How to make Fondant Ladybugs

I like ladybugs… in fact they’re about the only bug I would ever call “cute.”  And they are extra cute stylized and used in decor.  I like using simple fondant ladybugs as decorations on cupcakes in the spring and summer.  Although I do usually try to add a ladybug on just a portion of the cupcakes on a platter, so it doesn’t look like a whole swarm  =)

These simple fondant ladybugs are a perfect project for “fondant beginners” because it is quite simple, but adds such an adorable touch.

Earlier this year I prepared a whole party for my youngest daughter, Joy around a ladybug theme (posted HERE- it was a pretty cute party if I can say so!).

Give these cute fondant ladybugs a try and use them to dress up cupcakes for a garden party, red hat society meeting, or any spring or summer get together.

How to make a fondant ladybug ~

1.  Prepare fondant in red and black (see my Fondant 101 post for handling and coloring fondant).  Now I will add that although you can color the fondant yourself, I usually use pre-colored fondant specifically for red and black.  Those two colors are extra difficult to get nice and vibrant if you are coloring it yourself.

2. Roll a small red piece of fondant into a ball, then flatten slightly into an oval.  Use a toothpick or “boo-boo stick” (as shown) to create a line down the center of the red body.  Roll a tiny ball of black fondant and stick it onto the red body.  I can usually just stick the fresh fondant directly to the red and it will adhere and once dry will be stuck together nicely.  If you are having trouble sticking the fondant head to the body, you can use a teeny, tiny bit of water or corn syrup to act as glue.

3.  Once your ladybug is dry (after several hours or overnight), use a black edible marker to draw some black spots on the lady’s back.

Use your cute ladybugs to dress up cupcakes, cakes and even as a 3-D feature on cookies.

Happy Decorating!

 *Shopping note- I bought the ladybug print mini cupcake liners in a specialty store about 5 years ago, and have since called the store, then contacted the company, and as far as I know they are no longer available, sorry!

Orange Dreamsicle Cupcakes in a Jar

I’ve been a bit obsessed with cupcakes in a jar recently (first I did chocolate cupcakes in a jar and then 4th of July cupcakes in a jar ), and I thought it would be a delicious summer treat to take Vanilla-Orange cupcakes, layer them with orange cream cheese frosting and marshmallow fluff and…

Voila! Orange Dreamsicle cupcakes in a jar!

For the recipe, just head over to my friend Shelly’s blog, Cookies and Cups.

She’s out of town and letting me “blog sit” for her  =)

Are you tired of cupcakes in a jar yet?  I hope not!  I have a few more I’m still dreaming on!  Of course any of the cupcakes in a jar can be easily adapted as a ‘regular’ cupcake, or even a cake.

Happy Baking!

4th of July Stained Glass Cookies

Aren’t these cookies amazing?

 I can say that so easily because I didn’t make them, my good friend Callye of The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle did!   Today I’m sharing my blog with Callye… by that I mean she did all the work, but I’m posting it, sounds good to me!

Take it away Callye….


Callye of The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle here with a fun twist on traditional 4th of July cookies.

There are many different kinds of friendships, but for me there is something extra special about having a creative friend.  Someone who understands all of the idea running through my head, and who can visualize what I see, help me make it come to life, and generally understand my craziness.  I have found this in Glory.  Our personalities really complement one another’s.  Thanks Glory for sharing your site with me today! 

Ok, ready to make some cookies?

~How to make stained glass star cookies ~

  • You’ll need…
  • Two star cutters, a large one for the cookie and a smaller one to make the middle cut-out
  • Red and blue hard candies, crushed (I used Jolly Ranchers)
  • Wooden skewers, preferably flat sided (not round)
  • White royal icing, piping consistency, with a #2 tip

First, crush the candy in a plastic bag with a hammer or mallet.  My kiddos love helping with this!

For the cookies cut large stars out of your favorite cookie dough and place them on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Then cut them again with the smaller cutter and remove the middle.  I used toothpicks to help me out.

After the centers are removed, fill them with crushed candy.  The easiest way I found to do this was to pour the candy onto a piece of waxed paper, fold it in half and use that as a little “spout”.  Again, use a toothpick to spread it into the points.

Bake as usual.  Remove the cookies from the oven. The candy will be very hot and bubbly.  Most of the bubbles will disappear as the cookies cool.

When they are completely cool, remove from baking sheet and decorate as desired.  I wanted to make a centerpiece with the cookies, so I used some thick royal icing to attach flat wooden skewers to the backs of the cookies.  You can also simply serve the cookies on a platter, without any sticks.

  To finish, use the white icing to pipe a dotty border around the inside and outside edges of the stars.


After they are dry, tie coordinating ribbon on the skewer. Arrange them in a pretty container using floral foam to keep them in place.   To finish, use crinkle paper to disguise the floral foam and you’ll have a beautiful and edible Independence Day centerpiece.


Thank you Callye!  What fun it is to have such a talented and generous friend!

Need more creative cookie ideas?  Make sure to visit Callye over on her site,

The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle.

Beautiful Butterfly Cookies {Decorating How-to}

My mom is an incredible gardener.  Over the years my mom has transformed several drab front yards, and rocky/hilly/untamed backyards into gardens worthy of a magazine cover.  My mom loves flowers, butterflies, and birds, and has spent thousands of hours creating gardens full of all of these.  Late last summer my mom (and dad) hosted a backyard BBQ and asked if I could bring a plate of cookies to share.  I gladly agreed, and it took little time to decide on the designs.  Bright flowers and vibrant butterflies seemed the perfect fit.
I have since made these designs for a few other occasions, and they are always well received.   The colorful palette is perfect for a birthday, get well and most any spring or summer party.
These cookies and the tutorial were recently featured in The Party Dress Magazine.  You can view the magazine on-line or purchase a copy HERE (you’ll find my cookies on page 73).  This issue is full of gorgeous party and entertaining ideas, and would be a beautiful magazine to keep for future reference. 
Would you like to make some pretty butterfly cookies?
Let’s get started!
You’ll need some baked and cooled sugar cookies (my recipe is HERE).
You’ll also need a batch of royal icing (my recipe and instructions are HERE).
To make this set of cookies I used bright pink, yellow and orange (thinned to about the consistency of corn syrup), black (thinned the same as your main colors), and accent colors of yellow and bright green (in a stiff consistency).
Step 1.  Pipe black icing around the edge of each wing. 
Step 2.  Fill in with the color of your choice (bright pink shown)
Step 3.  While the icing is still wet, drag a toothpick from the edge of the wings, toward the center of the wings (as shown). Set cookie aside and dry fully (6-12 hours).

Step 4.  When the icing on the wings is completely dry, add black icing down the center of the butterfly to create the body.

Step. 5.  While the black icing (body) is still wet, cover with white sanding sugar (if desired).
Step 6.  Add dots of an accent color toward the edges of the wings.

Allow to dry, then share with someone special.

Happy summer and happy cookie decorating!

4th of July Cupcakes in a Jar

Ever since my recent success with cupcakes in a jar, my mind has been spinning with all the desserts I want to put in a jar!  I’ve created a special 4th of July version of cupcakes in a jar as my monthly contributor’s post over on The Tomkat Studio.  Head over to The TomKat Studio to check out the full post and get the free (gotta love that!) printables I used to dress them up.

Happy Birthday America!