Joy’s Ladybug Birthday

Last weekend we celebrated my “baby” Joy’s 4th birthday.  Luckily, my girls are still young enough for me to steer them to the party theme I want to do… as in (insert excited voice) “Joy, wouldn’t it be fun to have a ladybug party?”  We’ll see how much longer I’ll be able to get away with that!  =)

I spent several months before the party gathering lots of red, white and black goodies.  I decided not to try to do everything myself and ordered many of the special party touches from a variety of wonderful sources (all listed at the end of the post).

January birthday’s pretty much have to be planned as an indoor affair, but we were blessed on the party day with a sunny 65 degree day that allowed the kids to play outside as much as in (yay for California!).

The afternoon of the party was spent enjoying a light lunch, chatting (adults), playing outside (kids), doing a craft (kids), and enjoying birthday sweets while presents were opened.

I prepared a dessert table full of cute red, black and white treats (with a few pink and green touches).

The cake and cupcakes were made by me (Glorious Treats).  The cake was dressed with a personalized cookie topper and little cookie ladybugs made as a gift by my friend Callye of Sweet Sugar Belle.

I completed the sweets table with simple arrangements of red tulips.

I made chocolate cupcakes (recipe here) with vanilla cream cheese frosting (recipe here).  The ladybug toppers were also made by me (using my Cricut machine).  I accented the cupcake stand with adorable tiny ladybug cookies from Sweet Sugar Belle.

I made a personalized banner to hang above the dessert table.  The banner was made to co-ordinate with the cookies (by Sweet Sugar Belle), which were made using inspiration from the adorable personalized shirt (from Modern Frills).  Joy’s cute hair bow from My lucky hair bow.

Delicious and adorable oreo pops from Sweeties by Kim.

Cupcakes were made by me (Glorious Treats) dressed with little ribbon flags and fondant flowers and ladybugs.

Amazingly perfect cookies from Sweet Sugar Belle.

Beautiful Oreo pops from Sweeties by Kim.

French Marcarons from The Macaronner.

The party invites were from Littlebeane Boutique.  I fell in love with them many months ago, and really patterned the whole party off of them.

Party favors were clear boxes (from filled with a little notebook (Target), a ladybug shaped magnifying glass (Target), little colored pencils and a ladybug chocolate (World Market).  The boxes were finished off with matching ribbon and a personalized thank you label (from Littlebeane Boutique)

One of the party activities was a simple craft I prepared for the kids.  I found some red lunch bags (at Target), and then cut out circles of black paper for ladybug spots, and large circles cut in half for the head.  Glue on some eyes, draw antennas and a line down the center and voila… ladybug puppets!

I prepared a light lunch (with the help of a friend- thanks Tara!) consisting of Turkey croissant sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, salami pinwheel wraps, fresh vegetables with dip, fresh fruit and chips.  I dressed up the sandwiches with picks decorated with ribbon.  Above the food table I hung some adorable ladybug garlands a friend (in New Zealand) sent me several months ago.

Here’s my little cutie enjoying one of her birthday cookies.

We all had a great day celebrating the “joy” that this sweet girl brings into our lives.

~ All the details ~

Party planning, set-up and styling- Glory Albin (Glorious Treats)

Photography- Gene Chutka and Glory Albin

Cake and cupcakes- Glory Albin (Glorious Treats)

Invitations, favor labels and food labels- Littlebeane Boutique

Custom Sugar Cookies- Sweet Sugar Belle

Custom Chocolate dipped Oreo pops- Sweeties by Kim

Personalized shirt (on birthday girl)- Modern Frills

French Macarons- The Macaronner

Hair bow- My lucky hair bow


  1. Absolutely darling! I am so impressed.

  2. Everything looks so cute! All ties together perfectly. Hope she had a very happy birthday! My little one just turned 4 this January as well!

  3. Very clever ideas! Everything looks simply perfect! Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Adorable! Every detail is perfect and lady bug or garden themed…love it

  5. Congrats to Joy!! Everything looks great, Glory! I love your parties!!

  6. How nice! Everything looks so beautifula=. And Joy is a real cutie! Congratulations!
    When by twin babies (boy/girl) turned 2 last year I chose a "ladybug and caterpillar" theme and it was a lot of fun to prepare everything

  7. WOW! What a beautiful party.

  8. I am just amazed. I waited until I was completely finished with EVERYthing else I was suppossed to do, until I looked. Talk about working FAST! I LOVE this. My only regret is that I couldn't come! YOu have amazing design sense and everthing you touch is beautiful! ♥

  9. Love love love all the details.
    Joy looked adorable! Love that little bow.
    And those cookies. They are amazing. So perfect.

  10. Beautifully Done, love the style of lunch table, so appetizing and fresh!

    Everything is really gorgeous and cookies are so adorable, love the JOY cookies.
    Happy Birthday Joy!

  11. Another party done with that extraordinary flair that Glory does so well…..a God-given talent, for sure. Everything is so bright and beautiful. And Joy looks like she had a fabulous birthday. You're making wonderful memories….and we get to peek in and see. Thanks for sharing with us.

  12. Glory this is absolutely fab!

  13. All so beautiful! Well done! My little girl turns 4 in July so I'm gathering ideas! She just wants pink and sparkles so don't know if I have much choice! x

  14. WOW so adorable! You nailed the details girl, awesome!


  15. LOVE this!!

    Too cute…ladybugs are such an adorable theme.

    That cake is GORGEOUS!! I don't know how you you it!!

  16. Glory!
    Everything looks so amazing…Just perfect.. I hope Joy had the most amazing birthday!! thanks again for including my invitations and such in your party!

  17. Too cute! Love the palette and how it turned out to be a lovely fun party!

  18. I'm always impressed with your party-planning! :) This ladybug theme is so cute! Very original. :)

  19. JUST PRECIOUS!!! Great job as always :)

  20. Cute party. And those tulips are divine!

  21. Super cute Glory!! I love the crisp color scheme, especially with that little punch of green in the cookies, love it! Happy Birthday Joy!

  22. You're the lucky one?? I bet that little girl felt like the most special birthday girl ever with her beautiful treats!

  23. So absolutely adorable, Great job with the whole theme and following it through from beginning to end! Excellent work!!

  24. Too cute! I love lady bugs. I have a lady bug party on my blog too.

  25. I love it all!!! Makes me ready for spring with all this snow we've got on the ground!!! I'm going to share it on my facebook page, Pirates-n-Princesses. Come check it out!!!

  26. What a darling party and darling girl!

  27. WOW, WOW, WOW! Awesome, amazing job! I'm sure she enjoyed her party!!!

  28. Beautifully put together! I love the ladybug puppet craft! I'm now very hungry for a cookie!! Great job!

  29. This is too gorgeous for words, and I can't believe how lovely the dessert table looks with the addition of the tulips – what a brilliant idea to soften the look!

  30. Simply gorgeous!!! I love all the detail and Joy is adorable. Thanks as always for sharing with us.

  31. I adore her shirt and those cookies are gorgeous! what a sweet party :)

  32. Have been waiting in anticipation for this party, it was beautiful. Love those shots at the end eating the JOY cookie.

  33. Wow, what a cute idea and you did a fantastic job!

    Happy Birthday to your little Joy!

  34. This is the cutest party I have ever seen!

  35. I love eerything about it.

  36. What a cute party…she looked like she enjoyed every moment! (great theme choice mum!)

    Loving the cute ladybird craft too! Fun x

  37. Beautiful job as always, Glory!

  38. Way too cute Gloria! I had to leave a comment. :) All beautiful!

  39. LOVE the letter cookies with the ladybugs!!!

  40. So stinkin cute! I love it! Joy looks so cute too! You did an amazing job!
    Love you!

  41. WOW! so adorable and gorgeous! Love it

  42. This is the CUTEST ever!!!! Happy birthday to your sweet girl :0)!

  43. I LOVE it! Mostly though I love the super cute little bug it was all for. I hope she had a great birthday!

  44. Gorgeous party! I love the ladybug theme! Enjoy the wonderful day, Kellie xx

  45. Can I just say this lovely display took my breath away? What a beautiful party. I hope it was a great one!

  46. Wow, what amazing pictures! I love all the white cake plates and the platters. Where did you buy those square and rectangular white platters?


  47. Heather- Many of my white platters are from Target, I've also gotten some from Crate&Barel.; HomeGoods is another good source.

  48. GORGEOUS party! I love every little detail! Random question for you – which boxes (size, etc.) did you use for your party favors? There are so many boxes on that website and I love the look of the ones you used… Thanks!!!

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