Sweet Art (by artist Janet Hill)

I’ve never been to Italy, but if, I mean when I visit, I’d like to go here…
Ok, so maybe there is no such place, but in the world of artist Janet Hill there is!
Of course, if I lived in Janet Hill’s world, my house might look like this…
…and then I may never want to leave!
I would spend my days in my perfectly quaint kitchen…

 …arranging flowers and baking cakes!

Ok, back to reality for a moment… but just a moment! 
I came across the works of Canadian artist Janet Hill a couple years ago and have been following her work ever since.  Her paintings are like food for the soul!  Light, colorful, and often filled with sweets… oh how I often wish to be transported into one of her beautiful paintings!  There is something about her paintings of kitchens, cafes, and sweets that remind me of every good feeling I have on a perfect day of baking.  Those days when I get to create something beautiful merely because I enjoy it! 
If these gorgeous paintings aren’t enough to make you fall in love with Janet’s work… do you like shoes?  How about pretty dresses?  Oh yes, this talented woman paints all of the things dreams are made of… beautiful interiors,  gorgeous sweets… and shoes!! 
Follow Janet Hill’s work on her blog, HERE
And you can get your hands on her beautiful paintings and prints in her Etsy store, HERE
P.S.  Feel free to add me to your Christmas list, you already know what I want… one of Janet’s prints!
(All images in this post belong to Janet Hill, and were used with permission)


  1. Oh Glory! Those prints are EXACTLY what I need to cheer me up.

    They are beautiful!

  2. mHer work is gorgeous. I'm very lucky, I have at least 12 of her paintings scattered around the house.

  3. Oh I love these…especially the outdoor cake & dessert display. I'm headed over to visit her site. Thanks for sharing!

  4. What beautiful artwork. Those prints would be beautiful in a kitchen.

  5. Oh wow…every single one made my heart smile! This is a treasure find, thank you! :)

  6. Loved this post and Janet's work. Thank you.

  7. Glory, That looks just like your kitchen! No wonder you love those, they mimic your life already! So funny. Thanks for sharing those pretty paintings!! PS We are at the delta so won't be at Shellys but I told her to save me one of your cupcakes and that we need a BS reunion!!

  8. Wow! These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I just looked through her etsy site and loved everything! I showed my husband and gave some serious hints for future gift ideas 😉

  9. I too have now discovered Janet Hill's work – thanks! Her work is so FEEL GOOD. I would love one of my own. I have art envy reading Sharnel's comment – that she has at least 12 of her works!

  10. I LOVE Janet Hill art too! I actually was lucky enough to be able to acquire a large private collection of her work that was for sale. Many Items I am keeping for myself, but there are about 60 painting that I will be offering for sale! Some are the ones you have featured on your blog!! http://www.janethillart.com/

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