Gingerbread Trees and Copper Cookies Cutters {Giveaway!}

It’s great when I have some time to just “play” with cookies!  I recently had fun with a new cookie cutter from Ecrandal (the shape is Whimsy Tree) and made some gingerbread cookies (recipe HERE).  It’s a good little exercise sometimes to see how many different styles of cookies you can create with the same cutter. 
Below are four of my favorites from my “play day”…
Now, it wouldn’t be very nice of me to show off what I’ve been making with Ecrandal cutters and not share with you…
So, my generous friends Eric and Jamie over at Ecrandal have a litle Christmas gift for a couple of lucky Glorious Treats readers!  Two readers will each win two beautiful copper cutters in some fun Christmas shapes. 
One winner will get an adorable waving gingerbread boy  and the winter hat.
Another winner will recieve the beautiful Christmas ornament and simple tree.
And in the spirit of giving… I’ll include a few little handmade gift tags with the prize!  You’ll be all set to make some gorgeous homemade treats.
~ How to enter ~
For one entry– Just head over to Ecrandal and take a look at all of the beautiful handmade cookie cutters. Then come back here and leave a comment telling me your favorite cookie cutter design from the shop.
For a second entry– Hop over to Facebook and “like” Ecrandal, and Glorious Treats too (of course)! Come back here and leave a comment that you have “liked” both pages. If you have a moment, be sure to say “hi” to Eric and Jamie on the Ecrandal Facebook page.
For each entry, PLEASE include your e-mail address!
Entries with no contact information will not be eligible to win. 
A maximum of two entries per person.
This contest is for U.S. residents only. The winners will be chosen using  The giveaway will end Thursday, December 16th at 8:00pm Pacific time.

~ Giveaway Closed ~

Winning comments chosen by…
#148- Sweet Sugar Belle
#15- Momza
Congratulations!  I’ll be contacting both of you so I can send you your prizes!


  1. I like the large Santa sleigh cookie cutter!

  2. I love the claw hammer and the saw, mostly because of my son's upcoming tool birthday party.

  3. My favorite was the 4815 DACHSHUND cookie cutter!!

  4. I "liked" both ya'lls page over at FB! :)

  5. I like their tree collection

  6. I love the Keepsake Hands cookie cutter~I want to purchase one for each of my children and grandbaby~and I liked both pages on facebook~

  7. I love the large Cheep bird cookie cutter, new to your blog, but LOVE IT!!!

  8. Said Hi and Liked on FB too

  9. 😀 😀 Love the decorated whimsy tree!! It reminds me of a Dr. Seuss Christmas tree!

  10. I love the autumn cookie cutters! :)

  11. i am pretty much loving the whimsy tree cookie cutter!

  12. i liked both pages!!!

  13. There's too many to choose from! I think I'd pick the large snowbird.

    bkee 13@aol. com (no spaces)

  14. Christmas Ornaments J or E! SO darling!

  15. I already follow you on FB and liked it AND posted it on my status!

  16. I love the Whimsy Tree cutters! They look just like a Dr. Seuss illustration–which makes me want to make a bunch of Grinch gingerbread. …Grincherbread? :)

  17. I love the fairy tale dresses and shoes.

  18. My favorite was the Sailboat cookie cutter, my dad owns a sailboat and would go nuts for cookies shaped like them!


  19. I liked both Glorious Treats and Ecrandal, and wake up everyday to see what's new. linda

  20. I love the christmas set of cutters. They are fabulous, of course all of them are amazing. linda

  21. The Whimsy Tree definitely!

  22. Even without a contest, I love your site. I just recently started making iced shortbread cookies and decorating with royal icing. I am having a blast….and some new cookie cutters would be wonderful.

  23. I like the winter hat, or baby cutters. lots to choose from.

  24. I really like the little winter hat! A sparkly pom belongs on top of that!


  25. I love the Folk Cat Sitting (small)! So cute.

  26. I have liked both on Facebook

  27. I've been dying to get that winter hat cookie cutter. I already had a mitten one and I think the hats and mittens would be adorable together.

  28. I love the Christmas tree collection. What a gorgeous product.

    christysapp at

  29. I think my favorite cutter shape is the one you posted, the Whimsy Tree. I have got to order it!

    So glad I found your blog.

  30. I "liked" Glorious Treats and "Ecrandel" on Facebook. Yay!

  31. How can you pick just one favorite?
    I'm completely loving the new expectant mom with umbrella cutter though, so for this second, I'll pick that one!
    jbsham at gmail dot com

  32. liked Ecrandal on facebook, and I had already liked Glorious Treats on facebook! :)

    jbsham at gmail dot com

  33. I love the ice cream cutters. They are GREAT for any party and many colors can be used! Very nice cutters!!! Thank you for sharing with us!

  34. Um have to love the ALEXANDRA WEDDING GOWN COOKIE CUTTER since that's my name and weddings are what I do! Love it!

  35. Liking both of your face book pages!

  36. I love the plaque cutters. You can do so much with them!

  37. Liked both Facebook pages! Lots of info on both! Thank you for sharing!

  38. I love their cat cutters, too cute!

  39. We are having a puppy party for our son for his birthday, so I love the dog bone, dog house, and though I can't see it because there is no photo, the boxer! :)

  40. It's so hard to decide but in honor of the season I love the ornament cutters. Honestly, I love a bunch of them but it's too hard to decide on one. LOL

  41. Its a toss up between the candy cane and the gingerbread girl with the pIgtails!! So cute!!

  42. I like the Flurry the Snowman!

  43. So many great ones to choose from! I love the whimsy tree, the turtle dove, and the christmas light bulb!

  44. I "like" Ecrandal and Glorious Treats!

  45. I HEART the WHIMSY TREE cookie cutter and your decorating is just out of this world!

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. Oh wow what wonderful cutters!!!! Best collection I've seen ever in one spot!

    I love the little gingerbread girl and snowman with the hat :)

  48. I like the gumball machine cutter!

    aliaswoman78 at yahoo dot com

  49. Like both on FB:)

    aliaswoman78 at yahoo dot com

  50. I love the whimsy christmas tree! I've never seen a cutter like that before! lauwil07 at gmail dot com.

  51. Pick one???Are you serious? I love copper cutters. I have them hanging on my kitchen wall as decore – so they have multiple use! LOL. Dog paw claw, dog house, christmas bauble oh the list goes on and on for the likes there!

  52. I like the Olivia Evening Gown & the Alexandria Wedding Gown cutters, so pretty!

  53. I love the Whimsy Tree you used, but ALSO love their owl cookie cutter 😀

  54. I "like" you & Ecrandal on Facebook!

    I forgot to put my email on my previous post, sorry!

  55. Wow!! Those are amazing cookie cutters!! I like the snowmen the best.


  56. Definitely like Whimsy Tree cutter, soo beautiful and creative.

  57. My favorite is the dove cookie cutter!

  58. The whimsy tree cutouts are adorable and I also LOVE the gingerbread men. So cute! :)

  59. I love the whimsical Christmas tree and the waving gingerbread boy. Too cute!

  60. I love the tutu! Simply darling. If I should win, I wil invite you over for a cookie decorating day with my two little girls! Want to come to San Diego?

  61. I like the Turtle Dove one, but the tree one is super too.


  62. I think my favorite is the wobbly tree

  63. Their snowman cutter is so cute!

    deborahsw AT gmail DOT com

  64. Any of the ornament ones :)

  65. I think the curly heart is so pretty! It's hard to choose!

  66. I like Glorious Treats on FB

  67. The Penguin is adorable! And the bird but the penguin is super cute! It's Regina by the way :)

  68. The waving gingerbread boy is really cute. Looking ahead to summer I love the all the different Ice cream cutters!

  69. I liked and commented on their FB page as well! Woot – two entries! Now if I could just remember my password to log in… mmmmm… – regina :)

  70. I love the LG round ornament and the hard candy cookie cutters! so cute!

  71. It's really hard to chose, but I really like the baby cookie cutters.

  72. I love the medium bird cage cookie cutter!

  73. I "Like" ecrandal and Glorious Treats on Facebook!

  74. Hi, I love the cute, decorated whimsy Christmas tree & the toadstool cookie cutters. I've never won anything via the blog-world so this is fun…I'm really very excited! :-) Thank you, Glory & Merry Christmas!!

  75. Hi, I love the cute, decorated whimsy Christmas tree & the toadstool cookie cutters. I've never won anything via the blog-world so this is fun…I'm really very excited! :-) Thank you, Glory & Merry Christmas!!

    I am so sorry, I am so new at this that I messed up sending this message and forgot to send my email address:
    I don't know how I sent it via anonymous so I am correcting my mishap and send this message under my name, Beth at
    Thanks again!

  76. I think my fav Christmas cutter is the turtle dove…

  77. Already a "fan" of GT. Now a fan of Ecrandal!

  78. I love the gingerbread girl with the pigtails…so cute!

  79. I want the ballet tutu cutters.

  80. I "liked" both your pages on FB.

  81. I <3 the crowing rooster cutter!!!! Love.

  82. So many to choose from! I love this Whimsy Tree, but also like the Moravian Star.



  83. I've become a follower of Ecrandal(forever, as I love both copper and cookie cutters), and "like"d both your Facebook pages.


  84. I love the plaque cookies cutters. They would make adorable and edible place cards.

  85. I like the Slice of Cake cookie cutter. Super cute!

  86. I love the Gingababy cutter. Cute!

  87. I love the cupcake and candy corn cookie cutters

  88. already a fan of glorious treats, and now a fan of ecrandal!

  89. love the gingerbread girl and the zoo animals!

  90. I like the Tree B (and many more of course!)

  91. Love your Christmas trees! My favorites are the Gingerbread people. I really like the baby and little girl! Thanks for sharing!

  92. Already "liking" Glorious Treats, and now "liking" ecrandal. Thanks!


  94. I like the running folk cat ones. We're a cat crazy household so these ones would go over well!

  95. I love the sports pennant. What fun it would be to make cookies for my son's baseball team!

    kristyc34 at cox dot net

  96. I am loving the wish bone cutter! I think it would be great at Thanksgiving:)

  97. I went to FB and liked you both!! I hope I win:)

  98. I would love the stocking or mitten! I could really see doing a lot of different things with that!

  99. My favorite cookie cutter is the Fluer de Lis … love it!

  100. I 'liked' both of you on Facebook!!

  101. Too many cute cutters to pick just one. But I really like the whimsy tree. Love your site also!


  102. My favorite cutter was the corset!

  103. I liked Glorious Treats and Ecrandal on Facebook and posted a comment on Ecrandal!

  104. I love the Ice Cream cone cookie cutter and the Christmas Tree. I really love them all and would love to have them all.

  105. My favorites are the poinsettia and plumeria!

  106. Love the large christmas tree with star. I love the blog and "liked" both facebook pages

  107. Love the whimsy tree and the penguin!

  108. Liked both pages – great cookie cutters, just wish they had approx sizes in the descriptions.

  109. I love the knit hat & the sleigh cookie cutters!

  110. I liked both eCrandal & Glorious Treats on FB

  111. I like the cherry cutter.
    Thank you for great giveaway,
    sunnyfarm at inbox dot ru

  112. I like their ornament selection. [style D & j are my favorites.] :)

  113. I went to their site and loved the ballerina tutu cookie cutter!

  114. I adore the peek-a-boo baby!

  115. I "liked" ecrandal and Glorious Treats on Facebook

  116. I'm fans of you and ecrandal on FB. :)

  117. I love Ecrandal's tree selection….especially tree B.

  118. I love the old fashioned ornament, and bulb cutters.

  119. I like both on FB, and my email is linked to my google account.

  120. I don't know how it's possible to pick just one – there are so many adorable cutters! I do love the Cheep" cutter, though. SO cute!
    somethingshiny at frontier dot com

  121. Wow ~ so many cookie cutters! I love the cupcake and flip flop.

  122. This comment has been removed by the author.

  123. I love the barbeque grill cutters! My husband would love it!

  124. love the just married car!

  125. I like all their "trees", however, I do love the new whimsy tree!

  126. I love all of them! All opf the face cutters are so cute and creative!!

  127. These cutters are awesome! I love the Christmas Star in the Christmas collection, and I think my fav other one would be the vintage ornate fan with tassel. So cute!

  128. Oh, my goodness, how can I pick a favorite?! I love them all! Seriously! Some favorites: all the trees and the zoo animals. Fun!

  129. I also liked both of you on FB. Yay, lots of great ideas!

  130. I love that whimsy tree!

  131. LOVE the Pembroke Welsh Corgi cutter!!

  132. I want the nesting dolls BAD! All three! And these because I want that hat BAD!!! Saying hi, NOW

  133. I already like you guys! A LOT!!! But I shared it…Love PICK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  134. I have liked you for a while now on FB and have added Ecrandal to my "like" list as well.

  135. I love the large whimsy christmas tree cutter

  136. I have gone to f/b and "like" both ecrandal and glorious treats. Now I'm going back to ecrandal and really look.

  137. I like many, but the coyote would be a good one to add to my collection since that is our school mascot.

  138. i liked ecrandal and glorious treats on facebook, but…….only because there wasn't a love button!!! i want every cookie cutter ecrandal has, but i especially love the those whimsical christmas trees!!!

  139. I like the large gingerbread girl cookie cutter as it reminds me of my 3 year old great niece. turtletopp07 at aol dot com.

  140. I love the whimsy tree cutter. So many decorating ideas run threw my mind when I see this cutter.

  141. I went to facebook and "like" both pages. : )

  142. I love the simple tree cutter! So cute!

  143. I love the peep bird with legs medium cookie cutter. I have admired that cookie cutter for a while. I love birds and this one is so much different than any other cutter I've seen before. I fantasize about all the great cookies I can make with this cutter!

  144. I went on facebook and liked both ecrandal and glorious treats pages!

    My email is

  145. I like the small cupcake with candle! Awesome giveaway…Good luck everyone!

  146. I "like" both ecrandal and Glorious Treats on Facebook!

  147. I love the EMMA PARTY DRESS

  148. I commented yesterday, and said I liked all of the face cookie cutters. But I forgot to leave me contact info. So, Im not sure if that entry counted. My email is Sorry about the confusion!

  149. wow! thanks for sharing this site, the array of cutters is awesome! (tho I was slightly disappointed to not see any hockey in their sports section!)
    Maybe its the time of year, but I saw those whimsical trees and instantly LOVED them especially with the great picture of your completed cookies.. That has to be my favorite :)

  150. also, I already "like" your fb page, but I "liked" theirs too!

    Merry Christmas!!!

  151. Oh gosh, so many cutters to choose from. To choose just one would be so unfair to the others, LOL. I have to say, I LOVE the whimsy tree. I've never seen anything quite like it. I also love the "Just Married" car, because I've made quite a few bridal shower cookies.

  152. I'm a fan of both you & ecrandal on FB. Love your work!

  153. I loved the Amber Ballet Tutu Cookie Cutter!

  154. I have liked both websites and love the cookie cutters. Thanks for a chance to win. I have a ton of cookie cutters, I collect them.

  155. My daughter voted for the dolphin cutter. I liked the Winter Hat.

  156. I also "liked" them on facebook. I have "liked" your FB page for a while.

  157. I also collect cookie cutters and these are great! I liked both on facebook. I think my favorite one is the ornament. There are so many possibilities there! Thanks

  158. My girls are big swimmers so I'd choose the SWIMSUIT LADIES ONE PIECE B COOKIE CUTTER.


  159. I already liked your page on FB but now I like both your page and ecrandal's page as well!


  160. My favorites are the hard candy and the polar bear. They are so cute!

  161. I love the picture of the 4 Gingerbread Trees!! I also made some Gingerbread cookies, but my icing wasn't as DARK colored!!;=2696344730&id;=754220091

  162. I love the picture of the 4 Gingerbread Trees!! I also made some Gingerbread cookies, but my icing wasn't as DARK colored!!;=2696344730&id;=754220091

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