Green Party Goods {Fun Friday Giveaway}


I love cute party supplies and gifts, and I love sharing my finds with you!

Today I have a fun giveaway from Green Party Goods.

Green Party Goods focuses on eco-friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable and reusable gifts and party decor.  And not only are their products earth-friendly… but they are cute too!

Green Party Goods has set aside an $80 gift certificate for one lucky Glorious Treats winner!

The gift certificate would be perfect for buying decorations for your next party, pretty baking and packaging supplies, or even give you an early start on Christmas, with some beautiful gifts.

Would you like to win?

Simply leave a comment on this post telling me what you may go shopping for… party supplies, baking supplies, gifts?

Feel free to head over to Green Party Goods to take a look!

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One comment/entry per person.  Comment must be left on this blog post.

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Details- Giveaway open to U.S. residents only.  Giveaway ends Tuesday, October 9th, 2012, at 9pm Pacific.  Winner will be chosen using and contacted via e-mail within three days of the close of the giveaway.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ Giveaway Closed ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Winning comment (as chosen by #175- Julia


  1. My son is having a mustache bash for his third birthday party at the end of this month. I am going all out and would LOVE this prize to help buy some supplies!! Great giveaway.

  2. 1) A loaf pan because I desperately want to make pumpkin bread this fall.
    2) A bird house because I just moved in to a new small house in the country – hello, perfect.
    3) The glass sipping jars for entertaining. Cute and convenient!

  3. I would use the Green Party Goods gift certificate for baking supplies and maybe get inspired to throw another party! I LOVE to bake and throw parties! Thanks!

  4. The cupcake liners are adorable!

  5. I would use the gift certificate on the Washi tape, balloons, baking supplies.

  6. Wow!! So many awesome items they have! Would be hard to decide…but with the holiday baking season coming up…baking and gift supplies would be my choice!

  7. Ooh, I love that they focus on green/biodegradable and earth friendly party options, since there can be so much waste sometimes! I’d look for cake stands and baking supplies :)

  8. I would buy some sipping jars and garland and pom poms. Things that I can use over and over again to host great parties and events.

  9. Winning this would certainly get me in the partying mood! Hope to win!

  10. Love paper products almost as much as cookies!!
    Cookie Camper 2012!!!

  11. Baking supplies…I love to bake especially this time of year.

  12. My supplies are limited and I just love to bake! I would really love to get a gift card to get some baking supplies!!!! My family and coworkers would love it too. Cause that means I can make them more treats!

  13. i would prob shop for some cute cupcake wrappers!

  14. I’d love some loaf pans, they have some really nice ones! My son also spotted a train he would like too. Beyond that.. who knows!

  15. I would love some loaf pans for the holiday gift giving, pretty straws and the milk bottles yeah

    Thanks for the giveaway

  16. Party supplies for my son’s 6th birthday party in November!

  17. I would love to win and use it for cupcake wrappers! I am getting into the cupcake baking business and would love lots of cute wrappers. Winning would help my profit margin! :)

  18. I would LOVE LOVE to get the gift certificate in order to purchase thos adorable daisty tops that go on the mason jars! OMG those have got to be the cutest things and with those paper straws-the entire look is just so darn sweet! Please pick me! :)

  19. I would love to go shopping there! Cupcake wrappers and goodie/treat boxes would be wonderful to have on-hand as we come into the holiday season for giving gifts!

  20. Here in Mexico we couldn´t access to this gorgeous supplies, I really wish to make the different not only with this beauty design of party supplies but with the extra value planet friendly products. Good Luck for everybody! :)

  21. Party AND baking supplies! How cute &fun.

  22. I’m throwing a “green” bridal shower soon, and they have tons of supplies I could use for that. I especially love the rectangular plates – in teal!!

  23. My sister just started a cake business, so this would be a great Christmas gift for her.

  24. I would love to buy some baking supplies! It’s fall and I would definitely love to have some new baking supplies to use and enjoy.

  25. Definitely baking supplies for my sister and myself. Fun!

  26. I would definitely buy baking supplies! Cupcake wrappers for sure.

  27. Baking and serving supplies for sure!

  28. If I won this giveaway, I would definitely purchase items like cake/cupcake toppers. Ill be making my sons 1st birthday cake this year to save some money, And this will be my first attempt ever on cakes, not to mention a 3 tier small cake. if i won, id purchase table ware and party supllies, to save time from having to make them.

  29. I would love to treat myself to some sipping jars. They are so CUTE! I would then spurlge on a little of everyting else. .There are so many opportunities to use their goodies coming up- birthdays, halloween, fall festivals and the holidays! .

  30. Love this giveaway!!! We are having a Lorax party at my house just for fun and this would help out tremendously!!!

  31. I would love to go shopping for a pretty cake stand!

  32. Holiday supplies :)

  33. Every year I throw a Halloween party, so I’d love to win this gift certificate! Loving those neon sugar skulls :)

  34. Would love love baking supplies

  35. If I win I would love to buy some eco-friendly treat boxes, cupcake pikers, and plates and napkins for my son’s birthday party this month. Thank you for such a great giveaway Glorious Treats and Green Party Goods. I liked both of your Facebook pages.

  36. I’d get some cute baking supplies.

  37. I have so many things to buy…My son’s birthday is in November and we are planning a Mickey mouse Clubhouse party, I need :
    1. Supplies for the cake that I am trying to make
    2. Cupcake liners (red ones)
    3. The red, black and white baloons with dots on it(The ones that you can see in teh picture above :)
    3. red and white straws

    I can just go on and on :)

  38. Cupcake liners!! Lots and lots of cupcake liners. I go threw them like CRAZY! And then any other baking supplies.

  39. Just checked out their site… I absolutely love their merchandise, especially the baking cups and love liners.

  40. Cupcake liners and paper straws!!!! Love ’em!!!

  41. I’d use it to buy loaf pans, so I can make bread for Christmas gifts!

  42. I think some party supplies would be in order. Balloons, cupcake papers, napkins, etc. It would be hard to decide tho..

  43. I was recently blessed by my parents with the gift of a Kitchenaid stand mixer, so I’ve been trying to do more baking. I’d love to buy baking supplies, especially cupcake liners.

  44. I would love to get some cupcake liners and packaging!!

  45. you can never go wrong with baking supplies:)

  46. First of all, I love this giveaway! And second of all, I would probably purchase baking supplies… it’s a guilty pleasure. I have waaay too many cupcake liners than I really need. But I could always use more!

  47. I would probably choose baking supplies. My girls and I love to bake in the kitchen together!

  48. My little girl’s 5th birthday is coming up next month, so we’ll choose the party supplies for sure! They’re adorable!!

  49. There are too many cute things on that website! I have to say, though, that the cupcake “accessories” are my favorite! :-)

  50. I already “like” you on Facebook!

  51. I am throwing a ton of baby showers so I would love to use it for the party supplies AND the baking supplies:)

  52. Party supplies for sure!

  53. I would love some new baking cups! I love spicing up my cupcakes with some awesome liners! I also love sprinkles!!

  54. I am throwing a Halloween party for all the neighborhood kids. I would use it to help create a spooky good time!

  55. I would love to stock up on plates and napkins for potlucks and parties.

  56. I’d buy cupcake liners/wrappers and some straws!!

  57. I would shop for baking supplies! Most likely cute cupcake wrappers and food coloring! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  58. I love the hand painted garlands, and with two girls I am always on the look out for cute cupcake liners!

  59. I would shop for baking supplies like loaf pans and cupcake liners and wrappers! Im throwing a party for my mom who lost her dad my grandfather last year to celebrate my family, happiness and love for each other, I may be young but baking is my passion! (:

  60. I would get some baking supplies, you can never have too much. I love it all..

  61. I love the lantern and cupcake tiered trays. They would be perfect for my daughter’s Alice and Wonderland birthday party. Great site. Thanks.

  62. I would go shopping for baking supplies. I love to bake, however don’t have all the proper items to do so.

  63. The wooden favors, I’d be thrilled to receive something tangible and safe for my child versus the majority of the goodie bag items that we have received. So next party, in November, those are what I would purchase for my daughters friends!

  64. I would love to get some washi tape and baking supplies.

  65. Sugar toppers to decorate my cupcakes, I love the glass cupcake stand its so beautiful.

  66. Baking supplies, I need more baking supplies for my experiments! 😛

  67. First birthday supplies for my grandson’s party — please! So many great choices…

  68. I would buy cute, Christmas party supplies!

  69. I’d buy their Bambooware and wooden party favors. I like everything!

  70. Definitely cupcake wrappers & some packaging supplies. I am a small business and it would really help out.

  71. I would love to win this to add the cupcake wrappers to my collection!

  72. I would get some loaf pans and some goodie boxes for baked gifts.

  73. I believe I would go with the zebra treat boxes, lantern, and stand. I also like the pretty pom poms. Thanks for the giveaway. Good luck everyone!

  74. Baking and gift supplies.

  75. I would buy baking supplies. The mini loaf pans are adorable. And how easyn would they make gift giving?!?!

  76. I would love some cupcake liners & the cupcake tray-some new baking pans this website is great!

  77. I would get some washi tape! I’ve seen really cool craft projects all over pinterest using washi tape and I’m super excited to try some! Also cupcake liners are adorable!!

  78. Oh my goodness where do I start! I want it all it looks like a wonderful site to shop on. The Baloons are fabulous and the Pom Poms. I would love to have a halloween party and use some these great products. Cupcake liners and stands for my spider cupcakes. A kid in a candy store!

  79. definitely baking supplies!!!

  80. I would get lots of goodies for my son’s upcoming birthday party. I do love cupcake liners, too!

  81. I’m planning a Jersey Shore finale party so I need plenty of supplies!!

  82. I want the square cupcake stand.

  83. Cupcake liners and cake stands! I have cupcake-crazy kids in this house and would love to get some cool baking supplies and spend a day in the kitchen with my girls.

  84. I would use it for baking a s baking accessories. I bake treats for my co-workers, this would come in handy.

  85. Love the cupcake stand. Perfect for party!!

  86. I would get the mason jar drinking glasses and I love those sugar monsters.

  87. If I won, I would buy cupcake papers and other baking supplies. Thanks!

  88. It’s almost my daughter’s 6 birthday so pink things! Cute liners and those polka dotted straws and some plaid cupcake liners for me. Oh and those animal hats because she wants an animal themed party.

  89. I am always looking for new containers for my cookies and other sweets. I would start with your bread liners and nut cups. Your assortment of cupcake liners is eye-popping so they would also be on my list.

  90. I would love some cute cupcake liners!

  91. Love these thanks for sharing.

  92. Definitely baking supplies – I love all the cute cupcake wrappers!

  93. I would use it for anything and everything to do with cakes, cupcakes, cake pops and more!!! You guys are AWESOME!!!! Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  94. I’d love to win this! My son is a 11-1 boy and is having his big halloween candy shoppe birthday and wow could we use some more stuff! We save from every year and for number 7 we have not got to much to add :( this would be a huge help :)

  95. I’m loving the selection of cupcake liners and candy/nut cups. Also like the selection of party decorations. Would be perfect for my son’s birthday coming up.

  96. Winning this give away will give a great headstart in the planning of my only granchild who turns 2 in November. The balloons, cupcake wrappers and stands look awesome and need to get them for my jungle themed party.

  97. I would love to add some green products to my baking supplies…..what a wonderful site!

  98. I want everything, I love throwing parties! But I think I would have to go with baking supplies, since I spend about 90% of my life baking!

  99. Party supplies! Planning a party for my soon to be 5 year old :)

  100. It’s so hard to choose…..what to get if I win….prob prep myself for the upcoming holidays. Any family or friend gathering I go to…it is I that brings the dessert :-)
    So winning this would help me show up in style 😀

  101. I think I would definitely go for baking supplies…especially with the holidays coming up.

  102. I am just starting my baking and love it. I would get baking items. Love your website.

  103. Would DEF. shop for party supplies!! I have 3 upcoming parties that I need to get busy on buying stuff for!!
    shanna.u at gmail dot com

  104. I would get baking supplies, fall is my favorite time of the year and when I do the most baking and making treats for my family and friends!

  105. red candy nut cups! I can’t wait to use them for my holiday baking!!

  106. Oh man I’m loving all the party decor and especially that it’s Eco friendly : ) But the Hand made Banners are super cute as well as the sugar cupcake toppers . I really would love to have all of it, Can’t have a party with out one or the other.

  107. I can’t decide–there is so much! I’d probably get some toys because my stepsister is pregnant with a little boy and my best friend is pregnant with a little girl. I also love their packaging. I love to bake for people, but have a hard time finding cute ways to package it. Small towns don’t offer much in terms of cute packaging–no baking or craft stores!

  108. I would love to choose anything and everything that would allow me to create beautiful tasty cupcakes!

  109. My son’s birthday is not until next May, but that doesn’t stop me from shopping for party supplies.

  110. I would be stocking up on cupcake liners!

  111. Graduation party supplies!!!

  112. Awesome giveaway. Love the loaf liners.

  113. I would LOVE to buy baking supplies and have the cutest ever treats to take to work!

  114. I would use the GC to get the Mason Jar glasses (that I’m obsessed with) and paper straws and cupcake liners and…..

  115. I would use this for my upcoming daughters birthday and get supplies needed for baking

  116. Baking supplies but I would probably get a gift or two for my sisters in law :)

  117. Party supplies for my son’s first birthday!

  118. I’m so glad I found Green Party Goods and in so doing I immediately “liked” you on Facebook! New fan now. We have lots of family parties with three sons and five grandchildren. I love to bake cupcakes for all of our parties and get togethers. It would be amazing to have some awesome and darling cupcake liners and cupcake stands from Green Party Goods. Your party supplies and baking items would light up our parties!! Thank you for the giveaway.

  119. Ohh lala… i would get some baking supplies AND party some party supplies for my 8 year old daughter’s 3rd annual holiday party with her cousins!

  120. Cupcake supplies or toys for Christmas gifts! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  121. I would use it all for baking supplies!! In need of that

  122. Party supplies! I have a big birthday bash coming up soon!

  123. my daughter’s birthday is on halloween and she always has some pretty wild ideas for her party. I’d probably shop for that, but I’m nuts for pretty cupcake liners, so I’m sure I’d get a few packs of those too.

  124. I would get party supplies! Have a baby shower coming up.

  125. I would probably get cupcake liners and other fun baking items!

  126. I would shop for my husbands 40th bday that’s coming up!

  127. i would like to get party supplies for my princess birthday!!

  128. Party/Gift/Favor supplies…my birthday is around the corner!

  129. Already a fan of Green Party Goods. New fan of Glorious Treats on FB. So much to choose from!!!! I would love to get party supplies for future parties!

  130. I would love to get some cute cup cake liners and baking supplies.

  131. I want to buy it all!! The $80 gift card would just help give me a head start. 😀

  132. I love their stuff! My daughter’s 7th birthday is coming up and this would be great for that!

  133. Ooooooo! Baking supplies!!!!

  134. My daughter is turning 15 next month and i am throwing an updated fondue party so i would be shopping for the cups, fans and pom poms. I love your products and real life posts of product usage.

  135. I would get supplies and gifts for my daughter’s first birthday coming up this December. I can’t believe how fast the time has gone! Love your blog! Amazing creativity!!!

  136. I’m planning a holiday open house and would love to get some party goods!

  137. I would love any of the party supplies. I don’t need a reason to have a party!

  138. This would be wonderful! I would get some sipping jars, straws , washi tape and the loaf pans are great!

  139. Wow, thanks for the great giveaway! I would definitely indulge in some baking supplies 😀

  140. I would definitely shop for birthday supplies…my sons birthday is in a couple weeks! Thank so much for this chance to win a great prize!

  141. I would definitely be looking for the baking supplies! I’m totally into baking these days!

  142. I would go overboard on loaf pans! And finish off with some cute cupcake liners!

  143. I would probably go for one of those cardboard playhouses. Love the rocket especially!

  144. I would buy baking supplies…one can never get enough of those!

  145. I love their cupcake liners. I have to have the ice cream tissue paper decorations for my daughter’s next party.

  146. I would use the gift certificate to get baking supplies. I love some of the cupcake liners and those paper straws!!!!!! I want those so bad for some cake pops!!!!

  147. I want a little of everything…I love the cupcake wrappers…and the straws…and the wooden toys….CUTE CUTE CUTE!

  148. Baking supplies and cupcake stands!!

  149. First PAPER STRAWS!! I am in love with Green Party Goods paper straws!! Love the cupcake liners too!!
    Jessica McMasters

  150. I could totally spend that on baking supplies! I am kind of hooked on all the cute baking stuff! LOVE IT!!!

  151. I would use it for baking supplies. I LOVE baking supplies

  152. My nephew’s 9th bday is coming soon and I would shoot for goodies for a party…

  153. We would use it for straws,baking cups, etc. and things for our cake pops!

  154. I have been planning a party for my Mom’s 60th for a while now but cannot afford to make it how I want it — this will help so much to give it that extra detail that I need and want for her so badly. thanks

  155. I am obsessed with cupcakes and chevron patterns! So, of course, I would stock up on those cute pink chevron cupcake liners! With 2 young daughters, I can see them coming in handy quite often :) Also the polka dot balloons would be a must! They will go great with the Bumble Bee Theme party I have coming up at the end of the month for our neice. She is turning the big one!

  156. What a great giveaway! The winner is going to have a hard time deciding what to get:) So much fun stuff to chose from! I think I would get all baking stuff if I was lucky enough to win! Fingers crossed!

  157. I want to throw my two puppies a first birthday party and invite other dogs!

  158. i am new to Glorious Treats, but i have been in love with this website and everything it has to offer. Thank you for all the wonderful recipes, and creative ideas:) I have this site as my favorite on the computer and its up on my toolbar for easy access. I would love to use the $80 dollar credit for cute baking supplies, and party things for a baby shower that i will be hosting for my friend…

  159. Some of those sweet candy-nut cups to start!

  160. I would go shopping for cupcake liners!

  161. Friend has told me about this site couple of months ago, and now it’s in my favorite folder. So appreciate all the love, detailing and attention that you put in all your work! If i win this post, i will be shopping for party decorations because i love to throw babyshowers and parties for my friends and family. thanks

  162. Baking supplies–cute cupcake liners specifically!

  163. Black & white polka dot party goods!

  164. I would get some baking supplies unless I was distracted by all the pretty party supplies! :)

  165. I love Green Party Goods! My best friend is getting married and w love the GC for decorations. i am in charge of making 60 cupcakes!

  166. So much cute stuff! I’d probably start buying up party supplies for some upcoming events!

  167. Great giveaway – party and baking supplies – love the cute things.

  168. I would love to shop for a pedestal cake plate. The baking supplies would be fun to spend money on too.

  169. Wow so many great things I can get. I am new to baking and am totally addicted. I need all kinds of supplies. Thanks to Glorious Treats for sharing your knowledge and inspiration! I loved the picture of the real you in the kitchen you recently posted. Have a wonderful day and please continue to share.

  170. Baking Supplies!!! So MUCH cute stuff!!

  171. I want. Will shop for the pretty pretty party supplies

  172. I will definitely be checking out Green Party Goods! Next step…giving a “like” on Facebook!

  173. I love to shop for new decorating tools

  174. wow, what a site! I think I would choose the sipping jars!

  175. I’m the oldest of 8 (with 4 kids of my own) and we usually host Thanksgiving each year. I would love to get a few special items to decorate the table with to make it a bit more special. Thanks for the opportunity!

  176. I would love the baking supplies. I am just starting out being a little baker (smile) and this would be so helpful. My daughter had her 5th birthday party with a Hello Kitty theme and the cookies I did were great. I got a lot of good comments. (Yeah me!)

  177. Love the washi tape!

  178. What a great site! Thanks for sharing. I would love to stock up on the baking supplies.

  179. I have recently taken some baking classes so I would use Green Party Goods to get some of their beautiful supplies to use with my holiday gift giving! Thank you Glorious Treats for posting this great giveaway!

  180. I LOVE all the yummy party supplies they have, I would get straws, sippy jars, loaf pans, cupcake liners………….. I can go on and on!! I love the and I would like to get the flatware, balloons and nut cups too! :) Oh my!

  181. Wow just checked out their website and everything they have is super cute! I especially loved all the paper goods, napkins and plates!

  182. I would go shopping for birthday party decorations!!

  183. Always cupcake stuff!

  184. Baking supplies, of course!

  185. I need a cupcake tower!

  186. I’d go shopping for baking supplies for sure !

  187. I’d buy all glass sipping jars. I love the decorative lid and that I can just stick a straw in it and drink. So cool.

  188. I would purchase all kinds of baking supplies and then move on to the holiday gift-giving items.

  189. I am such a huge fan of Glorious Treats. I shared the site with my Daughter-In-Law who is the Director of six preschools and is now totally hooked on the site as well. I am in desperate need of BAKING SUPPLIES!! I thought I was done with baking until my granddaughter was born. Now I have a whole new joy to start baking again. And Glorious Treats is just the place to get me going!

  190. My granddaugther birthday is coming, and I will like to get a cake stand and a castle tower It was hard to choose I loved everything from Green Party Goods.

  191. I would like to buy sin=me items for my daughter’s upcoming wedding!

  192. I’m drooling over all the cool supplies at Green Party Goods. I would love to get my hands on those super cute cake stands and cupcake liners!

  193. I would definitely go for the baking goods!

  194. I like the 3 tier dessert display

  195. Love the party supplies. Everything looks awesome in here. What a neat place to buy goodies.

  196. paper straws!!! and anything baking of course :) we just got a foot of snow, and i’m in the baking mood lol

  197. I love the cupcake papers.

  198. I would shop for baking supplies. I love new and fun baking supplies. :)

  199. I will be hosting an 80s party later this year and I would love to do it up right with loads of colorful neon supplies and treats! Thanks and have a GLORIOUS day!

  200. I love the cute baking supplies!

  201. I like all, the washi tape, cake stands, cupcake papers, all this products. I love the baking suplies.

  202. I would get a little bit of everything, mostly baking. I also follow you on FB.

  203. My granddaughter turns 6 in a few months so we are in need of party supplies. She loves to bake w/my son and I so baking supplies would be great too. Oh goodness… so many choices!

  204. I would totally stock up on baking supplies!!!!

  205. I would definitely go for the party supplies! We jsut moved into our first home and I can’t wait to unpack so we can have a house warming party with loved ones!

  206. I like the glass sipping jars and paper straws.

  207. I would get a sock monkey for my one year old son and the rest would go to baking supplies! Great giveaeway!

  208. Will be making your pumpkin pinatas for our church’s fall festival as a fund raiser for our cuhrch school camporee. Would love to have some beautiful packaging products as a selling boost. Your site is awesome!

  209. Hi there, I’m kaitlyn and i love your site, the day i found it on pinentrist i made cookies!!! if i won i would buy tons of cupcake cake and cookie supplies because I’m a baker at hear even if I’m young. I’m already planing on my own baker although I’m 13

  210. Baking supplies for gifting!

  211. I really like the Recycled Glass Nite Light Sunflower

  212. I love the cute cupcake liners. That is definitely what I would buy :)

  213. I would buy baking supplies…I bake with my granddaughter quite often.

  214. I would shop for decorations for an upcoming Christmas Baby Shower dessert table!

  215. Baking supplies would be very welcome this time of year.

  216. I have 2 boys with fall birthdays and love to do theme parties, this give away would be awesome!!!!

  217. Baking supplies. I love to bake this time of year.

  218. the baking supplies are awesome. the hand painted garlands caught my eye too

  219. Have recently started decorating cakes and am LOVING it! So much fun! Would love a cupcake stand!

  220. I would love to win this give away package. Never win anything before this will be gray for Halloween part.

  221. My wife would be happy to win this as a gift for my wife birthday present.

  222. Baking supplies for give away gifts

  223. I love baking and I love trying new things so it would be baking supplies for sure.

  224. Baking supplies–would be great for treats I need to bake and take in the next few weeks and upcoming holidays.

  225. I do catering and that Recycled Glass Green Square Plate would look awesome on display at a wedding I’m doing next month.

  226. This year, given my husband has been looking for work for nearly a year, I’m planning on doing A LOT of baking for Christmas gifts and this gift certificate would really help to make that happen. *Fingers crossed!*

  227. I cook for the family on the holidays. These baking supplies look wonderful.

  228. Would love to win this!!!! Throwing a party in November for my daughter who turning eight.

  229. I love to bake so I would definitely purchase cupcake liners and possibly a cupcake stand.

  230. I have beeen making cookies and treats for three days for the holloween hayride my grandchildren are having they are so excited…it would be great to be able to have the cute party supplys that you have for their party……………I need to know how to melt fondant to make a glaze if anyone knows how.

  231. Both my kids have birthdays coming up and I would love to be able to shop for supplies to make them special cakes and decorations to brighten their parties. I am sure they have lots of ideas….

  232. Baking supplies! Cupcake liners and such…. can never have enough of that kind of stuff! :)

  233. I LOVE Cupcake Liners and I love to make Cupcakes! You never can have to many cupcake liners!! :)

  234. if I was the lucky winner of the gift certificate, I would buy some cute loaf pans and some wasabi tape.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway, and for the chance to win. Fingers crossed!

  235. I would buy lots of cupcake liners and party supplies.

  236. I mentor a small group of 7 girls and I would shop for Halloween and/or Christmas party supplies to throw them an adorable party! Thank you!

  237. WOW!!! I have been looking for biodegradable cupcake liners and thought I was stuck with using only unbleached brown ones. Thank you so much for sharing this site.

  238. I would shop for the 50th birthday party I am doing and Christmas party suppies.
    Thank you!

  239. love baking cups..and washi tape and everything else. Kinda hard to decide, isn’t it?

  240. I would shop for new baking supplies. Love the cupcake stuff and with the holidays quickly approaching this would help the budget. =)

  241. My 5 yr old lil girls Birthday is coming up Dec. the 8th and she has asked for one spectacular cake! Since I wanted to do the cake and the party all myself…I need all the help I can get! LOL

  242. oohh, I think I’d start with some mint paper straws and some cute cupcake papers and maybe a stand too.

  243. party supplies. My oldest daughters birthday is next month!

  244. I would have to say baking supplies, and much needed party supplies for all of my upcoming Oct. birthdays in the family!! :)

  245. No doubt, it would be baking supplies, but I do love the sipping jars and paper straws!

  246. Oh my goodness! What lovely products! I wouldn’t be able to pick just one category. I’d have to choose party supplies, baking supplies & retro toys. But then, I’d probably agonize over the selection & change my mind 100 times. 😀

  247. I’d pick baking supplies.

  248. So many cute things on the website…..I would get cupcake baking cups in both Halloween and Christmas colors, along with matching accessories so I can bake cupcakes for Holiday parties for my son and daughter’s 4th and 6th grade classes!,

  249. I’d stock up on some baking supplies!

  250. Ooooh, So many options. I think I would buy bright cupcake liners and sparkles and candy to put on cake pops!

  251. I would love to get some great baking supplies for a kids party I’ve been planning forever!!

  252. I’m fairly new to baking so I’ve done an awful lot of shopping for supplies, cookbooks, and cupcake accessories:)

  253. Baking supplies for pay it forward gifts!!

  254. Baking supplies, for sure- I need to stock up for all of my holiday projects!

  255. I could use baking supplies. With the next 7 months having holidays or birthdays, those baking supplies would come in handy. Thanks for the great give-away!

  256. I’m always looking for new and exciting baking supplies. Thanks!

  257. I have a 1st birthday party to shop for!! I need supplies!

  258. ooohh…baking and decorating supplies. LOVE their decorative cupcake boxes …my local store only carries the standard white box. These are so pretty!

  259. I’d love to get a head start on Christmas! Thanks so much for the opportunity!!

  260. I would definitely be shopping for baking supplies

  261. Halloween baking supplies as my granddaughters are having a party and I’m in charge of the desserts.

  262. Baking cups of all types!!!

  263. I’d love to win so I can make some sweet treats for friends, family and my students!

  264. I would start shopping for the holidays and my son’s birthday. (his birthday is just one week before Christmas). There looks to plenty of things that I could spend the money on! Thanks for the chance for a shopping spree!

  265. I would buy some baking supplies & party supplies for my daughters upcoming party.

  266. I would get a bunch of cooking supplies.

  267. Just found your site – awesome, awesome! I would shop for supplies to bake for work. I am a middle school teacher and my students love work for baked treats! I get to practice by baking, then share with them when they earn it! It can get costly sometimes baking for over 100!

  268. I never pass up a chance to get more baking supplies. :)

  269. Oh the things I could think! 😉

  270. I am new to baking, used to just burn, I really want to try to make all three of my children’s cakes this year…this would help alot:)…cheers!

  271. MY 5 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER has decided she is going to be a baker and own a barker shop when she grows up. I have never been much of a baker but I am trying to embrace it for her who knows she could be the next cake boss. so anyway I would let her pick out some of her own baking supplies with it!!!

  272. Me and my 9 yr old starting a small baking for fun business. We love shopping for cookie cutters and baking goods. This giveaway could help us along. We’ve used many of your recipes in the last few months. Thanks for all the delious treats you create.

  273. Oh my – what a great giveaway. I’d definitely purchase baking supplies. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  274. These are awesome! I’m always looking for new goodies when I bake for an event!

  275. I have been attempting to start baking again. In my case it’s not that I can’t bake – it’s that my stuff never turns out cute like recipes I am trying to follow! I found your blog by trying to learn how to frost a cupcake. So I would purchase cupcake related products – like the liners and cups so that even if my frosting isn’t that pretty yet at least the wrappers will be! Oh and I would also get a set of those sipping jar lids so I can keep hydrated while frosting! Thanks – love your blog!!!

  276. my daughter’s bday is coming up – i would shop for decorations and toys for her. :)

  277. Definitely would get baking supplies!!

  278. I am shopping for cute cupcake wrappers and paper stands! They brightent he dullests of parties/afternoon teas!

  279. I would love to buy party supplies for my daughter’s 2nd birthday party. All cute clue and yellow things I might find there! :)

  280. Soooo many cute things! I would love to get some packaging supply’s OR! I have 3 birthdays coming up!!

  281. I would get anything cupcake related :)

  282. Who doesn’t love a rad party with super cute themed items?! PAPER STRAWS GALORE

  283. i would buy party supplies, i have both my boys bdays coming up!

  284. I would buy baking supplies!!!

  285. If I won, I’d use the GC to buy cupcake stands and baking pans… Can’t have enough of those! Lol good luck to all =)

  286. Baking cups! Classic patterns and funky designs are all the rage. Plain white is so blah!

  287. What a great website! I love all of the cute cupcake liners, paper straws and nut cups. They would be great for the upcoming holidays!

  288. I would stock up on cupcake liners!

  289. Those Alice in Wonderland figures are really cool! And My mom would love to use the polka-dot cotton tape for making hula hoops.

  290. I’m going shopping for a little bit of everything! I love to decorate cakes and well, basically anything in the kitchen. You have so many items that I really like. I have to keep coming back for more. Thank you!!

  291. I would start preparing for the holidays and buy items for the holiday gatherings I have planned at our home this season. Love your stuff :)

  292. I would love to purchase some cupcake wrappers and I am sure I could fine many other things to buy!!

  293. I would be shopping for birthday baking supplies – my mom turns 60 next month and we have a party to plan!

  294. I’d love some party supplies!

  295. I would be shopping for cupcake liners, cupcake decorations and son on, love me some cupcakes

  296. I would buy baking supplies!

  297. I would love to shop for some cute cupcake liners and straws!

  298. I would definitely get some baking cups for cupcakes and any some of the darling loaf pans for the upcoming holidays……so cute!

  299. My daughter is turning three in December so this is perfect timing to get some cute pieces for the party!

  300. I would buy some new baking goodies! Who doesn’t love adorable cupcake liners, fun straws, maybe a cupcake tower? Decorations for my daughter’s 1st birthday…oooohhh the possibilities are endless! Thanks for hosting such a neat giveaway! Love the blog, keep up the great work!

  301. Love the glass sipping jars

  302. liek Green party goods on FB

  303. liek you on FB

  304. uh oh please delete the 2 above this post I got a little excited and entered more than once sorry :)

  305. I would definitely love to get the baking candy nut cups.. well anything to with cupcakes!! thank u…

  306. Anything cupcake related. The liners and stands all look amazing.

  307. So much fun stuff! I’d probably buy some cute straws and baking cups. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  308. I would love to buy some baking supplies!

  309. I would be in the market for the cute baking supplies. My stash is running low!

  310. I would shop for party supplies! This stuff is so cute!

  311. I would love to get cupcake liners, Washi tape, balloons, baking supplies.

  312. My baby’s first birthday is in a month, and I would use it for party supplies and baking supplies for her party!

  313. Great giveaway! I would a bit of everything, party supplies, baking supplies and gifts too. Thank you for a chance to win. I am a fan of Glorious Treats on FB and now I am fan of Green Party Goods.

  314. Definitely some cute baking supplies for the holiday treats I bake and take to the local nursing home for my Granny and her friends. Plus a little something for my birthday!

  315. Love your ideas and visit often! I would get some cute baking supplies for the upcoming holidays.

  316. I would probably look for some cute Christmas gifts or baking stuff that I can use for the holidays.

  317. Definitely party supplies – my developing hobby is throwing parties for my friends so I am always adding to the supplies.

  318. Oh my, look at all of the cute items! I would shop for party AND baking supplies!!!!

  319. Everything is so cute. I especially like the cupcake liners and wrappers.

  320. I would be shopping for cupcake supplies. I have 6 & 7 year olds who will be turning 7 & 8 soon!

  321. Love the cupcake liners and wrappers, wow, this site is just great!! Love this!!

  322. I love to bake, so I would love some cupcake liners! I would also get some party supplies for my little munchkin’s 3rd birthday party coming up this month. Thank you!

  323. I would go shopping for my Son’s 7th birthday party and a party for my soon to be born daughter . OOo cannot wait.

  324. Oh I think the sipplng jars look lovely

  325. I love the wooden party favors…and the paper straws…and the cupcake everything! :)

  326. I would go shopping for baking supplies!

  327. I would 1st pick some cupcake liners and then pick other baking supplies. Fun Fun Fun!

  328. I’d pickup some of those adorable striped loaf pans, cupcake liners and the gorgeous poppy garland! Super cute stuff!

  329. What a sweet giveaway. :) I’d use the gift certificate for supplies for holiday gifts and care packages.

  330. I should look for Christmas gifts, but I can’t resist the call of baking supplies!

  331. Fun giveaway! I’d have to go for the adorable cupcake liners.

  332. I’d be shopping for baking supplies for the holidays!!

  333. i would buy baking supplies because i rarely host parties, but always bring baked goods when i am a guest somewhere!

  334. They are so darn cute! I would love cake stands, cupcake liners and some loaf pans.

  335. I would buy supplies for the holidays! Or maybe a cupcake stand. I’ve always wanted one.

  336. Love it!!

  337. definitely baking supplies

  338. I’d be all over their paper baking containers – the mini-loaf pans and the nut/candy cups. They have so many cute ones to choose from!

  339. Eeek! More supplies! I just love supplies and these are SO cute! Would love to win to feed my party obsession……..and my granddaughter would LOVE those star crayons!

  340. I’m all about the baking supplies! We just got off the road after 8 years of traveling so I’m in need of supplies on my own!

  341. I would buy tons of cupcake liners, I love them! I would also get decorations for my sister’s birthday party coming up, there are so many cute designs!

  342. I thought I would most definitely fall for the cute packaging items, but the party favors are some the neatest and best I’ve seen!

  343. I love assorted Flower Fans and Paper Lanterns. Everything is so cute!

  344. I love the biodegradable plates. I’d buy them for use at my weekly potlucks, then compost them at the farmer’s market!

  345. I would definitely use it on some of the cupcake supplies! They are so cute!

  346. All the colors are so vibrant! I’d love to stock up on cupcake liners!

  347. I would totally go CRAZY buying for cake pops and cupcakes. I just started making them and I am a crazy cake pop lover. I love baking, it acutally is down time for me. I can totally do what I want with any color I have. So much fun. I hope I win!!! Crossing my fingers.

  348. I would love to win this certificate. Your parties and dessert tables inspire me and I would love to set up something beautiful for the holidays, 80 dollars cheaper than normal! Thank you!

  349. I would love to go baking supplies shopping for my cake pop business I just started!

  350. I LOVE your site! I would love to use silpats to bake sugar cookies on. Your site gives me so much inspiration, thank you!

  351. I would buy a silpat for better nonstick baking.

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