Silpat Baking Mats Giveaway (Closed)

Several years ago, while watching the Martha Stewart Show, I first heard of Silpat baking mats.  I noticed the baking sheets Martha was using on the show had some kind of liner on them, and she said she baked her cookies on “Silpat’s”.  At the time I had no idea what a Silpat was, but figured if it was good enough for Martha, it was worth a try!

After buying my first Silpat mat I was convinced!  Silpat baking mats are non-stick mats that help heat evenly distribute on your baking pan.  Silpat mats eliminate the need to grease your baking sheets, they reduce un-even browning, and help your cookies and baked goods bake up perfectly every time!  Every one of the cookies you’ll find on Glorious Treats is baked on a Silpat liner.  In addition to baking my cookies on Silpat mats, one of my favorite uses for my Silpat’s is setting up toffee, or caramel candies.  Recipes that traditionally are very sticky and hard to work with, are a dream to remove from Silpat liners!

You can learn more, and keep up to date with Silpat by following them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

Now… for the fun part!

Silpat has set aside two (half sheet sized) baking mats for one lucky Glorious Treats reader (a $50 value!).

Would you like to start baking on Silpat mats too?

Here’s how to enter….

For one entry, simply leave a comment below telling me what you’d like to bake on your new Silpat mats.

For an additional entry, “Like” BOTH Glorious Treats on Facebook and Silpat on Facebook.  Then, come back here and leave a comment that you’ve “liked” both pages.


Details- All giveaway comments must be left on this post.  If you are viewing this post as an e-mail, click HERE to view the post on-line and enter.   Maximum of two entries per person.  Giveaway open to U.S. residents only.  Giveaway ends Wednesday, October 24th, at 9pm Pacific.  Winner will be chosen using

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Giveaway Closed  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Winning comment #969 Joy A.


  1. Ooooo I have always wanted a Silpat but not been able to justify buying one when I’ve had parchment paper. I remember Martha talking about them on her show, I miss her show!!! I’m almost ready to bake my favorite pumpkin cookies for Halloween, of course some nice sugar cookies in the shape of leaves and turkeys for Thanksgiving and then there is Christmas cookies GALORE! Ooooo let the fun begin!!!!

  2. Yum! I would definitely bake oatmeal chocolate chip cookies :)

  3. I already had liked you on Facebook – I am always pinning your fun ideas for parties! But now I’ve liked Silpat too!

  4. Chocolate Chip cookies, of course!

    I stray away from baking cookies because I always end up burning them! Hopefully this will help :)

    I liked you on Facebook this morning (what a coincidence) and I just liked Silpat, too!

  5. I’m inspired to try some new French Macaron recipes

  6. I would bake some chocolate chip cookies!

  7. I liked both pages on Facebook. :)

  8. I liked both pages!

  9. I’d love to make some cookies on a Silpat : )

  10. Cookies! Always cookies! And can always use more slipmats!

  11. Had your page liked for a while, have slipat’s page liked now. ^_^

  12. I’d go straight to baking cookies. Yum!

  13. Would absolutely LOVE to win!! I would bake up lots of sugar cookies on them : )

  14. I’d love to make peanut brittle or toffee on a Silpat!

  15. I’d love to use these for my holiday baking.

  16. And now have liked both pages on Facebook :)

  17. I would bake my favorite cookies…oatmeal raisin!

  18. I liked both facebook pages!

  19. I have struggled with getting my cookies perfectly baked – I would love the chance to try these Silpat sheets!!

  20. I just went to Facebook and liked both your page and Silpat.

  21. This is a great give away! I would bake macarons on my silpat!
    I liked you and silpat on facebook too!!!

  22. hopefully i’ll win them in time for my christmas cookies

  23. Would love to bake cookies :)

  24. I would love to try my hand at macaroons using silpats. Thanks for the opportunity.

  25. i liked both pages !

  26. OMG, I love silpat mats. My favorite thing to make on them is macaroons. They are such a pain to make to begin with. They never stick and come out perfect. would love to win two extra mats. Can’t have enough.

  27. High altitude baking here….Silpat come to the rescue of my gingerbread cookies.

  28. I “like” both on FB !!

  29. I’ve baked on mats similar to this before and they’re a dream! I’d bake macarons on them. (Or try to. Yet to be successful in the weird climate I live in.)

  30. I already liked glorious treats on Facebook and now I like silpat too.

  31. I already “liked Glorious treats” on facebook but I also liked silpat. So, guess this is my second entry. Good luck to everyone.

  32. I’d bake my favorite fall treat – pumpkin cookies with maple frosting! thanks!

  33. I will bake lots of yummy cookies on my new silpats!!!

  34. I am new to baking sugar cookies and would love love silpat. I’m sure my cookies would come out much nicer and evenly baked. I love your site!

  35. I have liked glorious treats & silpat on facebook!!

  36. I would bake lots and lots of cookies. Thanks for the giveaway.

  37. I liked both pages – thanks!

  38. Like both of your pages on Facebook.

  39. I would for sure bake all of our Christmas cookies on it, we could really use these!! :)

  40. I’d love this to bake cookies on for my little granddaughter!

  41. Oh, and I like both places on Facebook too! So I’d definitely love to win!

  42. I’d love to bake some sugar cookies.

  43. I already liked you on facebook :)

  44. I liked Silpat on facebook :) thanks for this giveaway 😉

  45. I liked both silpat and glorious treats on facebook!!! I have my fingers crossed!

  46. I would love to try my over-sized chocolate chip cookies and try my roll-out cookies for Christmas gifts. Thanks for the opportunity.

  47. I love silpats! I have the huge size that I use to work with dough. I would love half size ones to bake with. I would bake my cookies on it!

  48. I liked both Glorious Treats and Silpat on Facebook. Yee-ha!

  49. I like you both on facebook.

  50. LIked Glorius Treats already, but now I”ve liked Silpat as well.

  51. After baking cookies for years with my children. I am teaching my granddaughter to bake. We are going to be baking lots of cookies for the upcoming holidays and I would love to use a Silpat. Who knows I may find I need to invest in more!

  52. I would like to try baking my sister’s almond sugar cookie recipe on Silpats. Those cookies rock!

  53. I would love to bake my macarons on them!

  54. Cookies! We just made chocolate chip cookies this morning, but I would the Silpats when I bake dinosaur sugar cookies for my son’s birthday! That would be awesome.

  55. And of course, I just don’t like your page, LOVE it! So your page was already liked by me but I did just like Silpat. So I win! Yeah!

  56. I would love to make french macarons!

  57. I would love to bake my holiday cookies on this silpat mat. From halloween all the way up to New Years cookies and beyond… :). And I’ve liked both pages!

  58. These look amazing! I would love to bake cookies on them! I am discovering that I have some food sensitivities (allergies?) and this means I will need to start cooking and baking almost all of my own food — so the Silpat liners would be a dream!

  59. I would love to bake sugar cookies for my special trick or treaters on Silpat !!

  60. I’d make some apricot kolachky!

  61. I’ve liked both pages ok facebook, too. :)

  62. … And now I have “liked” both pages! :)

  63. would love to try one of these!

  64. I would bake Chocolate Chip cookies with walnuts!!!!

    I have only used the Silpat once at my friends house. I would love to own my own.

  65. I’d make pumpkin cookies first, then a huge variety of Christmas cookies. I’ve “liked” you for a while on FB and just liked Silpat.

  66. I liked both pages!!!! Super excited

  67. I’d love to try your idea and make caramel!

  68. Fun! I haven’t decorated cookies in a while, so I’d probably use a Silpat mat for that.

  69. I would make chocolate chip cookies! You just can’t go wrong with warm chocolate chip cookies!!

  70. I would make cutout sugar cookies for decorating!

  71. Oatmeal cookies always stick for me. These would be perfect.

  72. I already like Glorious Treats on Facebook and just liked Silpat!!

  73. I would make oatmeal cookies hubbys favorate

  74. Oohh! 10/21 is my birthday and this would be a GREAT birthday present! Everything from truffles, chocolate covered everything to marshmallows and cookies! Have always wanted silpat!

  75. I like both on facebook

  76. Love to make my mom’s famous sugar cookies on them. :)

  77. I would love to bake my famous chocolate chip cookies on a silpat!

  78. I like both on facebook :)

  79. I’d love a new silpat. My husband ruined mine. I have volunteered to make cookies for my sons kindergarten class.

  80. I would probably try out chocolate chip cookies first!!

  81. What would I bake with a Silpat? Cookies, breads, even pizza!

  82. Liked both pages!

  83. I would bake cookies with my daughter! She loves baking! :)

  84. I’d enjoy making sugar cookie snowmen on my two new Silpats!

  85. I’d make some sugar cookies for the holidays, Yum :)

  86. Oh I would love to win the silpats! I would make my sugar cookies on them.

  87. I like Glorious Treats & Silpat on FB

  88. I like Silpat on FB, but I LOVE Glorious Treats. Congrats on all your recent recognition and publications. Very exciting and very well-deserved. I’ll be looking for you and SSB on HGTV!

  89. Liked both on facebook

  90. Chocolate chip cookies!

  91. I would bake gingersnaps : )

  92. I just found a new recipe on Food Network, Alton Brown’s iced sugar cookies… I’d love to try out the Silpat to keep these yummy treats from sticking!

  93. I would bake famous Cherry Koolaid Chocolate Chip cookies.

  94. Would be an awesome thing to try baking cookies on, for my brothers wedding favors:)

  95. Liked Silpat, already in LOVE with your page!

  96. I would love to try a silpat! I would definately bake all of my decorated shortbread cookies! Then hopefully I can try something with all of these cans of pumpkin sitting on my counter <3 Sweet giveaway <3

  97. Also, I “liked” both FB pages <3

  98. I’d like to bake sugar cookies!! I use parchment right now but silpat seems like a dream..

  99. I’ve liked both pages on facebook too!

  100. I would start with Christmas shortbread and sugar cookies….it would totally take off from there!

  101. I’ve always wanted a Silpat! What an awesome giveaway!

  102. I would bake some sugar cookies.

  103. OK, I feel like an idiot; I pressed submit before answering the question. Feel free to delete one of these…I would if I could.

    I would bake some chocolate chip cookies on it…a classic but favorite of mine!

  104. I would make pumpkin cookies for a fall treat.

  105. Well, well, well . . . I have a halloween party coming up and it sounds like the perfect thing to help with the 50 Toffee Apples and 100 cookies I have to make . . . Liked both pages and waiting in excited anticipation x x

  106. Glory~I have Liked both Glorius Treats and Silpat.

  107. Cookies, cookies, cookies!!!!

  108. I like both pages.

  109. Glory~ Well, this is going to be an easy-peasy answer…..I have 16 – 1/2 pans and one silpat!!!~Soooooooooooooo Whichever is the stickiest treat will get the Silpat! and the rest will gt Parchment! Thank You for such a useful Giveaway!!!!

  110. I liked both. I would love to master sugar cookies on my silpat!

  111. Mmm….some extra large chocolate chip cookies! I love the America’s Test Kitchen recipe. Yum! Thank you!

  112. I’d totally bake scones!

  113. I’d love to use these for baking sugar cookies for the upcoming holidays, and I’d even use them for my non-baked holiday treats–truffles galore! So much more efficient and green than parchment!

  114. I would bake some yummy oatmeal cookies on them! No raisins 😉

  115. I love silicon baking mats and would love a couple of the original Silpats (I use knock offs. Gasp!). I’d bake my next batch of pumpkin scones on them for sure!!

  116. Sugar cookies first. Then monster cookies.

  117. I would love to make all different kinds of cookies. Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  118. I like both pages on Facebook
    Username: Fatty Bumpkins

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  119. I like Glorious Treats and Silpat on Facebook!!

  120. I will bake Mario sugar cookie and chocolate chip cut-outs for my stepson.

  121. I liked both pages

  122. I want to bake those super-sticky cookies, florentines, I think. Lots of sticky sugar and ground nuts. I would love to win this!

  123. I would love to win the Silpat mats so that I could try your 3D pumpkin cookies.

  124. I plan to make santa cookies for the first time this year with my children and the silpat would come in very handy!! :)

  125. i’d love to bake oatmeal raisin cookies on the silpat! :)

  126. ohh I love these so much, I would bake chocolate chip shortbread cookies, yum!

  127. I would bake some homemade granola. Great giveaway!

  128. I Like Glorious Treats and Silpat on Facebook.

  129. I would loooove to win the Silpats!!! The holidays are coming and baking is just ramping up in my house as the cooler weather has been moving in….these would be a welcome addition to my baking supply stash

  130. I just went to a silpat party yesterday! These are awesome! I plan on baking your cookies on this sheet if I win it! (I also liked silpat).

  131. I would make peanut butter cookies.

  132. Lots of cut-out cookie projects in my future (Halloween, football-themed, turkeys, Christmas…) – new Silpats would make those projects even more enjoyable!

  133. Have you checked out their other products? They have amazing other mini cupcake and mini molds that require no cooking spray and come out beautifully.

  134. Hi, I love your blog and I love silpat. I am a new cookier and only have one silpat mat right now, I would love to add more.

  135. Hi,

    I would bake the pumpkin cookies! Your recipe for Almond Joy Bars was fabulous! I made them for a baby shower I hosted and they were gone before the shower ended.

  136. Sorry for all of the comments…but at the party we ate delicious sliced zuchinni with just salt and pepper and cheese that was baked on the silpat. It came out moist, with a nice crisp great flavor and it required NO cooking spray.

  137. I think I’d like to try some traditional italian biscotti, my old faithful pans have been browning too much in spots, and not enough in others, not to mention, the sticky dough it hard to maneuver around…these seem to the answer!!

  138. As I’m the “Cookie Fairy” at school, I’d christen the Silpat mats with either a batch of oatmeal/raisin/spice or chocolate chip/oatmeal/m-n-m/pecan cookies!


    Thank you for the chance,


  139. I would love to bake some of my mothers butter cookies on a Silpat and some yummy Wookie Cookies!!!

  140. I’ve liked both pages!!!

  141. I woukd make some lovely tuille cookies to have with coffee for the moms in my daughter’s class.

  142. I like both Glorious Treats and Silpat on Facebook

  143. homemade italian bread

  144. Gold old fashioned sugar cookies!

  145. I would make some yummy cookies and decorate them!

  146. I would love to bake chocolate chip cookies and thumbprints!!

  147. I would love to bake some sugar cookies for Christmas!

  148. And also I’ve liked both your Facebook page and the Silpat page :)

  149. I would bake loads and loads of cookies! My family loves when I bake cookies for them and the house smells wonderful too :)

  150. Already liked Glorious Treats and just liked Silpat on Facebook. Wish there was a love button

  151. Cookies, cookies and more cookies! Thanks for this great opportunity!

  152. I would bake pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!

  153. I already liked Glorious Treats on Facebook through my cookie page but now I like you on my personal one! And I just now liked Silpat! Thanks again for this chance!

  154. I would love to win these for all the holiday baking that is about to begin!

    Thank you,

  155. Liked glorious treats and silpat on fb

  156. I like BOTH pages on FB!

    Thank you,

  157. I would love to bake sugar cookies! I use your sugar cookie recipe and it’s the best! I’ve always wanted a silpat but haven’t splurged yet.

  158. I liked Silpat on Facebook and I’ve already liked your page for a long time!

  159. chocolate sugar cookies!

  160. Liked both facebook pages and love to bake scones on my Silpat. I use mine so much it is starting to crack. Would love to win a new one.

  161. I’d make sugar cookies! Thanks for the giveaway!

  162. I liked silipat. I already liked you

  163. I bake cookies almost once a week so the silpat mats would be perfect!

  164. I would make my favorite chocolate chip cookies!

  165. I would bake lots and lots of cookies!

  166. I like you both on FB!

  167. I would bake cookies galore!

  168. It is getting to be the season for candy, chocolate covered peanuts need a place to set up!

  169. I need to bake my sister some Halloween cookies. They’re going to get made anyway, I guess, but silpat would make them awesomer ^-^

  170. Also, liked stuff on facebook. ALSO I love this font.

    Thanks for the giveaway ^-^

  171. I have always wanted to try one, but parchment is much more budget friendly! I’d bake some monster cookies!

  172. I already liked Glorious Treats, and I now like Silpat on Facebook! Thanks for the giveaway!

  173. I will bake croissants and macarons. I am currently into French baking:-)

  174. Like you both on FB now!

  175. I’d like to bake meringue ghosts on a Silpat baking mat!

  176. Cool! I’ve never heard of them before!! I’d bake some yummy cookies on them!

  177. Christmas baking of course! Sugar cookies, gingersnaps, and chocolate PB surprise.

  178. I would love to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies on these mats :)

  179. I would use them to make delicious holiday sugar cookies

  180. double chocolate biscotti

  181. I would bake lots and lots of cookies! It will save me from cutting parchment every time!

  182. Cookies! Or, maybes some hand pies…hmm….decisions, decisions!

  183. I would use it to bake more cookies and save on purchasing parchment paper.

  184. I have liked both pages.

  185. I’ll be making fall cookies!

  186. i “liked” both glorious treats, and slipat!

  187. Id love it for making cookies of course:)

  188. I’d use them to make cookies for the holidays!

  189. I want to bake ghost merrienges for Halloween!

  190. I would make cookies..naturally.

  191. Liked both silpat and glorious treats on FB. :)

  192. Cookies, Cookies and MORE COOKIES!

  193. I liked both silpat and glorious treats on Facebook. I could truly use this awesome gift. Thanks!

  194. I have just purchased my first ever cookie cutters and am planning to start trying to make cute cookies for my girls. I would love to use these awesome baking mats to help my cookies turn out better! Thanks so much for the giveaway!!

  195. I “like” Glorious Treats and Silpat on Facebook! Thanks, again, for the chance to win!!

  196. I would use them to make cut-out Christmas cookies!!!

  197. I liked both pages!

  198. I would love to try these out for cookies! I use parchment all the time, but like the idea of reusing these!

  199. Would love to start baking all my Christmas cookies on a new Silpat.

  200. Anything! But I love the 3d pumpkin cookies on here. They look really great.

  201. I have always wanted a slipmat and I would definitely make macaroons.

  202. Would love to bake Macaroons <3

  203. I would love to do sugar cookies on the slipmat!!!

  204. I’d like to bake chocolate chip cookies!

  205. I have liked both sites…So many times I have thought of purchasing Silpat for
    baking all my cookies… Thank you for the possible opportunity of trying them…

  206. I would love to make some chocolate chip cookies, savory scones, and some brittle.

  207. Homemade marshmallows?? Would this work??

  208. Cookies! Christmas Cookies! Perfectly cooked Cookies!

  209. Liking you on FB. Thanks for the chance to win!

  210. Liking Silpat on FB now, too. Thanks again for the extra chances!

  211. I’d love to make chocolate chip cookies!

  212. I would like to try my hand at french macarons !

  213. I want to bake all my cookies on the silpat! I think rolling out my gum paste on this would work, tool

  214. I just liked your page on FB!

  215. the silpats would make baking cookies for birthdays and holiday events much easier!! especially those sugar cookies that you provided tutorials for :) as well as white chocolate chip and cranberry cookies. YUM!!

  216. I just liked the Silpat page!

  217. I love your website! Would love to have these Silpat liners. I liked both on Facebook too.

  218. I would love to try out some tuile recipes on a new Silpat!

  219. I have always wanted to venture out and try to make homemade caramels. The coffee shop in town (local business, not a chain) sells homemade caramels occasionally and I buy them every time I see them. The main reason I haven’t tried to make some myself is because I know it is very sticky and messy. This sounds like it would really help! :) I’d love to have one of these Silpats.

  220. I have liked Glorious Treats and Silpat on Facebook!

  221. I would bake brown butter, bacon and chocolate chip cookies!

  222. I love Silpats..I bake all my cookies on them…but I had never thought of using them for candy..great tip

  223. Of course I like both pages on Facebook!

  224. I’d bake lemon lavender cookies!

  225. Cut out sugar cookies just in time for the upcoming Holidays of course!!!

  226. I’ve always wanted to try a silpat mat! I love to make cookies, so that would be the first thing I’d try on a silpat mat.

  227. I would bake my favorite pudding chip cookies on a silpat liner. :)

  228. Oh, my. I would bake some gluten-free sugar cookies. They have a tendency to break when lifted from an unlined cookie sheet, since they stick a little. This would really help!

  229. I’d love to bake turtles as holiday gifts!

  230. My Grandma’s Chocolate Chip Cookies of course!!

  231. I would use them for all my holiday baking!! They would be perfect for making some chocolate decorations as well!!

  232. Would LOVE, LOVE to win these!! Have wanted some for awhile now. Here’s what I would bake on them (a little different than cookies!!) I would make homemade dog treats! Sounds crazy I know! Our 3 year old dog, Zoey was involved in a hit & run accident last week. This past monday she had her back left leg amputated. She is home and recouping well, but some homemade dog treats would help her a TON!!! Both Zoey AND myself would be super excited (plus my kids could help make the dog treats too!!) :)

  233. Currant scones

  234. Love these things! Love your recipes too! Thanks for sharing them :)

  235. liked Glorious Treats and Silpat pages on Facebook


  237. I would love to bake my sugar cookies on a silpat mat!

  238. also just liked you & silpat on facebook!!

  239. I’d love to try baking some French Macarons on them!

  240. I “like” Glorious Treats and Silpat on FB! Thanks for this great opportunity to win this give-away!

  241. I’d love LOVE to bake any kind of cookie on a silpat mat!! 😀 I generally bake cookies several times a month, whether it’s for my family, neighbors, friends or just me. hehe. :)

  242. I have never baked macarons before and I would love to try!

  243. I bake lots of sugar cookies and have never used Silpat. I’ve been thinking about them a lot lately and I’d love to try them!

  244. I already have liked your page on FB a while back. :) I just liked Silpat’s page too!

  245. I love my silpats and use them all the time. Cookies are what I bake most often, but I really like to cool sticky candy on them too – I wouldn’t mind adding to my collection.

  246. Love your blog, Glory!
    I would love to try baking my grandmother’s sand tart cookies on silpats.

  247. Cookies!! Oatmeal raisin!!

  248. I like Glorious Treats and Silpat on FB!!

  249. Snickerdoodles.!

  250. I would love to try some cookies with a Silpat!

  251. I follow Glorious Treats on Facebook!

  252. I would LOVE to bake my famous oatmeal scotchie coookies on a new set of silpat mats!

  253. I liked both and I would make my usual 2,000 homemade sugar cookies I give out for christmas . I already have one and I just love it. I could use another . I sure hope I win

  254. I already “like” Glorious treats, and I added Silpat to my list of likes too!
    Yay for giveaways!

  255. Of course the first thing would be chocolate chip cookies……followed quickly with sugar cookies, and then probably some ginger softies! I like to do a lot of baking in bursts! lol

  256. I would like to make cookies for gift giving. Thanks for the giveaway!

  257. During the holidays, I like to make peanut brittle to give to my friends. I’d love to try making my peanut brittle using the Silpat product!

  258. The first thing I would bake would be pumpkin cookies. Thanks for the giveaway!

  259. I like you both on Facebook.

  260. lots and lots of cookies for the holidays!

  261. liked both fb pages

  262. I would love to bake some Christmas cookies on them! There are several new recipes that I am dying to try!

  263. Some oatmeal cookies. Or maybe some sticky buns.

  264. I’d make a bunch of Halloween sugar cookies and deliver to all my amazing neighbors.

  265. I would love to bake macarons or chocolate chip cookies on silpats!

  266. I’d love to bake some of my grandma’s sugar cookies!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  267. I would like to make some gingerbread man cookies on my silpat mats

  268. I liked you both on facebook.

  269. I’d love to bake some toffee chocolate chip cookies.

  270. I have liked you (along time ago. : ) ) and silpat. Thank you for this wonderful give away.

  271. WOW… so many entries and wonderful ideas!! I want to use the silpat mats to make marshmallows for the holidays;)

  272. I seriously JUST threw away the two I had ’cause they were so beat to heck from years of use. I would LOVE two new ones and would bake up a batch of cookies to christen them!

  273. Cookies always come out perfect on Silpat! That is what I would be baking.

  274. I like both pages on Facebook

  275. I would bake up a batch of my great grandma’s ranger cookies!

  276. I liked both pages!

  277. I would love a Silpat baking sheet!

  278. If I won these, I would bake cookies on them. Right now, I use parchment paper, but would love to have something better!!

  279. i also liked both pages

  280. I just liked both pages!!

  281. I would bake chocolate chip cookies.

  282. Gingerbread cookies

  283. Already liked you on FB, just added Silpat. THANKS!!!

  284. I would like to bake and then decorate a batch of your pumpkin shaped sugar cookies for my grandsons.

  285. I would make peanut butter blossoms since it’s getting close to some great holidays. I also fell in love with them from Martha Stewart back in the day. I miss her show. Happy to see her on PBS doing just what she does best.

  286. Sugar cookies at Christmas

  287. I would bake my family’s Zucchini Bar recipe on those!

  288. I would bake all of my cookies on a silpat if I had them!

  289. I just *liked* both Glorious Treats and Silpat on FB :)

  290. I would bake and decorate sugar cookies.

  291. I “liked” your page as well as Silpat’s page!! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  292. I want to make pumpkin cookies, mmm!

  293. I was just looking at these mats at my local Bed Bath and Beyond. I would love to win one of these to bake a batch of Halloween sugar cookies!

  294. I would bake pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies,they are my favorite this time of year =)

  295. I want one of these so bad I have fingernail sensitivity. :)

  296. I liked both pages
    Bethany McLean

  297. I`d bake pumpkin spice cookies, of course. Seeing as how October is PUMPKIN everything month. LOL.

  298. I would love to cake my fall and Christmas sugar cookies on my new Salpat!

  299. I’d love to have these mats to bake my Christmas cookies on!

  300. Chocolate chip cookies…..for sure.

  301. Cookies, of course :)

  302. i would love to bake some sugar cookies!

  303. Liked Glorious Treats and Silpat on FB!

  304. I would bake Christmas cookies. I have a great recipe that a friend gave me, who has since passed away. I think of her fondly when I make these delicious sugar cookies every year.

  305. I’d have to bake cookies

  306. I’ve liked you on fb

  307. I would love to make cookies on the mats!!! I will be making some for a wedding for the first time and sure hope I can make them as pretty as your cookies!!! :)

  308. I was already following you (GT’s) on facebook and now i’m following silpat. :)

  309. Would love to make some classic chocolate chip cookies, yummy.

  310. Like both on facebook

  311. I bake all my cookies on my Silpat and it just ripped-would love some new ones!

  312. Liked on facebook!

  313. I would love to try making some salted caramels!

  314. I’d make caramels!

  315. I immediately thought of Christmas cookies. But I also saw answer of “salted caramels”. That also sounds WONDERFUL!

  316. I liked both pages on facebook. My FB is under yr name bonny gill.

  317. Thanks for this chance! I’m not a very good baker but I’d really like to experiment with baking savories. Perhaps I need to focus on holiday baking though. :)

  318. I would love to start baking absolutely everything on Silpats!! But I think the first thing I would make would be Snickerdoodles :) Mmmm love those.

  319. I’ve liked both pages on FB! XD Woooo this would be awesome to win! I’ve been wanting a Silpat for Christmas :)

  320. I go through so much parchment paper while cooking christmas cookies. Cookies.Cookies.Cookies!!!!

  321. my grand kids would love some cut out cookies for halloween but they will like what ever I come up with

  322. I “like’ Glorious Treats on Facebook

  323. I ‘like’ Silpat on Facebook!!

  324. I’d bake tons of cutout cookies this christmas!

  325. I like both on Facebook!

  326. I’ve liked (loved!) each page!

  327. I’d love to bake some of your famous sugar cookies and decorate them for the upcoming holidays!

  328. If I had a Silpat, I would bake a huge batch of monster cookies using fall-colored M&M’s now and another batch in December using red and green M&M’s for Christmas.

  329. I would bake whipped shortbread with candied cherries. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  330. I’ve “Liked” Glorious Treats and Silpat. So, excited about the giveaway. Thanks for introducing me to Silpat!

  331. I want to make my Pumpkin Chip Cookies on them!!!!

  332. The original chocolate chip cookie.

  333. I’d bake up some Chocolate Crinkle Cookies. A huge hit in our home!

  334. I like your page on FB :)

  335. I liked Silpat on FB :)

  336. I would bake my family’s favorite cookie, chocolate chip. Then I would bake sugar cookies to ice. :) The kids love those too.

  337. I have “Liked” your page on facebook for quite some time, :), and I “liked” Silpat as well. :)

  338. I would love to make caramel turtle “spiders” for Halloween on one! Also Christmas cookies!

  339. Also I’ve “liked” both pages on fb!

  340. Our homeschool support group always has a Christmas cookie exchange, so I’m sure these would help a lot with my cookie baking. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  341. I would love to bake halloween cookie pops on the silpat

  342. I would love to bake my many, many cookies on a Silpat!!!

  343. Lime meltaway cookies

  344. I liked Glorious Treats on Facebook!

  345. I liked Silpat on Facebook!!

  346. like both pages on FB
    julie hebb

  347. The first thing that I would bake on my new Silpat Mat is Chocolate Chip Cookies!

  348. I follow Silpat Mats on Facebook

  349. I follow Glorious Treats on facebook

  350. Anything with sugar of course 😉
    ps liked your FB too.

  351. First thing I would bake are some yummy Halloween sugar cookies – I bought a set of cookie cutters and can’t wait to try them out!!!

  352. I like” BOTH Glorious Treats on Facebook and Silpat on Facebook.

  353. Sugar cookies!

  354. I would like to bake anything and everything that would eliminate the need for greasing those baking pans!

  355. I would love to bake little cheese crisps on it and hope they don’t burn!

  356. I would love to use the Silpats for making Christmas candies and cookies for family gifts! I liked your Facebook page earlier and just liked silpats! Thanks for the opportunity!

  357. I have liked both Silpat and you on FB.

  358. Oh yes I like both on Facebook!

  359. My favorite chocolate chip cookies!!!

  360. I would make everything!! I have been wanting one or eight for so so long. They are on my wishlist board on Pinterest for Christmas. It’s just about the only thing I actually want for Christmas.

    Every time I make something and have to wrestle to get a good piece of parchment paper ripped out of the tube, I think of how much easier it would be to have a silpat…and then I weep a little. 😛

    Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway!

  361. I like Glorious Treats on FB already :)

  362. …and I like Silpat on FB already too!

  363. I’d LOVE to bake my grandmother’s Tea Cakes on one of these Silpat mats. I haven’t made any in years and it would be such a treat!!!

    Val :)

  364. I would love to bake my Christmas cookies on the Silpats.

  365. I would bake chocolate cookies for my co-workers. If I don’t win I would purchase. Love your website. Thanks for the opportunity.

  366. I’d make more of the special cookies my Mom used to make. Whenever I’m sick or missing her at all, I make a batch of her cookies and feel like she’s with me.

  367. I would bake my world famous Christmas Crack! you know the graham cracker, brown sugar, butter, pecan,mixture?
    Its sooooooooooooo good and super easy

  368. My husban would be so happy if I baked his butterscotch cookies on a silpat. He takes them onhis hunting trip every year.

  369. I would like to bake meringues on my Silpat!

  370. I would most definitely bake cookies…any kind of cookies because I love them all.

  371. Christmas Cookies!!!

  372. I would love a Silpat to bake on. I have one that I use for rolling out fondant decorations so I should have another for baking, right? :)

  373. These would be great to bake whoopie pies on!

  374. I like both Glorious Treats and Silpat on Facebook!!

  375. WIth the holidays rapidly approaching, I envision much baking of cookies and treats and Silpat would make that process even more enjoyable!

  376. I would love to make holiday sugar cookies on them!

  377. I would love to bake holiday cookies on Silpat mats! And also the family favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies!

  378. I would love to make my sour cream sugar cookies and try these baking mats with them!

  379. Oh My Goodness! My college daughter and I love to bake and have been drooling for Silpats for years. Thank you for the opportunity to win :)

  380. the first thing i would bake would be a bunch of holiday cookies for family , friends, and a work bake sale!

  381. I’ve liked both Glorious Treats and Silpat pages on Facebook!! :)

  382. Cookies, cookies and more cookies!! Movers lost 24 boxes of my things when I moved and a Silpat was in one of them – I miss it.

  383. I have posted on my Facebook page that I like Silpat and Glorious Treats.

    Thank you

  384. I’d definitely bake some cookies!

  385. I would love to make holiday cookies!!!

  386. I like you and Silpat on FB.

  387. I would make the best chocolate chip cookies ever….and sugar cookies that we paibt with food coloring for Santa!

  388. I would love to bake my husbands favorite choc chip cookies on it.

  389. This would be perfect! Especially for my turtle cookies! I would love to add this to my baking accessories!

  390. I’d love to make french macaroons as my first choice !

  391. I would love to bake with Silpat liners! I would start with some French macarons. Thanks for the chance!

  392. I would bake some Halloween cookies

  393. I have liked Glorious Treats and Silpat on Facebook. I am also a follower of the Glorious Treats blog – love it!

  394. I would bake rugelach..the jam always oozes out the sides and makes it difficult to remove them from the pan…It looks like a silpat would eliminate this problem…

  395. I have always heard about these mats. I would live to continue baking delicious treats and creations with the. Thanks for the opportunity.

  396. I liked both on facebook

  397. I’d make chocolate chips cookies.

  398. I was so excited to see this post! I’ve been planning on buying myself a silpat for Christmas this year. I do a lot of sugar work and a silpat would definitely make a normally difficult task much easier! Thanks

  399. Cookies! Cookies! Cookies! Would love to win these!

  400. Mission accomplished. I liked both you and Silat on ace book thanks again.

  401. Homemade dog treats!

  402. Lots of Christmas cookies — snickerdoodles first!

  403. I would bake some owl cookies for my daughters birthday party!

  404. I would love to make my raspberry, white chocolate & orange cookies on a silpat! I may even purchase new baking pans just to fit them!!!!

  405. Liked you on Facebook sometime back.

  406. I would love to bake cookies on Silpat! Sugar, chocolate chip, monster, etc.!!! I have a fantastic cutout sugar cookie recipe that I’d bake first and would enjoy decorating because they’d be cooked perfectly and wouldn’t be stuck to the pan!! Hope I win!

  407. Would love to win the Silpat mats. I would bake chocolate chip cookies on them.

  408. I would make one of my many favorite cookie recipes!

  409. Following Silpat on Facebook!

  410. I like both you, Glorious Treats and Silpat on Facebook!

  411. I’d love to make my Aunt Rachel’s Peanut Butter cookies
    Thank you for this great contest.

  412. I’d bake oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for my 2 boys!

  413. I follow you on facebook.

  414. It would have to be these Pecan Lace Cookies I found on Pinterest. They’re thin, lacey and they stick to absolutely everything. A Silpat would be the perfect solution.

  415. Wow even if I don’t win, I’m going to buy a Sil-pat so I bake all my favorite cookies on them like Chocolate Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter cookies!

  416. I am constantly baking! So the question would be, what wouldn’t I bake on it. Lol looking forward to the holidays for lots of pies and cookie baking. Especially my favorite, shortbread cookies and chocolate peanut butter cookies. Yum :)

  417. I already Liked Glorious Treats but I just went and Liked Silpat!

  418. Pumpkin scones!

  419. I would love to have Silpat mats for all my Christmas cookies. However, I think my butter spritz cookies would be perfectly cooked.

  420. I have also liked both Facebook pages.

  421. I would love to make macarons on the mats. Thank you for this giveaway.

  422. I love to make sugar cookies for my grandchildren at CHristmas so I would love to try a Silpat mat out!!!

  423. I’d love to try baking cookies with a Silpat because they always bake unevenly.

  424. I liked Glorious Treats and Silpat on Facebook!!!

  425. I would bake Thanksgiving cut out sugar cookies with my very special grandchildren!!!

  426. I’d bake some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

  427. I would use them to bake our traditional Christmas cookies – Yum!!!

  428. I would definitely bake some gourmet scones on these Silpat’s! I already have one, but I could sooooo use two more! I love baking scones but they always turn out too brown, or even black, on the bottoms!!

    I ‘liked’ your, and Silpat’s, FB pages!

  429. Would bake cookies for sure !

  430. I like Glorious Treats and Silpat on Facebook.

  431. Liked you on FB!

  432. Following Silpat on Facebook!

  433. I am just getting into baking decorated cookies. I would love to try these sheets!!!

  434. What would I make on my Silpat? EVERYTHING!

  435. I ”Like” Glorious Treats on Facebook.

  436. I would bake our seasonal sugar-cookies. The whole extended family loves them, but I really have trouble getting them to bake evenly. My husband will be sad, though, if I win the Silpat liners…..he always gets to eat all the ‘mistakes’. LOL!

  437. Just ‘liked’ both Silpat and Glorious Treats on Facebook! :)

  438. I liked both on FB!

  439. I already like Glorius Treats and now like Silpat on FB! I will not cook cookies without one of these and I really would like to have another! Love them!

  440. Cookies…Cookies…Cookies…PLEASE…PLEASE…PLEASE!!!

  441. omg, i would so love to have this, but never could justify the expense. I would make all kinds of things but I think first would be to bake up some granola!

  442. I lke Glorioustreats on FB

  443. I like Silpat on FB

  444. liked both on facebook! Would do up some sugar cookies for the holidays.

  445. Cookies cookies and biscotti. These would be what I would love to bake with the Silpat.

  446. I love making Carmel popcorn…sounds like this mat would make it less messy.

  447. Cookies or biscuits

  448. I like you on FB.

  449. I would like to make cookie on these…I bake 1000 cookies every holiday

  450. I have always wanted to try using a Silpat mat. I even put it on my Christmas list this year! I would LOVE to win these!!!! =)

  451. With the holidays coming up, I’d be baking a lot of biscotti on those Silpat liners. I ‘liked’ both your page and Silpat’s on Facebook.

  452. I would love to use this mat for Christmas cookie baking time.

  453. I would love to do all of my Christmas cookie baking on Silpat mats!!!

  454. I would love to have a Silpat mat for baking cut-out cookies. I just wish I could decorate my cookies as nice as yours.

  455. Hmmm.. What would I bake on my new silpat?? Well with the holidays coming p it would be really handy to have when I am making my Carmel “crack” bark to give to my co-workers. Right now I am going through baking spray like a fool, so the Carmel goodness will get out of the pan and into my , I mean their mouths…. :)

  456. This will be wonderful for when i have to make brittle or cookies for the holidays!

  457. I liked you BOTH on facebook

  458. I would be lots of cookies. I love the Silpat that I have and could use another.

  459. I like Glorious Treats on Facebook

  460. I LOVE my Silpat mats as well!! I love to make chocolate chip cookies on them. They puff up nicely with just the right amount of golden on the bottom. Thanks for this opportunity!

  461. I ordered 2 Silpats for my birthday this year to try them for the first time. I fell in love. I can’t imagine baking cookies without them! So if I win, I would bake lots and lots more cookies of every variety. Thanks Glory!

  462. I’m already a huge fan of Glorious Treats and thanks to your post, I now have like Silpat on Facebook too – both from Cristin’s Cookies. Thanks!

  463. I will love trying out these mats with all the Christmas cookies I have to bake.

  464. I would bake lots of cookies!

  465. oatmeal cookies

  466. I have liked both Glorious Treats and Silpat on Facebook.

  467. i ”liked” both pages.

  468. All my christmas cookies!!

  469. I have liked both on facebook!

  470. I would start my Christmas Cookie baking!

  471. I need the Silpat for the hugeeeeeeee slew of christmas cookies I’m about to start baking soon!

  472. I’ve been using them for years to make cookies. I would love to have another one.

  473. I would make a jelly-roll cake.

  474. I would bake up some gingerbread pumpkins and colorful sugar cookie autumn leaves :)

  475. I’ve LIKED you for quite some time and now I like SILPAT, too! Thanks for the opportunity at a chance to win :)

  476. I would bake up some wicked Halloween cookies for my kids to share with others

  477. I like Glorious Treats on FB!!

  478. I would like to use Silpat, because I saw Martha Stewart and she looks like very happy to use it that! Thanks!!!

  479. I would use the Silpat because I just started my own business!!! I love using silpats for making yummy macarons!!!

  480. I would bake gingerbread cookies! Both rolled and dropped version…my favorites. :-) thanks for the contest opportunity I have lusted after these for a long time. :-)

  481. Liked your post on facebook! :-)

  482. Annnnd I just liked Silpat on facebook.

  483. I’d bake loads and loads of sugar cookies!

  484. I would make pumpkin cookies :)

  485. Wow, I’ve always wanted a silpat. I always saw a lot of blogs using them for their cookies, and how the cookies always baked up so uniform. I would bake up some chocolate chip cookies….thanx for the chance!

  486. Ive been a fan of glorious treats of fb and now I’m a fan of silpat.. Thanx again..

  487. Love to bake cookies!

  488. Biscuits are difficult to get just right, they’d be my first try!

  489. Can’t wait to bake cookies!

  490. I am always open to trying something new . This sounds like a really easy way to make better cookies . Mine sometimes are to brown or not done enuogh . Sorry Martha Stewart I try !!!!! lol !!!

  491. I would bake some macarons, oatmeal raisin, and sugar cookies. The dogs would be included with baking training treats for them.

  492. I would make cookies, as many kinds as I can fit into one day. We love cookies in this house!

  493. liked both on facebook!

  494. I would make some home made chocolate chip cookies! Yummmm

  495. I would love to make some butterscotch cookies.

  496. Liked both on FB

  497. Christmas cookies!

  498. I love my Silpats. They are awesome!

  499. Unbaked oatmeal peanut butter cookies and almond brittle!

  500. I “like” Silpat and Glorious Treats both on Facebook and in the “real world!”

  501. I’ll like to use the silkpad for my cakepops

  502. I would love to bake meringues on these mats. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  503. I would start baking some trial treats for Thanksgiving right away!

  504. I am a facebook fan of both. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  505. I liked Gloroous yrrats a.d silpat ln FB

  506. I’ve been dying to make some Halloween Spritz cookies, and winning these would be the perfect excuse!

  507. I would do all of my baking on these….they look wonderful!

  508. Lots and lots of xmas cookies

  509. I am most definitely going to make gingerspice cookies with royal icing on these mats! 😀

  510. I want to start making macarons! Silpats would be HEAVEN to use!

  511. I’ve always used parchment paper to line baking sheets, but really like the idea of something reusable. I’d bake COOKIES on Silpat, of course! Many, many cookies! :)

  512. I’d make chocolate chip cookies immediately!

  513. I would love to win! If I did, I would bake my husband oatmeal raisin cookies :)

  514. I would definitely bake my favorite pumpkin chocolate chip cookies on my silpat!!!

  515. I liked both pages on facebook!!

  516. This would be great to have to bake holiday cookies with my granddaugher.
    It sounds like it would baking faster and more accurate and clean-up a breeze.
    I have such a tempermental oven I never know how batches will come out until after several pans of attempts.

  517. I would use them to make dairy and egg free cookies for my kids! I also liked both pages on facebook! 😉

  518. This would be wonderful for all my holiday baking. I’ve always wanted one!

  519. anything and everything!

  520. I would use them for cookies! I would love to try them. :)

  521. I also like both pages on FB :)

  522. Glory love the new site layout, so fresh and simply well done. I would be baking chocolate chip cookies on my new silpats. We can’t get enough cookies!! Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  523. I would use my new Silpat mat to make cookies. Holiday cookies like Halloween or Thanksgiving. Think of all the Christmas cookies it would make. The hard part would be to settle on which batch to make first. Butterscotch is my first thought. Kids would like sugar cookies so they could decorate them. Possibilities are endless when my mind starts turning. Thank goodness I have kids to help eat them.

  524. PS – I just liked you and Silpat, but I really, really like all your yummy treats!!

  525. Seeing is believing, so since I bake alot, I would love to see how these work. I’m thinking my goblins would want some cut-out Halloween cookies and if I don’t win the mat….maybe Santa will have to put one in my stocking if the ghost doesn’t put one by my pumpkin!! Then I would be able to use it for my Christmas baking also! Wow, I sure could use one—wink, wink!

  526. I would bake cookies on my new silpat

  527. I’ve like both on FB and now would love to bake my pumpkin spice cookies on a silpat mat too!

  528. I would use Silpat to bake cookies instead of parchment! Thanks for all your great blog posts! Stephanie Dotson ~ Cookie Capers

  529. I have also liked both pages on Facebook! Thanks again!

  530. I would bake some fall cookies. I have dying to make pumpkin spice blossoms. I love anything pumpkin!!

  531. I liked both pages on Facebook!

  532. I would love to bake Lace cookies on a silpat.
    Lesss messy an baking on foil.

  533. I would bake pumpkin cookies and put cream cheese frosting on them. Yum :)

  534. I would make cookies AND I’d finally try a recipe I’ve had from my late friend Daisy for her toffee crunch. I’ve wanted a silpat liner for a long time–also learned of them from watching Martha Stewart!

  535. I would love to use those for my Christmas cookies. I usually bake around 24 dozen cookies between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I can’t wait to see which Christmas designs you have to share with us!

  536. What a wonderful give-away! They would be perfect for getting my Christmas cookies made, w/o having to use parchment paper all the time.

  537. I have never tried these. I would start with baking cookies.

  538. I would bake cookies and make English toffee.

  539. I would do most of my holiday baking that I could on these and also try some candy recipes on them too! But I bet my daughter would use it as her own when I’m not using it.

  540. i think i would make cookies but that seems to predictable lol.

  541. i liked both on facebook

  542. I liked both on Facebook as well!

  543. I liked both on facebook.

  544. I would love to bake cookies on my silpat!

  545. I “like” both, Glorious Treats and Silpat on Facebook.

  546. I would bake peanut butter cookies. I can taste them now.

  547. I would bake anything and everything! Especially cookies, yum! Thanks for the giveaway!

  548. I would love this for my holiday baking .. Cookies are my favorite thing to bake.

  549. I’d bake cookies!!! (I seem to always have uneven browning on my cookies, so these would be perfect!!)

  550. I would bake my holiday cookies.

  551. I like Silpat and an already a fan on facebook!!

  552. I use parchment paper all the time, but I guess i could save $$ with the Silpat liners. I bake lots of cookies and goodies. Cookies would be the first thing i bake on them.

  553. Classic chocolate chip cookies :)

  554. i “like” everyone on FB!!

  555. I’d bake pumpkin oatmeal butterscotch cookies – my favorite for fall!

  556. I would definitely bake some cookies!!!

  557. I already followed you on facebook, but I like Silpat as well!!

  558. I would love to bake my cutouts on a silpat — have been wanting some of these for a long time!! :)

  559. HI Glory, I love your creations. I liked your Facebook page and Silpat as well. I would definitely love to try it out. Have been wanting one for a while now. My sister uses it and loves hers. I can’t wait to try your pumpkin spice cookies and hope that I can bake them on a new silpat. :) He hehe!

  560. I “like” both pages on Facebook! :)

  561. I have a bunch of mini cookie cutters in autumn-appropriate shapes, but have a temperamental oven that I’m not sure I should trust without a liner. I’ve been using parchment paper, but definitely want to try Silpat liners!

  562. The first thing I would bake on the mat would be sugar cookies.

  563. I like both Glorious Treats and Silpat on Facebook!

  564. I’d try to make caramels. I have always been too nervous to try it due to the stickiness factor. Thanks for the chance to win!’

  565. I would make some french macaroons

  566. I ”Like” BOTH Glorious Treats on Facebook and Silpat on Facebook

  567. I already liked you on Facebook and I liked Silpat as well. I was so interested to see the Roul’Pat. Have you ever used it?

  568. I only have one need at least 2!

  569. I loked both pages on facebook

  570. If I had these silpat mats, I would make cookies in every shape imaginable! Definitely for thanksgiving and Christmas, and for my friends’ wedding in march! So excited to bake!

  571. I already like (love!) glorious treats on Facebook and now I liked Silpat as well!

  572. I would love to bake some cookies on a new silpat mat.

  573. I am going to make wedding cake cookies :) My 13th anniversary is Oct.24th! I have liked both on FB!

    Fingers crossed!

  574. Peppermint bark! Silpat is perfect for making brittles and barks!

    Thank you for the giveaway!


  575. Liked you on Facebook but have liked you long before FB! :)

  576. Would bake oatmeal raisin with cocoanut!

  577. “Liked” both Glorious Treats and Silpat on Facebook!

  578. I’m a full time mom who works a full time job and is going to school to become a pastry chef. Two of these silpats would get a work out in my home. With the next three months coming up I will be baking sugar, chocolate chip, peanut butter cookies you name it I’ll be baking it!

  579. If I won, I would bake sugar cookies on my new silpat! Thanks for the giveaway!

  580. I liked both Glorious Treats and Silpat on Facebook. Thanks!

  581. I’m an upcoming bakery and those silpat mats would come in so handy. I recently took a sugar class and the mats were beneficial for the hot candy… Thank you

  582. Also like both of FB!!

  583. I would love to try these for baking my cut-out cookies. Sometimes I have trouble with them baking evenly, maybe this would solve the problem?

  584. I like baking cookies on my Silpat. I also saw the Silpat on Martha Stewart’s TV show, they are great!

  585. I would definitely want to make pecan pie cookies with my new silpat mats

  586. I will be baking my Christmas cookies on my Silpat mats!

  587. I’d love to bake cut-out sugar cookies on a Silpat.

  588. I would bake cookies 😀

  589. I woudl definitely be baking a lot of cookies! I amup to my armpits in pumpkin cookies…

  590. I would make chocolate chip cookies.

  591. I would bake lots and lots of cookies on my silpat mat!!

  592. Liked both glorious treats and Silpat on FB.

  593. I already like Glorious Treats on Facebook and have just liked Silpat’s page on Facebook. Thank you!

  594. Hiya! I’m a very inexperienced baker (read: brownie mix), but would love to try something more challenging. Would baking with marshmallows work and be less sticky using a silpat mat? I think I’ll try that first!

  595. Oooh – Like Loni, I’ve always wanted some Silpat, but as long as I had parchment, just didn’t see me dishing that out. I would sooo totally love to win these and give them a try. I’m sure then I’ll be hooked myself – LOL

    I’ve been craving some chocolate chip cookies lately, so would have to give them a try, but am aiming on making some homemade marshmallows with cocoa next month, so I think that would be an awesome test.

    Thanks to you and Silpat for the chance to win these!!!

  596. All my 2012. Christmas cookies!

  597. I would bake some gingerbread cookies!!!!

  598. I like Glorious Treats and Silpat on Facebook.

  599. I would use these to make cookies!!

  600. Chocolate Chip Cookies!!

  601. I would make some yummy Gata!

  602. What to bake on a Silpat? What NOT to bake. I just made gum paste for the first time and used my very old Silpat to knead it instead of having to keep my hands powdered. WHAT A BLESSING. And it even made the gum paste really smooth and easy to use. I would love to have an extra Silpat to knead sugar or to create sugar decorations for cakes. My sugar cookies come out perfect ever time with a silpat! You can’t beat PERFECT cookies. The list could go on and on! Oh great Silpat god, send some free Silpats my way. 😉

  603. I will bake lots of cookies for the holidays

  604. I’d use the silpats for holiday sugar cookie baking!

  605. I would definitely use these for my sugar cookies! I’ve been thinking of getting some and would love to try them out!

  606. Cookies! Peanut butter blossoms for the kids and chocolate crinkles for me :-)

  607. I would bake chocolate chip cookies.

  608. I would make the dreaded sugar cookies. They are expected for every holiday and my husband likes them without any browing.


  610. I would make this delicious chocolate toffee matzoh that I made for passover..probably with regular old saltines or other crackers instead. It was great, but I had to make a giant tinfoil wrapped baking pan to avoid permanently ruining them….so this would be a dream!

  611. I would love to have some silpats to make sugar cookies on! Your site gives me SO much inspiration. Thank you! I have already “liked” you as well as Silpat on Facebook.

  612. I have liked your blog for sometime, and love how you have been featured in Woman’s World, Parenting, on Martha Stewart’s website and my favorite shop, Fancy Flours, to name a few!!! I liked Silpat on Facebook and I even liked Silpats in Action on Pinterest!! What I would love to make and have been craving is Buffalo Chip Cookies. My cousin Rita made these when I was younger and I have always loved them. But they would also be perfect for my Great Grandma Trumbo’s Orange Cookie, too. So many choices……Thanks for a chance, keep up your great work, it’s awesome!!

  613. Frosted cut-out sugar cookies for my son’s kindergarten class and for shut-ins in my church.

  614. I’ve liked silpat as I have already liked your page!

  615. Chocolate chip cookies of course

  616. I’d actually bake lots of biscuits on the Silpat and the occasional batch of chocolate chip cookies.

  617. I have always wanted to try Silpat. I’m putting them on my Christmas list for sure.

  618. I would love to try this with my caramel marshmallows and cookies.

  619. I would bake Christmas Cookies!!!

  620. Halloween sugar Cookies. Never have used this product since I always have parchment paper.

  621. I have “liked” on Glorious Treats and Silpat’s Facebook pages.

  622. Cookies! :Lots and lots of cookies!!

  623. I liked you both on face book!

  624. COOKIES cuz Cookie Monster ain’t got nothing on my family!!!

  625. I would bake halloween cookies