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Cookie Decorating -

This is the way my dinning table looks right now.  I suppose it’s the way my dinning table looks quite often.

I’m not sure how frank I can be here… but if you have ever thought of my life as glamorous in any way, please let that go (and read this).

The cookie “mess” you see pictured here is a set of cookies I’m working on for my Grandmother’s 90th birthday.  I’ll be packing these cookies up tonight (yes, that means I’d better hurry and finish them!) and driving with my family way up the Northern California coast.

I love this blog, I love the relationships I have developed with amazing people because of this site, I love making pretty treats… but right now I’m just tired.

I guess everyone needs a “mental health day” every now and then… and I think I’m ready for a week.

I’m going to enjoy our drive up the coast, enjoy my girls (who will be off of school this week) and mostly take the week off.

My new/first/only cookbook is due out early next month and I’m looking forward to sharing lots of details about the book, a (local) book launch party, and some travel.

Certainly, if you’re looking for a recipe, cupcake or cookie decorating idea I have several hundred on this site to keep you busy!

Have a great week!


  1. Hi Glory,

    Congrats on your grandma 90th birthday, I hope you have at least ten more.
    Enjoy spending time with your girls, family and loved ones. But most of all, enjoy your week off.

    <3 Ingeborg

  2. Happy Birthday Glorious Grandma!

    Get your blog rest and have a great time with your family.

    I must say, your decorated sugar cookies make me feel happier than flowers do.

  3. *sigh* . . . I can only WISH my table was filled with such pretty sweet treats! :) Everyone needs a break now and then! I love the No. Cal coastal drives. I wish I was joining you! I hope you enjoy your trip and time off! Happy Birthday to your grandma! ! !

  4. Actually, with the unusual bit of snow we’ve had, thank you for posting your springtime-looking table. It sure was a pick-me-up! Safe travels and ENJOY!

  5. Enjoy your week with reckless abandon, we will here cheering when you get back! :)

  6. Happy Birthday to your Grandma and congratulations on the publication of your first cookbook – what an achievement! I’m sure your Grandma will be delighted with those sweet treats!

  7. Most organised & beautiful “Mess” ever! Grandma is super lucky! Hope you all have a lovely time celebrating x

  8. THANK YOU for all you do! I hope you have a wonderful time with your family! I cannot wait to purchase your cookbook! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!

  9. Can I just say your cookie sheets are so — clean!! No burn marks. Totally impressed!!

  10. Happy Birthday Gram! Congrats to you Glory on your cookbook, can’t wait to purchase a copy! Have a great relaxing time with your family!

  11. Happy 90th Birthday to your Grandmother! May you enjoy this time with her and your family and away from the blog. A change is as good as a rest :)

  12. Go Glory, soak up that sunshine & send me some! Can’t wait for the cookbook, I’d love for Costco to sell it–I’ll email them & ‘ask’ for it. Can’t hurt!

  13. I don’t know what all you’re feeling, but I care! I have friends who have put huge amounts of work into publishing books, and every one of them has experienced some level of soul burn-out right around the time it’s released.

    Just rest! and know that your work is not in vain.

    I enjoy your blog.

  14. Happy 90th Birthday glorious Grandma. Love your work as always Glory. Have fun!

  15. Safe travels – hoping yall enjoy each other on this trip! Looking forward to your new cookbook and happy 90th birthday to your granny!

  16. Have a great week Glory!!! I cannot wait for your book.

  17. Glory, Take a break and get back into when YOU feel like it. I admire your openness in the “Glorious Truth” post. Thanks for your generosity in sharing yourself and your cookies. Enjoy the birthday celebration.

  18. I’m sure your grandma loved the special cookies you made for her birthday. They’re beautiful! Wish I could’ve helped you in some way. Love you!


  19. I’m so glad that I’m not the only one with a table like that! Congratulations on the cook book. I cannot imagine the amount of work it took to get it together.
    Enjoy your break and come back refreshed.

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