gingerbread Friends (by Jan Brett).  It’s a beautifully illustrated book and a sweet story.

Then the little girls all got to decorate their very own gingerbread house!  Some of the mommies (and the birthday girl’s daddy) helped a bit.  Below is my youngest (Joy) decorating her house at about the average decorating level of any three year old!  =)

Below is my oldest (Grace, age 6) decorating her house with the utmost care.  I expect Grace to pass me up in decorating skills in the next couple years!  She is very artistic… I have no idea where she gets it!  =)

It was a beautiful party to kick off the Holiday Season!

A Gingerbread theme party can be a perfect way to celebrate a December birthday, or just for fun!  I usually host a Gingerbread decorating party every year, but I knew I would get to “cheat” this year and just count this as our Gingerbread house decorating day!

*The gingerbread cookie photo above is actually from the party I hosted last year  =)