Show and Tell – June 2014

Show and Tell - June 2014 -

Happy June!  I’m trying something new today, so read along and then share your thoughts in the comment section!

I love sharing recipes, cookie tutorials, and all of the other sweet things I share here on Glorious Treats, but sometimes there are a few more things I’d love to share!

Sometimes I come across a cute craft idea somewhere else on the web, discover a great new product, or want to share a little “behind the scenes” peek of what I’m making in the kitchen.

I’m going to experiment with a once a month “Show and Tell” post that will share little tidbits of my life and pretty things from around the web.

Almost daily, I pin beautiful ideas from around the web onto my Pinterest Boards.  In this monthly “Show and Tell” post, I’m going to select a few of my favorite pins from the month and show them off here.  If you’re not following me on Pinterest, please join the fun!

I also love posting images to Instagram almost daily.  I usually use Instagram to show little peeks into the projects I’m working on and fun products I want to share.  In these monthly “Show and Tell” posts I’ll grab a few of my favorite Instagam pictures and highlight them here.  Feel free to follow me directly on Instagram as well.

In addition to highlights from Pinterest and Instagram, these “Show and Tell” posts will be a fun place for me to share a few other tidbits such as my favorite on-line shops, maybe highlights from my current travels, and other fun and sweet things I think you’ll enjoy!

June Show and Tell -

A few of my Pinterest favorites from June…

1.  I’m slightly obsessed with these Marshmallow Pinwheels from Home Cooking Memories!  They look so chewy and delicious!

2.  These Painted Mason Jars from It All Started With Paint are perfect for holding flatware, and would make fun vases or candle holders too!

3.  These Layered 4th of July Drinks from In Katrina’s Kitchen would surely be the talk of any 4th of July party!

4.  This Gorgeous Salad from the Reluctant Entertainer looks like the perfect summer side dish or meal!

5.  This Eraser Stamped Shirt from Cutesy Crafts looked so fun I ran out and bought the supplies the day I saw this!  My girls and I had a great time making our own shirts!  It was a fun, super easy craft that would work great for most any holiday or occasion!

6.  This 4th of July Snack Mix (by me!) is one of our favorite summer treats!

Show and Tell - June 2014 - GloriousTreats.comJune Instagram highlights…

1.  Last week I made favorite family recipe that calls for one full can of Hershey’s chocolate syrup!  I’ll be sharing the full recipe soon!

2.  I made a pretty set of cookies for my cousin’s (Sarah) 40th birthday.   I used the same general techniques as these Hand-painted Valentine’s Cookies.

3.  Another cake cookie, similar to my Cake Stand Cookies set.

4.  This is currently my favorite summer set of cookies!  I mixed and matched some left over icings and I just love the colors!  I also had fun with the pool mat design, so simple, yet so cute!  I made this set for one of my niece’s birthday.

5.  I tried making homemade Milano cookies… it didn’t go so well.  I’ll have to try that again another time.

6.  I was sent some samples of a new Mac & Cheese line from Pirate’s Booty, everyone in our house loved it!

7.  My gorgeous new Le Creuset French Oven… oh how I have dreamed of owning on of these pots for so long!  This one is from their new Matte line.  The color is Mineral Blue, although it’s more gray than blue in certain light.  So beautiful, so durable… I look forward to cooking delicious food in this for years to come!

8.  Summer BBQ food… my favorite!!

9.  One of my favorite images, from my post on How to Frost Cupcakes.


The art of shopping…

This week a reader asked how my cupcake liners always look so colorful and clean… the “secret” is greaseproof cupcake liners!  One of my favorite sources is Baker’s Stock.  Greaseproof liners keep their color even after being filled with batter and baked!

People often ask where I find inspiration for the things I make?  One source of inspiration for me is beautiful supplies!  Sweet Estelle’s Baking Supply is a shop I often browse just because everything there is so colorful and happy!


Feedback please!!

Did you see something in this post that was new, helpful, or inspiring?  Did you enjoy the post?  Sometimes I wonder how many people actually READ my posts (versus just look at the photos and scan… yes, I’m talking to you!).  Does this kind of post require too much reading to find all the good stuff?  Please share some feedback, I love hearing from you!


  1. I LOVE your posts, and follow you on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest (with both my personal and business pages). You are a huge inspiration for me, being an aspiring cookier.

  2. Love your new idea, go for it!

  3. Thanks for the tips on cupcake liners. I’m always disappointed that the colors aren’t as “sharp” after baking. Will look into the two sources you suggested.

  4. Love it!! Neat tips and ideas. Thank You for sharing!!!

  5. I love the show and tell idea. It is interesting to see what inspires the person who inspires so many herself! I too dream of owning a Le Creuset dutch oven one day. Ever since I saw someone bake a crusty loaf of bread in one, its been on my dream list. And the pictures in the post make me WANT to read the post itself. Thanks!!!

  6. Beautiful LeCrueset, I sold them for years. Try to only use wood and silicone in that pot. It takes years, but metal utensils will wear out the enamel. Admittedly it is fun to find a 40 year old LC pot with that worn out stirring path inside, but you can have many, many years of perfect enamel with care! (make a loaf of no knead bread in it….)

  7. I love everything you do! Keep it up!

  8. I check your blog regularly and enjoy everything you post. You have a beautiful style that inspires me!

  9. it’s a great idea!! love it!!

  10. I say go for it! I always love to see what my favorite bloggers get up to even outside their usual fare! Always great to see new ideas no matter what the subject! If what you show is anywhere near as good as your cookie posts, it has to be good!

  11. I think it’s a great idea! And monthly is a good interval. I love to see what inspires you :)

  12. Thank you so much for posting all these lovely ideas. I so admire all of you that are so creative. It gives me inspiration to try them and gives me projects to with my Grandkids. Thanks again

  13. Hi Glory, I’m one of your Pinterest followers & enjoy seeing your creative baked items. Your ombre pink cake is my most favorite. Your craft ideas seem ‘related’ to your overall theme — “food — family — friends”, as I see it, so I’ll look forward to seeing what else you inspire us to try!

  14. Great round-up!! I’m not a crafty girl, but the t-shorts and painted mason jars are awesome. I do read, though 😉 and I love all of your creative baked goods. I enjoy reading recipe reviews and comparisons. Hope you get the Milano recipe down!!

  15. LOVE this post Glory! I’m happy to see what you are liking, pinning, and crafting up :)

  16. I definitely read your posts… Your chewy chocolate chip cookie recipe and the lemon cookie recipe have been made many many many times, and has been passed on to friends, so they are making the rounds over here in Yorkshire!
    I do love the photography too though! 😉

  17. HI there, I am a big fan and gain huge inspiration from your site. Through your recommendation in the past, I started ordering from Sweet Estelle Bakery and have never been disappointed. I really enjoy your favorites, but if I am honest, there are to many photos bunched together for me. Continued success,
    Simone (Ireland)

  18. I like seeing all the “other” things you post… no instagram, but i can look here. I liked the marshmallow pinwheels and the summer drink! Very pretty.

    I enjoyed my LeCruset when i had it.. unfortunately it fell off of the counter and broke in half!

  19. I love this style of post – You rock!!

  20. I read your blog on a regular basis! I recently made cupcakes to celebrate my one grand-daughter’s, my step-daughter’s and husband’s birthday and decorated them with your vanilla cream cheese frosting! For the girls, I used the star tip for the hydrangea look and for the boys, I used some fun flip flop decorated picks. Everyone loved the cupcakes so much, they disappeared fast! Love those surfboard and wave cookies in this post and can’t wait to try some of my own soon.

    I’m not an Instagram follower, but I’ll always follow your blog!

  21. You are one super talented lady.. love your designs all the time! xx

  22. I am a regular follower! The surfboard and wave cookies are adorable, love the bright colors. I think the marshmallow pinwheels are really intriguing! LOVE the colors of the cupcakes all iced! Love the more personable posts to see what catches your eye!

  23. I read, I love, I learn….I wouldn’t change a thing!

  24. I never comment on blogs, but I understand you need feedback. No, there is not too much reading. I don’t do FB, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram or any others. I subscribed to your blog in a feed reader. Your recipes and photos are superb, but I always look for good writing first, and you provide that as well. Don’t change a thing. Your posts inform, entertain and inspire. What a gift you have!

  25. Just want to clarify the measurement for the brown sugar in the cookie dough part of the s’mores Bars is cups? I am assuming that this is the case, but just want to double check.

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