Busy in the kitchen…

I’m busy in the kitchen this week… today I’m finishing some pretty cookies for a friend who’s hosting Bunko, then I’ll be working on lots of cookies and cupcakes for wedding shower my sister is hosting.
Oh and then I’ll need to make sure my daughter is ready to start 2nd grade next week.  I hope her teacher is prepared… oh wait, I am her teacher, opps… I may still have some work to do!  I also need to make sure my housekeeper and cook are doing their jobs… oh shoot, I don’t have a housekeeper or cook!! 
So… I guess blogging may be on the back burner this week! 
I do have a fun giveaway planned for later this week, until then, I’d love to hear what you’re up to this week, and I’ll be happy to share my baking projects with you next week!


  1. Yum! I get to have Glory cookies tonight:D Hooray!

  2. I wish I could help you! Nothing exciting is going on around here! Just have to finish some sewing projects for a friends wedding. Miss you and I love you!

  3. IT is amazing that another summer is almost over and time for school to start.

    Stop by A Creative Spirit http://www.acreativespirit.com Wednesday…. I am announcing a new GREAT monthly giveaway….. I would love to know your thoughts on it.

  4. The pic is stunning! When im busy over the kitchen everything is a huge mess!!!!!!!

  5. Amazing how you do all that…and turn out such fabulous baked treats besides!

  6. Wow, and I thought my life was hectic at the moment! Good luck with everything.

  7. I'm recovering from a crazy weekend by having a travelicious week. Tuesday was day trip to the beach with my teenage son & his friends, and today my husband and I are escaping for a couple of days of grownup time. For your viewing pleasure, here is a link to pics from the baptism lunch I catered for a friend. Loved making the cake and cookies! http://tinyurl.com/3lsk63c

  8. This is rather funny… I made bunko cookies too yesterday.

    Check them out if you have time. Any suggestions would be helpful!



  9. Love your blog. Fond you via Pinterest. Just became a follower. :)

  10. Cute blog post Glory! Isn't it funny how many hats we wear as moms. Chef, taxi driver, housekeeper, nurse, calendar scheduler, we have to keep on top of everything! We've been out of town this week looking at colleges for my son, so I've been really missing baking. We're back home now, so hopefully back to baking soon! Good luck with your class!

  11. You are one busy momma!

  12. Hi, I'm new to your blog – love it all!! I found your frosting tips to be amazing, thank you – so how was your first week? Judith

  13. Recently discovered your gorgeous blog and am drooling all the way over in Australia. Hope your week went well :)

  14. Thanks for share your cook place it is incredible and with you there I can imagine more interesting

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