Dunkin’ Donuts Bakery Series Coffee {Giveaway Closed}

Dunkin' Donuts Coffee & Cash Giveaway!  - enter on glorioustreats.com

Few things pair better than coffee and donuts!  Dunkin’ Donuts is an expert with both coffee and donuts… and now they’ve gone one step farther and combined the two!

Dunkin’ Donuts has just introduced their new Bakery Series line of coffee.  Each of the five new coffee flavors is inspired by their popular bakery items… Jelly Donut, Old Fashioned Donut, Chocolate Glazed Donut, Caramel Coffee Cake and Blueberry Muffin.

The folks at Dunkin’ Donuts sent me a box of goodies to try… but of course I wouldn’t tell you that unless there was one for you too!!


Do you like coffee?

Do you like donuts?

Do you like cash?

Wait… what?  Yes, I said cash!

In addition to an awesome package that includes…

  • The complete Bakery Series coffees (1 each): Chocolate Glazed Donut, Jelly Donut, Old Fashioned Donut, Blueberry Muffin and Caramel Coffee Cake flavors.
  • Dunkin’ Donuts coffee mug
  • Turtle Donut blended coffee recipe
  • Mr. Coffee Pot Coffee Maker

This giveaway also includes a $250.00 Visa gift card!!

Dunkin' Donuts Coffee & Cash giveaway!  - enter on glorioustreats.com


Would you like to win some Coffee & Cash?

To enter…

Simply leave a comment below telling me your favorite kind of donut.  Do you like maple?  Chocolate with sprinkles?  Jelly filled?  Inquiring minds want to know!  =)


Details – Comments must be left on this blog post. Once enter per person.  If you are reading this post as an e-mail, click the title of the post to view the giveaway online.   Giveaway open to U.S. residents only.  Giveaway ends Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014 at 9pm Pacific.  Winner will be chosen using random.org.  Giveaway sponsored by Dunkin’ Donuts.  All images text, and opinions are my own.


********************************** Giveaway Closed ***********************************

Winner – Jenny #64


  1. My favorite donuts are the glaze covered coffee dunkers -do you know which ones I mean?

  2. I’ve always been able to take or leave a doughnut — just not something that I craved — but I recently tried a raised doughnut with coconut on top of white icing from our local shop and wow. Amazingly yummy.

  3. sour cream

  4. Chocolate glazed!

  5. That’s a touch question because I have a few favorites. Well, then I’ll go with chocolate glazed!

  6. Boston Creme Pie!

  7. I can’t get enough of apple fritters!

  8. I love a glaze do-nut simple and sweet!

  9. Bavarian Crème!

  10. Traditional glazed donuts! With coffee…mmm

  11. Chocolate glazed (with the hole) is my favorite!

  12. I love, love, love white frosting cream filled and strawberry glazed and milk chocolate glazed… Oh dear!

  13. Chocolate glazed or a maple long john!

  14. Maple long johns are my fav! Yummy ;)!

  15. I love what i call the cinnamon “crumb” doughnut!

  16. I love plain donuts with granulated sugar.

  17. Donut holes win out everytime. Chocolate is preferred. But a nice combo is good too :)

  18. Cinnamon sugar cake donut.

  19. I just love the good ole plain cake donuts! They are absolutely the best to dunk in my Dunkin Donuts coffee! It NEVER get old!

  20. Chocolate glaze with chocolate filling *.*

  21. The old fashioned, sometimes called sour cream donut.

  22. I love strawberry frosted!

  23. Double Chocolate!!!

  24. Oooo, donuts! Love them! Especially two glazed donuts used as “buns” for the “donut burger” at the Kentucky State Fair! I get it every year :)

  25. I love powdered sugar doughnuts! Craving now!

  26. I absolutely adore glazed with sprinkles…mmm sounds delicious :)

  27. DD French crullers! Boston cream coming as a close second. When I lived in Asia their donut stores would have lines out the door because of their playful flavors, like green tea, lychee, etc. But now that I’m in NJ, I will happily take a simple glazed any day.

  28. I love me some creme filled donuts!

  29. Good old cake donuts-the dunk real good in a cup of coffee!

  30. I’m a police sergeant, and I don’t eat donuts on duty (way too cliché!) However, in my own non-official, sweet-loving world, I really dig the DD Boston crème donuts.

  31. My favorite donut is chocolate cake with chocolate frosting topped with peanuts. Chocolate frosted buttermilk is a close second!

  32. I LOVE donuts…especially when I’m pregnant

  33. Sour cream old fashioned

  34. I love blueberry cake donuts.

  35. Favorites are Lemon Filled and Maple Frosted. But I’m not picky. Donuts are yummy!

  36. i like mine covered in toasted coconut!

  37. I’m a plain old-fashioned donut kinda girl!

  38. I like jelly filled donut with sprinkles on top. The sprinkles give it extra happiness!

  39. Chocolate glaze with cream filling and blueberry cake donuts! YUM!!!

  40. I’m partial to a Boston Cream but wouldn’t say no to just about any donut!

  41. I like a simple maple bar. Or any donut with the white cream. Those are the best.

  42. donuts are my #1 guilty pleasure, along with a cup of coffee!

  43. I love the sour creme doughnuts.

  44. I love me a chocolate glazed, but I’d. take any donut you give me :)

  45. I love cinnamon sugar twist donuts!

  46. Cream filled donuts rock my socks!!!

  47. chocolate glazed, maple, too.

  48. Chocolate twist!

  49. My favorite is Boston Cream…yummy!

  50. Chocolate Glazed – can’t get enough!

  51. I love Jelly donuts!

  52. DD Donut Holes are the best — hands down! :)

  53. Boston Cream donuts and a hot cup of coffee….who could ask for anything more :)

  54. Boston Cream.

  55. My favorite type of donut is the Old Fashioned Donut! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  56. Chocolate covered

  57. Boston cream!

  58. I Like a Vanilla Creme Filled Donut.

  59. Glazed Old Fashioned. But tied for a close second are raspberry or lemon filled. Hmmm. Donuts for dessert tonight? I think so.

  60. Chocolate! Thanks for the chance to win!

  61. My favorite doughnut is a plain old cake doughnut rolled in cinnamon sugar sugar!

  62. Most of the time, my favorite is jelly filled.. but sometimes the jelly and the frosting on top is too sweet for me and I prefer just a chocolate covered glazed doughnut. It sounds weird to say that chocolate glaze is less sweet. It may just be me… I also find that white chocolate is MUCH sweeter than milk chocolate and I can’t eat too much of it. :)

  63. Oh, how I love donuts! Especially those cute little glazed donut holes that are so easy to pop in my mouth!! :) Thanks for the opportunity!

  64. I like raised glazed donuts.

  65. There is nothing better than a simple cake donut (whatever the flavor) covered in a sweet glaze. What better way to start the morning.

  66. lemon filled!

  67. Glazed donuts are such a treat!

  68. My favorite donut is a kiddie chocolate donut with chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles. They must be rainbow sprinkles — other colors don’t taste as good! 😉

  69. Hi my name is Toni, yes i am a duncun donut – aholic. Know you say Hi Toni. Thanks for the temption of this opportunity!

  70. I love sugar sanded donuts.

  71. I’ve always been partial to the French Crullers with my coffee

  72. Creme filled long john with sprinkles are my favorite :-)

  73. The best of the best. “GLAZED DONUTS”

  74. Chocolate with sprinkles =)

  75. Maple frosted… With sprinkles!

  76. Maple bar all.the.way!!!

  77. Glazed with Sprinkles YUM!!!

  78. I have yet to meet a doughnut I do not like! But, glazed are my favorites! 😀 What a great give-away! Thanks for the opportunity!

  79. Maybe lemon filled, but it depends on where they’re from. Plain ol’ glazed is always good.

  80. I like old-fashioned glazed donuts.

  81. It is a toss-up between a sour cream cake donut and a maple cream stick with sprinkles! With coffee!:)

  82. I love strawberry jelly filled donuts covered in powdered sugar, soooo good!

  83. Maple bar or cake donut with white glaze and sprinkles:-)

  84. Powdered sugar donuts!

  85. Glazed donuts are my favorite!

  86. Chocolate glazed all the way. Thank you!

  87. I love them just chocolate glazed.
    Or plain with cinammon and sugar…

  88. I love Bavarian cream with chocolate icing!

  89. Cream filled long johns.

  90. My favorite would be a Boston Creme, with a hot black coffee! :)

  91. I love jelly doughnuts…really loaded with jelly.

  92. Only one?! Probably a boston creme, or the maple glazed equivalent :)

  93. Choosing one is hard…I’ve always loved boston cream donuts. And cinnamon roll donuts yum! Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

  94. My favorite is maple nut.

  95. Never met a doughnut I didn’t like!!

  96. Chocolate long johns!

  97. Apple fritters are my favorite.

  98. Wonderful giveaway and I adore cream filled donuts! :)

  99. I love any kind of donut with pumpkin glaze or pumpkin filling!

  100. French Cruller! They make you feel like you’re not eating much at all!

  101. Vanilla cream filled

  102. Maple donuts are my absolute favorites, but I never met a donut I didn’t like! :)

  103. Plain glazed doughnuts are my favorite!

  104. I love Dunkin Donuts! Jelly doughnuts are my favorite.

  105. blueberry or Boston cream!

  106. I can never decide between chocolate with sprinkles and chocolate with chopped peanuts. I usually make my decision based on the color or sprinkles and how pretty they look. They really need to make made-to-order donuts, so that I can have both together!

  107. anything chocolate. :)

  108. The creme filled ones are my favorite, but they only have them as specialty donuts. :( So I always get one when they’re around!

  109. Good ol’ chocolate frosted, No sprinkles, Yum!

  110. Mmm…donuts! I love anything cream filled and drizzeled with chocolate…droool.

  111. Usually the glazed, but crave the pumpkin. Gee, I love them all.

  112. My favorite is chocolate cream filled!

  113. I like the maple but I also like all donuts

  114. Chocolate icing & sprinkles, all the way!

  115. I love the cake type any day.

  116. I always have a tough time deciding between their toasted coconut orrrr their blueberry cake doughnut! Both are my favorite!! YUM!!! 😛

  117. Long John w custard filling and chocolate icing

  118. Maple donuts have always been my favorite!

  119. Chocolate glazed.

  120. Vanilla Creme!!!! I’d go a long distance for this one!!!!!

  121. Chocolate with sprinkles. But every once in a while one with maple frosting gets me!

  122. I love all chocolate donuts .

  123. Sour cream

  124. My favorite doughnut is the Vanilla Cream….so yummy!!!!!

  125. blueberry is my favorite! yum yum!

  126. My absolute all time favorite flavor I’d Boston Creme, followed by apple crumb. Thanks for the chance to win!

  127. I love the old-fashioned sour cream donuts they are awesome!

  128. Nothing could be better to me than an Old-fashioned cake donuts with glaze from Dunkin’ Donuts! Pairing it with one of Dunkin’ s delicious cups of coffee is the ultimate indulgence!

  129. the way to my husband’s heart is with a maple dunkin donut! works like a charm.

  130. Gotta be filled-cream or jelly, but filled!

  131. Old fashioned glazed!

  132. Chocolate with Sprinkles or Strawberry glaze with sprinkles!!!

  133. There are a few that I love. I love French Crullers, cinnamon rolls and the cinnamon sugar twists!

  134. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE anything Cream-Filled!

  135. My absolute fave was the Valentine’s limited flavor Brownie Batter, but since they don’t have that all the time, my year-round go to fave is the vanilla kreme filled.

  136. Oh jelly filled!

  137. Glazed is my favorite, but my guilty pleasure is an icing donut with a ridiculous amount of sprinkles!!

  138. I love the ones with the white angel creme and the chocolate frosting! Dang now I need to go and get one!!

  139. Chocolate long johns!

  140. My favorite type of doughnut is the creme filled ones!

  141. My favorite switches between maple and choclate

  142. strawberry frosted, or boston cream are my favs!!!

  143. My favorite is the old fashioned cake donut! I love dipping it into coffee!

  144. Its a tough decision between old fashioned glaze or apple cider doughnuts!

  145. I love donuts … who doesn’t … but I would have to say my all-time favorite is Eclairs with Barvarian Cream and chocolate on top … there is a place here in town that puts shredded coconut on the chocolate and that is extra special!

  146. When I lived in Florida there was a Dunkin’ Donuts just up the street. Now that I’ve moved to a little town west of Denver, Colorado, I’m missing my morning walk, delicious coffee and yummy donuts. We need a DD Shop in Morrison!!!!! :). Thanks, Glorious Treats, love your website!!

  147. My favorite is maple glazed! I haven’t had one in ages!

  148. Nothing better on a weekend morning than a cinnamon sugar jelly doughnut.

  149. Love blueberry donuts!!

  150. My favorite is the Vanilla Creme Filled. Although, I haven’t had one in…years!

  151. apple fritter

  152. Bostom Cream donuts are my favorite!

  153. Apple fritter

  154. Who doesn’t love a nice fresh soft jelly (preferably raspberry) Dunkin Donut? Oh yum.

  155. I love cake donuts- chocolate glazed cake donuts and plain cake donuts are my faves!

  156. I LOVE maple covered doughnuts! YUM!

  157. I luv dipping a French Cruller in my cup of joe!

  158. I love Maple bars!!!

  159. Wow what a giveaway! My favorite donut hands down is a plain
    Cake donut.

  160. I enjoy glazed doughnuts and powdered sugar doughnuts!

  161. Chocolate with SPRINKLES!!!

  162. A warm glazed donut is my jam.

  163. My favorite is the Boston Cream donuts! I love them all :)

  164. Rolled in crushed peanuts

  165. Lemon filled. YUM!!!!!

  166. Old fashioned!!! Perfect with coffee!

  167. I prefer a plain cake doughnut.

  168. Good as always Glazed donut, but don’t mind some sprinkles!

  169. Old fashion jelly donuts

  170. My husband is from the east coast so of course we always
    Have to stop at Dunkin Donuts first. My favorite donut is
    The chocolate cream filled donut. I also love their
    Coconut donut. Both pair well with the coffee and I
    Love to add coconut flavoring to that as well. Yum!!!

  171. mmmm I love Bavarian Creme, any of the Dunkin Donuts Coffees they are all Dunkalicious!!!!

  172. Iced maple donut’s with toasted pecan’s on top. yummmmm. With a great cup of coffee, I’m in heaven.

  173. My favorite is what I call a bismark. Im not sure if everyone does but they are long, topped with chocolate and cream in the middle. This may sound crazy but I want to try the new maple bacon doughnuts.

  174. Chocolate Glazed Donuts all the way!

  175. cake donut topped with chocolate frosting and nuts! yum yum!

  176. The raspberry filled jelly donut has always been my favorite! Mmmmmmmm

  177. I love old-fashioned chocolate donuts!!! Or anything with chocolate!!

  178. I love an old-fashioned blueberry donut! Yummy!

  179. Definitely something cinnamony!

    Thanks Glory!

  180. I love Apple Cider donuts

  181. I love a cake doughnut covered in chocolate and sprinkles! I want one now!!

  182. My favorite donut is lemon filled ..YUM

  183. I love a simple glazed doughnut! But a chocolate cake doughnut is yummy too :)

  184. Ooohhhhhhhh my! My all time favorite Dunkin Donut is …. THE FRENCH CRULLER.. Only the best donut in the world!

  185. I enjoy the chocolate custard-filled doughnuts…..mmmmmmmmmmmm!

  186. I love Buttermilk Bars!! Yummy and delicious with a cup of coffee!

  187. I LOVE custard filled doughnuts! YUMMMMMMMmmmmmmm!! ;o)

  188. I love a jelly donut. Is there a bad donut to eat?

  189. I can’t stray away from the classics! Chocolate covered sprinkle donuts just make me so happy!! 😀

  190. I like Plain Glazed.

  191. I think my very favorite donut is a bavarian cream filled with chocolate glaze. Occasionally I’ll choose a regular chocolate glazed with sprinkles. Yummo! What a fun giveaway – thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  192. The French Cruller is my choice, although I really love a good blueberry cake donut,

  193. Coconut

  194. Boston Cream donut is my favorite, closely followed by a maple bar! Several years ago, I had a blueberry raised donut…omg amazing. Can’t find anywhere that makes those anymore, only blueberry cake ones.

  195. I love the plain old fashioned donuts. The are just simple and not too sweet.

  196. I like plain yeast donuts with chocolate icing with white iced diamond shaped on top. there is just something about those dunkin diamonds that I love :)

  197. I love glazed donuts with some sprinkles :)

  198. My favorite is Chocolate munchkins. they r just so munchilisous

  199. Bavarian cream!

  200. I like the old fashioned donuts because old fashioned is the classic grandmother of all donuts!

  201. Um…. any and all doughnuts with sugar? I go for jelly filled first, though. Thanks for the awesome opportunity!!

  202. My favorite donut is a raised glazed donut.

  203. It’s hard to beat fresh glazed donuts but cruellers come awful close.

  204. Any one with Cream inside! Yummy! <3

  205. fave donut is Old Fashioned. Yum!

  206. Hey Glory, thanks for sharing with us! My favorite donut is anything chocolate, especially choc-glazed old fashioneds. When I moved to Seattle from Pismo Beach 25 years ago I didn’t even drink coffee, but converted under the peer pressure! We have just worn out our coffee maker & are in the market for a new one, so I’m holding my breath to see if I’m a winner!

  207. I love plain old fashioned!

  208. Glazed Donuts! Dunkin Donuts makes the best donuts in the world. While they have several flavors that I love, in my opinion they have completely mastered the Glazed Donut!

  209. Sour cream donuts or honey wheat donuts are my absolute favorites! You can’t really go wrong with any donut though 😉

  210. I am a crueler girl. Glazed, of course.

  211. I love the Sugar Glazed Donuts and Boston cream pie Donuts

  212. I love all kind of Donuts

  213. I love chocolate cake donuts.

  214. My favorite is Chocolate Glazed Donut!

  215. My all time favorite is just a plain old fashioned donut, especially when the outside gets a little crusty – yummmmmmmmm!

  216. Chocolate Glazed is my all time favorite!!! You can’t go wrong with chocolate!!!!!

  217. Oh man – such a tough question. I’m gonna have to say apple fritters but glazed pumpkin donuts are a close second!

  218. My favorite is plain cake.

  219. I love chocolate iced with sprinkles!

  220. Boston Cream or Toasted coconut, please.

  221. Purchase a plain donut, bring it home and frost it with Nutella!

  222. I love chocolate glaze!

  223. Still love the cake donut with chocolate glaze but also favor the old fashion buttermilk.

  224. Hot glazed donut.

  225. My favorite donut is Jelly filled! Yum!

  226. My favorite doughnuts are French crullers

  227. I love the chocolate glazed donuts! AND the chocolate glazed donut coffee is in my cupboard right now.

  228. A glazed old-fashioned that has been warmed up in the oven until the sugared edges are even crispier ~ that and a cup of coffee ~ oh yum!!!

  229. Apple fritter:p

  230. Boston cream!

  231. I like an old fashioned. I know that it’s pkain and simple but that’s what is so great about it. There is just enough crunch on the outside and the middle is soft and delicious.

  232. Jelly doughnuts !! First thing I asked for after my son was born. Apple Fritter is my second – we would pick them up before heading out for a day on the lake. YUM!

  233. I love glazed!

  234. there’s a place near me called “The Donut Man” and they stuff their light & fluffy doughnuts with seasonal fruit. The strawberry is my fave… and that of many I’m sure. It looks rich but it’s not, it’s perfect!!!! whole strawberries in a light glaze, lots of them, inside a very light and heavenly doughnut. I also like their blueberry cream… :)

    and I like Dunkin Donuts strawberry shortcake coffee with a splash of french vanilla creamer, delish!

  235. Donuts are my downfall… but my favorites are the glazed old-fashions!

  236. Jelly Crullers!!!!! YUM YUM YUM!!!! With the crunchy outside edge. Delish!!!

  237. my fav is cinnamon sugar, twisted and with black coffee. its great when curling up with a good book 😀

  238. My fav are the sugar glazed outside and soft on the inside donuts!

  239. Glazed sticks are the best!

  240. I love vanilla cream filled and glazed!!! Yummy!

  241. I love love dunkin donuts brownie batter donut!! Scrumptious!! Fingers crossed!

  242. I would love to win because I love dunkin coffee, it is so flavorful and the doughnuts, i love long john and fried cinnimon rolls, nothing makes a morning like Dunkin with one of their great doughnuts.

  243. Love maple!

  244. Love the powdered donut with with white cream filling!

  245. I like the chocolate glazed donuts

  246. My favorite is boston cream!

  247. Glazed old fashioned!

  248. My favorite is vanilla creme, with lots of sweet vanilla creme.

  249. I love the holes. Thank you and thank you very much for your wonderful recipes. Keep it up.

  250. Glazed donuts are my favorite. Even better if they have chocolate on them!

  251. My favorite is chocolate frosted — when I was a little girl I would just eat the frosting … sometimes I still do — YUM :).

  252. Buttermilk, yummy

  253. Love love love the chocolate donut with the chocolate glaze! Did I say love?

  254. Boston Cream hands down! Wish I had one!

  255. Chocolate frosted are the best!

  256. Chocolate Frosted!!

  257. Definitely Boston Cream. Yum!!!

  258. Raised glazed donuts please!!

  259. My first pick definitely would be the white frosting filled donut. Oh my gosh! They are to die for! Can’t eat just one!

  260. My all-time favorite donuts are sprinkled donuts with strawberry frosting!! **drool**

  261. my favorite is iced with chocolate and filled with a peanut butter filling……now i’m craving doughnuts!!! :)

  262. Plain old glazed donuts are my favorite. Thanks!

  263. I love blueberry cake donuts!

  264. Chocolate with chocolate frosting and an apple fritter, it’s a tie.

  265. Bavarian cream!

  266. Kruellers (sp?) or Boston Creme. Love my Dunkin!

  267. Boston cream…The best with a cup of Dunkin!

  268. I have recently become obsessed with the Chocolate Glazed Stick Donuts at Dunkin!

  269. it’s a tie between the chocolate long johns or the Boston cream…so i usually get one of each 😉

  270. Boston Cream are my favorites! Love their coffee as well.

  271. My fave is French Toast Cupcake….filled with Twinkie filling….Maple butter cream frosting….bacon pieces and drizzled with Maple syrup! YUM!!!

  272. Pudding filled donut…but I have not found a donut that I don’t like.

  273. My favorites are the creme-filled donuts with chocolate frosting and sprinkles!

  274. My number 1 choice is always a chocolate frosted Bavarian filled doughnut. If they are out of them I love any of the chocolate doughnuts. And if all fails and I have gone when they are sold out of a lot of their doughnuts, I love the holes…Thanks for the chance.

  275. Chocolate glazed!!

  276. My favorite is anything chocolate. I really love the sour cream donuts too.

  277. Chocolate Iced Donut…sometimes simple is better!!!

  278. Jelly filled will always be favorite!!

  279. the one I have in my greedy little hands at the time…especially sour cream

  280. chocolate glazed with sprinkles are my favorite

  281. Boston cream or the chocolate cake ones.

  282. Chocolate glazed donut covered in white coconut. Three DD in my area and no one makes them.

  283. chocolate! 😀

  284. Bear Claws! It’s soooo hard to find them in New England.

  285. My favorites are Vanilla Crème Filled & French Crueller w/vanilla icing ~ But of course others would do!

  286. Boston cream filled

  287. chocolate covered, yummy

  288. The vanilla cream is the best!

  289. Dunkin’s Glazed Stick….yum!

  290. My fav is a plain old fashion.

  291. Glazed buttermilk – to DIE for, especially when slightly warmed in the oven before eating.

  292. I like white cream filled donuts.

  293. My favorite donut is honey glazed.

  294. Glazed jelly!

  295. Gingerbread doughnut

  296. I get cravings for a plain vanilla frosted with sprinkles ! … But you can never go wrong with a glazed donut 😉

  297. I love custard filled long john donuts that are chocolate glazed. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  298. I love your blog! One of my favorites :) My whole family LOVES D.D….but my favorite guilty pleasure from them has to be the sugar donut and coffee with cinnamon.

  299. Maple bars are my favorite .

  300. love chocolate donuts and french vanilla coffee

  301. Chocolate Glaze!

  302. I like any kind with chocolate frosting!!

  303. I don’t think there’s a donut out there I won’t at least try once but I love the valentines cookie dough one. It’s crazy sweet but crazy good.

  304. chocolate glazed donuts

  305. Old fashioned are my fave, but I don’t remember turning down any donut!

  306. I love jelly donuts thanks for the giveaway

  307. Chocolate glazed with cream filling donut!

  308. cinnamon sugar!

  309. Would love a little Dunkins right now!

  310. Strawberry donuts)

  311. dunford chocolate cake enrobed with chocolate frosting

  312. I love the smell and taste of the original dunkin dounts coffee. This is the first thing I do every morning, It is my wake up and smell the coffee ritual in order to start the day. And my favorite donut is the glazed donut. Thanks for your wonderful products!

  313. Boston cream filled with chocolate glaze!!!

  314. boston cream is my favorite!

  315. I’ve always been a jelly stick or cinnamon crullers girl, but the cinnamon crullers are my favorite. Great for dunking in coffee! My dad did that, and so do I.

  316. Pumpkin! Mmm!

  317. I love a chocolate frosted cake donut!

  318. My favorite donut is lemon filled.

  319. I have become a fan of a simple glazed donut lately. :) Powdered sugar would be my favorite if I didn’t get so messy eating them!

  320. I love an old-fashion donut, simple and delicious.

  321. I love fresh homemade yeast donuts with powdered sugar glaze.

  322. Boston Kreme!

  323. I like a chocolate cake donut.

  324. i love chocolate eclairs!

  325. White cream filled!!

  326. Old fashioned chocolate. Glazed. Yes!

  327. Boston cream.

  328. I love a raspberry filled donut!

  329. Since I was little going to the Dunkin Donuts, I have ALWAYS enjoyed the chocolate with sprinkles! mmmm so good!! :)
    Im not a huge fan of the ones with filling in the middle.
    Thank you for the chance!

  330. I love a chocolate glazed donut filled with custard cream, soo yummy!!

  331. chocolate cream filled

  332. My favorite donut is the chocolate bars with cream filling.

  333. I love a great raised glazed donut!

  334. I love a delicious, simple glazed doughnut.

  335. Chocolate glazed are my favorite!!! :)

  336. I like plain glazed doughnuts!

  337. I love powdered sugar donuts with chocolate cream filling. Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  338. My fav is a glazed with chocolate, then a cake with chocolate and nuts.

  339. My favorite is a glazed donut!

  340. I absolutely LOVE a glazed doughnut or chocolate covered longjohn! I could actually eat a dozen probably but don’t tell anyone. Doughnuts are a huge weakness of mine. Seriously, pick me, pick me!

  341. My favorite doughnut is lemon or Bavarian cream filled with light powder. YUM!

  342. Hands down the chocolate glazed donuts. I could eat ten in one sitting!

  343. I like most any donut, but I think glazed are my facorite!

  344. I LOVE maple bacon donuts!!!

  345. old fashioned

  346. Glazed (I think they used to be called honey dipped)

  347. Vanilla Iced with sprinkles … yummy

  348. Boston Creme all the way!! (with a coffee of course)

  349. Strawberry Frosted… with colored sprinkles, of course! :)

  350. My favorite is their sour cream doughnut, yum!

  351. Chocolate covered!

  352. Apple fritters are my fav!!

  353. Crumb Cake donut

  354. The old fashioned donut :)

  355. Bacon and Maple

  356. I love the blueberry cake donuts the best.

  357. I’m traditional – I’ll take a glazed or jelly filled any day.

  358. I love the brownie batter filled donuts at D&D! Yummy!

  359. My favorite donut is the Bavarian Creme filled. Yummy.

  360. Lemon filled is my preferred, but I get a glazed cake doughnut most Thursdays!

  361. My favorite donut is traditional glazed or strawberry jelly filled :) Thanks for hosting this giveaway! Love your blog!

  362. I love the cake donut with chocolate frosting. This is an awesome giveaway, as I love Dunkin Donuts and their coffee.

  363. My favorite donut is the chocolate cake donut – yummy!

  364. Wow! This is one awesome giveaway!!!!! My favorite would be a tie between an apple fritter and an old fashion glazed!

  365. ANY donut will happily enter my body

  366. I have two favs from Dunkin Donuts – well, maybe one or two more. I really like lemon, so the lemon filled is a keeper, or should I say “eater”. And a long time fave is the apple and cinnamon filled. Of course, any sort of cruller-type donut is great with coffee. And DD has really good coffee. That’s what we have at my Mom’s. Where I live, there isn’t a DD for 75 miles.

  367. My favorites are either an apple fritter, a strawberry glazed or a cake donut with frosting and sprinkles!

  368. My favorite is anything chocolate frosted. Donut, long john, bavarian cream filled.

  369. My favorite type of donut is a Chocolate Long John. Nice and simple, larger than the round donut and soooooo delicious!

  370. My favorite donut is one that is filled with pudding! Yummy!

  371. My favorite thing to get from dunkin donut are chocolate iced donuts with crazy rainbow sprinkles :) I like coffee with chocolate milk as a drink as well

  372. I love a plain white long John!!

  373. Jelly donut

  374. My favorite are Jelly filled donuts.. particularly strawberry or raspberry :)

  375. my favorite type of donut is good ole glazed. simple and sweet, so fun to eat :)

  376. My favorite are white filled long johns from my local bakery… preferably with sprinkles!

  377. I love blueberry cake doughnuts. ♥

  378. Bavarian cream

  379. A little doughnut shop down the street from the church I went to as a kid had these wonderful cherry chip cake doughnuts. I have not had one in years!

  380. French Crullers, hands down!

  381. I love the maple-frosted donuts! Definitely the best :)

  382. I’m addicted to the Boston creme pie donuts!

  383. Cinnamon roll…..

  384. I love the french cruller and bowties from DD

  385. Cream filled ones are my favorite!

  386. Wow, that is hard to choose! Probably cream filled with chocolate icing.

  387. I know it’s boring, but plain glazed is my favorite – as long as I have a cup of DD coffee to go with it :-)

  388. Jelly doughnuts are the best!!!!!!

  389. soft chocolate iced!

  390. I love raised, glazed donuts.

  391. I love donuts, but I eat them only once a year at my friend’s son’s birthday. So any tastes amazing :)

  392. maple with sprinkles!

  393. I just love a tradtional glazed donut. Pop one in the microwave for a couple of seconds for a delicious and warm treat!

  394. Oh, how I love donuts….Dunkin Donuts especially. I love the strawberry frosted the best but the chocolate glazed is a close second!

  395. Chocolate covered but with a creme filling is definitely my favouite. Although the seasonal ones are always delicious!


  396. thanks for the giveaway offer, glory! my favorite donut from dunkin is the marbled…so good!

  397. DD French Crullers are the best!

  398. I like chocolate covered donuts with pecans

  399. I love the chocolate glazed doughnuts.. love love love :) doughnuts and this amazing giveaway :)

  400. Boston Cream

  401. My favorite donut is glazed with chocolate glaze on top

  402. My favorite donut is the shamrock cream filled star from Dunkin dounuts

  403. So hard to choose just one, anything chocolate, but The Boston Cream are really awesome!

  404. The seasonal pumpkin donuts are my favorite!

  405. My favorite donut is the cinnamon cake donut. I love anything with cinnamon!

  406. I love jelly donuts

  407. A plain, old fashioned glazed donut is my favorite.

  408. Glazed sour kreme. Love donuts and a cup of hot, black coffee.

  409. Since childhood, glazed is best. As an adult it’s the same, only a giant mug of coffee is a must.

  410. sour cream glazed!

  411. I love boston creme donuts the best.

  412. I love plain glazed donuts. Thank you!

  413. I like Chocolate Cream donuts.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  414. I love all kinds of donuts but my husband’s most favorite is the apple fritter. He loves their coffee too!

  415. Raised glazed but otherwise plain donuts. They’re suck a favorite in our house, my daughter brought them to share with her class rather than cupcakes in the 1st grade.

  416. my favorite is definitely chocolate with sprinkles! but would not complain with another one!

  417. who won?

  418. Glazed Creme Filled!

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