Spring Cupcakes with Cookie Toppers


Last month, when I made some fun lollipop cookies as cupcake toppers for my daughter’s candy party I started thinking of all the other cute mini cookies I could make for cupcake toppers all year round.  Since we’re right in the middle of spring here in California, I thought some little flowers would be the perfect way to celebrate the season.

 I’ve had lots of questions as to how I made the little lollipop toppers, so I’ll start with a little how-to.

First, prepare the cookie dough then chill and roll out the dough (recipe and instructions HERE).

It is important that the dough is nice and cool and firm.

For the lollipop cookies I used a 1 1/2 inch circle (from this set).  For the flower shapes, I used cutters from the Wilton Easter 12pc Mini Metal Cookie Cutter Set.

When I’m making mini cookies to use as cupcake toppers, I use Wilton(R) 4 Inch Lollipop Sticks (also available at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby).

Once you have your dough chilled, rolled out and have cut your shapes…

Turn the cookies back over, and bake right side up at 350*F until the are just beginning to take on a golden tone.  These smaller cookies usually take about 8-9 minutes.

Transfer to a cooling rack, and as soon as they are cool they are ready to decorate.

These cookies also keep very well, so you can bake them one day, then keep them covered (on a plate covered with plastic wrap, or in a large Ziplock type bag) for a couple days before you decorate them.

Anatomy of a cookie decorating table

Once you’re ready to decorate, prepare Royal Icing (recipe below).

Royal Icing Recipe

4 Tablespoons Meringue Powder (I use Wilton Brand)

4 cups (about 1 pound) powdered sugar

6 Tablespoons warm water (to start, see additional notes below)

Beat all ingredients until stiff peaks form.

*Make sure all bowls and utensils are totally grease-free or your icing will never reach proper consistency.

Spoon some of the thick white icing into individual bowls and add coloring (I use Americolor.)

Add additional water, about 1 teaspoon at a time until you’ve reached the consistency you need.

For these cookies you can used one consistency of icing for the whole design.  Thin the icing with warm water until the icing is about the consistency of corn sryup, or slighly thicker.  It should be thick enough that it does not run off the edge of the cookie, but thin enough that it will flow and fill in as you pipe.

Gather supplies and prepare a work area (as pictured above).

Using a #2 or #3 size tip, outline your cookie with icing.  If you’re outlining a very detailed shape, you may need to use a thicker consistency of icing (so the icing doesn’t just run off the cookie, or lose the shape you want).  But if you’re doing a simple shape, you can use the same icing to outline and flood (a medium-thin consistency).
After outlining, (immediately) go back and “flood” the cookie with a medium-thin consistency icing.  Pipe the flood icing back and forth inside the shape of your outline.  As you can see (below) it doesn’t have to be perfect.  The icing will begin to fill in on it’s own, and then you can use a toothpick to guide the icing to any unfilled areas.

For these cookies, I wanted to create a two toned effect, like some varieties of real-life tulips.  You could skip this step and have single color cookies.

For other cookie designs, this would be the time to use of another color of flood consistency icing and add little drops onto the cookie, creating perfect polka-dots.

This technique is call “wet on wet”.

Set the cookie on a tray to dry.  Depending on the temperature and humidity level in your home, the icing will take 2-12 hours to dry.  Do not attempt to wrap up the cookies until the icing is completely dry.  To speed up drying time a bit, set up a fan to gently blow on the cookies.

Once the icing is dry, add a ribbon around the stick (if you like), and insert into frosted cupcakes.

It’s a cookie and a cupcake… what more could you want in life?  Well, what more could you want in a treat at least?


For the centers of the daisy shapes I added a mini M&M; when the icing was still wet (and before I sprinkled on the the sanding sugar).

Happy Spring


Happy Baking!


  1. WOW§ Love these!

    I am sooo making them! I'll let you know how I get on! :)

    Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Awww! How sweet! Love them!

    Kim @ http://frostmeblog.blogspot.com
    party inspiration

  3. These are so sweet..just adorable!!

  4. These are soo cute!!! Very detailed how to. If you brush the tip of the lollipop stick with egg white before inserting it into the cookie, it acts like a "glue".

  5. These are darling and what a great step by step tutorial!

  6. Glory, this is probably the most amazing post i 've ever seen. you are so generous (and good!) to share your secrets and I can tell how much love went into those pics! I would say you are such a martha stewart to put that ribbon as grass but I think pretty soon they will be telling her she is such a Glory Albin!!

  7. Hi Glory! So glad to see that you started a blog so that you could share more of your talents with everyone! Thanks again for your sugar cookie recipe. We made some cookies for a friend around Valentines Day and they came out good. Was in a rush, so no good pics to share. ~Dusti

  8. I think my favorite thing about this post is the yellow ribbon you have with the cupcakes… you are so gifted!!! Great post! If only all tutorials were this good!

  9. Glory, I just love your site…I am so excited to try this. I love all the finishing touches you do. Ok crazy question…where did you get the pink polka dot table runner…did you make it?
    Rebecca Dunlap

  10. Rebecca- Thanks for the sweet comment, it's great to "see" you here!
    The pink and white polka dot table runners I used for Graces candy party (both on the candy table and the dessert table) were just fabric (I got from JoAnn's on Sunrise & Madison). I just cut the fabric lengthwise (so I could make the two runners from my one piece of fabric), and then I just simply folded under the edges and ironed them nice and hot so they stayed in place (you could hem them too, but I ran out of white thread!).

  11. I really love the candy cookies you made! How did you go about piping the "swirls" to make it appear to look like a lollipop? I tried making these tonight, and am lost about how long to wait to pipe the swirls on. Your tutorials are wonderful! Thank you so much. Love your blog! HJStanton@aol.com

  12. HJ Stanton-
    Thanks for the comment. I'm so glad you're enjoying the blog.
    For the cookies that I made to look like lollipop I waited until the base layer or royal icing was totally dry (that usually takes 6-12 hours), and then I piped a swirl of thick royal icing (in a contrasting color) and then sprinkled on sanding sugar. Now, if you don't plan to use the sanding sugar you don't need to wait as long. If you're not doing the sanding sugar you can probably pipe the swirl after just a couple hours (depending on the temperature of your home). It should be mostly dry, but if your careful, it doesn't have to be totally dry. They just need to be totally dry if your doing the sanding sugar, otherwise the sugar will stick to all of the icing, not just the swirl.


  13. These are so adorable. I am so glad you posted this tutorial, I can use all the help I can get with decorating with royal icing!

  14. Thank you for your fantastic ideas and step-by-step tutorial! Everything looks beautiful – hard to believe they are edible!

  15. This is exactly what I was looking for!! I am going to bring treats to my granddaughters' Halloween Party, and will definitely use your Halloween Cookie Ideas! Thank you :)

  16. hello again glory!

    i've made sugar cookies and royal icing many times for kids to decorate and take home at parties. however i've noticed that my royal icing dry's a bit rough and the color goes rather dull. i have always used the wilton recipe and merigue powder. wonder what i'm doing wrong that i don't get that shiny smooth finish. none the less, your cookis are beautiful!

  17. We´re so inspired by them! Gorgeous work!!! Greetings from Brazil, BH. noohcupcakes.com

  18. This is a fabulous posting! Thanks for providing all the details and great pics of the whole process. I might have to try making some of these!

  19. New to me!!! Love them =)

  20. wow!:) how cute! love those flowers <3

  21. Hi Glory,

    Love your work. I will be making heart shaped and cupcake shaped cookies for my daughter's 1st birthday as favors. I will be suing store bought dough to save time, but will use your icing recipe. Do you know if I can make the cookies the day before. Will they still taste fresh the next day? Can I also ice them the day before?

  22. @Anonymous- You are welcome to try store bought dough but I have found that it doesn't keep it's shape very well when baked.
    Please see my FAQ page regarding how long the cookies and icing lasts.

  23. Hi!! I love your cookies…
    Just have a question.
    Is it ok to use Wilton lollipop sticks at the oven?
    Won't they melt???

  24. Hi! I love your work very very much!!!!!
    Tell me, please, what I can replace Meringue Powder ? I live in Kiev (Ukraine) and it turns out it is very difficult to obtain.
    Thank you

    • If you can find powdered egg whites, that would work (I think!). Or you can use fresh egg whites, just do a search for a royal icing recipe using fresh egg whites.

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  26. What can I use as a substitute for meringue powder? I live in South Africa, and it is not available.

    • I think you could use powdered egg whites, or even fresh egg whites. If you can’t find powdered egg whites, then I would suggest doing a little google search for a recipe for royal icing using fresh egg whites. Happy Decorating!

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  28. Lovely cookies Thank you for sharing

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  35. Great recipe! I tried it tonight though and my icing came out really thick, to the point where my hands are actually really sore from trying to squeeze the icing bags. Suggestions?

    • Desiree, As I’m looking at the recipe now I can see I wasn’t very clear on this point… I’ve updated the post now.
      You need to add additional water to the icing to reach the consistency you need. If you are doing a very detailed shape, such as a snowflake, you may want to make two different bags of icing in each color, one thick and one thinner. For the design shown in this post, and for many designs, you can use the same consistency icing to outline and fill in. The icing should be about the consistency of corn sryup, or slightly thicker. Just thick enough that it does not run off the edge of the cookie, but thin enough that it flows and fills in the area you are piping.
      Happy decorating!

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  40. Help!, tried to make the hawaiian cookie circles with leaves and green and blue flowers inside and a yellow polka dot. What size tip did you use. After i started having my daughter frost all the white inside– i noticed they were dry befjote i got to the flowers and leaves. I live in a warm are. That may have been tge oroblem too. Maybe tell people to make 1 flower at a time if a lone.

    But please– what size tip? Not giving up yet!


    • Hi Dee, So sorry you’re having some trouble. The directions for the tropical flower design does state to “immediately add leaves” after flooding the cookie. Yes, as you discoved, you can only work on one or two cookies at a time for this technique. In general for detail work I always use a #1.5 or #2 tip. Best of luck as you give it another go!

  41. Hi, I love your work! My cookies always end up drying dull. How can I get a shiny finish after they dry..is corn syrup an option?


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  43. Where do you buy your meringue powder? I’ve been looking for it for years since first seeing your blog, but have never been able to find any in stores!

    • Hi Ashley, You can find meringue powder in the cake decorating section at Michael’s, JoAnns, Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart. At the stores I just listed you will likely find just the Wilton brand. You find CK brand from Karenscookies.net I like both brands.

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