Purse Cookies

A little while back a friend asked me to make some cookies for her daughter’s 13th birthday.  The birthday party was going to include a trip to the mall with the birthday girl and a dozen or so friends.  I thought purse cookies could be a perfect favor for the fashion conscious group.  I made each one a little different.  These are my favorites from the bunch.  If they were real purses, my favorite would be the turquoise and black one in the bottom row… which one would you chose? 
I’ve posted my Sugar Cookie Recipe HERE
and I’ve posted several cookie decorating tutorials, including HERE and HERE.


  1. I love them, Glory!!!! My favorite one is the middle pink one in the top row!

  2. These are too cute! What a fun cookie idea for little girls!

  3. These are adorable!

  4. These are super cute! I want to eat s few! Yum!
    Love, Cecilia

  5. I love them all – don't think I could choose!!

  6. They're all so pretty! But I especially like the purple one at the bottom.

  7. Too pretty to eat! I love the purple one.

  8. These look so delish!!! They sure are soooo pretty and cute!!! Luv them!! Me want one too!!!


  9. oooops! I didn't realize I was in my hubby's blog account….lol!!! I guess he was using my laptop!!

    Same message above Jrod's corner!
    These look so delish!!! They sure are soooo pretty and cute!!! Luv them!! Me want one too!!!


  10. They are so lovely!!!!

  11. I'd pick the red one in the bottom row…they are gorgeous! You are very talened!

  12. How pretty-I too like like the turquoise on the bottom.

  13. These are all killer!!!

  14. Too CUTE! Love them! I think my favorites are the pink one w/ the clasp (love that detail) in the top row and the purple one in the bottom row!

  15. Wow, those are so detailed! I definitely need more practice. You are inspiring!

  16. All of them are ADORABLE…who could pick just one favorite?!

  17. These are so great and I love the tutorials that you linked to also. Thanks for sharing. My favorites are anything in pink 😉 but they are all fantastic!

  18. Those are great, my sister would LOVE them! My favorite would be the same as yours.

  19. SO cute! I love the pink one with the white lines :)

  20. Absolutely gorgeous! Your work is an inspiration!

  21. bottom right – the red one would be mine! I need a cute red purse to accent some plain outfits.

  22. these are just adorable…. I love the aqua and black at the bottom!!

  23. LOVE them! Turquoise, top left:)

  24. So Pretty! I'd go for red and Black with the little flower!

  25. As a purse fanatic, I simply adore all these cookies!! How did you decorate these? Did you just use royal icing? How did you make the floral patterns? Sorry for all the questions, I just love learning more cookie decorating tips.

  26. soo adorable I can't choose one love them all.

  27. I love this so cute Big hugs from sweden!

  28. WOW – is there anything you can't do??? Love these and your site. Thank you!

  29. These are so great! My little girl would love them, but I would also absolutely make them for my moms group. You never really grow out of a love for purses! My favorite is the pink and black ones on the first and second floor. Cant wait to try making them!

  30. I just adore these…they make me want to go shopping :)

  31. These are just adorable! A girl can never have enough shoes, OR handbags!!! I'll take one of each please :-) Although I'd have to say my fav is the red one in the middle ~ 2 of my favourite colours for accessories!

    Have a great weekend,

    ~ marie, the ©EpicureanPiranha … enjoying life in tasty bites!

  32. I love your blog and you are very talented. My sister will be holding a ourse party next month and I would like to try the purse cookies you made..Could you please provide me the instructions/details.

  33. Hi, I love your blog! You have given me so many great ideas! What cookie cutters did you use for the purses and where did you purchase them? Thanks. Kathy

  34. Wow, your work is stunning! Just wondering, how long does it take you
    to make such stunning biscuits?

    • Hi Fathima, Depending on the detail of design I’m working on, decorating cookies can take several hours, or a full day.

  35. These are fantastic! I would to try making these…you’ve inspired me to give cookie decorating another go! :) Are the details on the purses applied after the flooding dries (like the stitching and the lines)? Thx!

  36. Which cutter would you suggest or did you use for the purse cookies? Hoping it is something I already have.

  37. Gorgeous ,God gave you a special talent I love them.

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